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This category lists articles on various significant relationships between Some relationships often have nicknames, or "shipnames". Poussey and Taystee. R. Trust No Bitch” left me with a stupidly large grin on my face. Taystee, Poussey, and Suzanne force her to throw up, but rather than Piper's new relationship with Stella, meanwhile, doesn't quite reach those exuberant highs. Relationship Edit. Taystee and Poussey are best friends and are both incarcerated at Litchfield. They often are the center of jokes and have lots of fun. One of.

What did you think of Poussey and Taystee's storyline this season? We definitely had some mixed feelings about it. I think it's great in terms of television and the viewers watching and everything, but just in terms of our relationship, we read every script and were like, 'Aww!

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It's not fun being mean to Samira. But if it was anybody, I'm glad it's her because we have such a great trust. So in some of those scenes, like where Taystee pushes Poussey, I think she felt comfortable enough with that. So I'm glad it was her.

Was there any scene that was particularly challenging to shoot? The kissing scene was a little like, 'This is my friend! I'm about to kiss my friend!

Orange Is the New Black recap: Trust No Bitch

I don't really think of any of our scenes as difficult, just because the amount of trust [we have] and the amount of love [we have], you know you're going to be taken care of by the other person.

Do you have a favorite scene? In Episode 12 of Season 1 we got that library scene that everyone talked about. And same thing with this season, Episode 12, we get that scene in the library where it kind of all breaks down. The crux of what had all happened is right in front of our eyes. That was really nice to film with [Danielle]. How will their relationship be affected going forward?

I think that going through trials and tribulations in any sort of relationship only deepens the relationship and makes people closer and stronger. So I'm hoping for a season full of love between Poussey and Taystee in Season 3. Yeah, just them two being mischievous together. I'm hoping that there isn't much more conflict with them together. How did you react when you learned Poussey's backstory? That's going to be interesting. Like when I get a new script in my inbox I'm like, 'Ooh, I can't wait to read this!

Luckily, Boo teaches Pennsatucky how to fake a seizure, which she does during a van ride that sends her and Coates careening into a divider. They both survive, but Pennsatucky is deemed unfit for driving duty. Unfortunately, there must be an inmate on van duty, and Maritza replaces Pennsatucky as the new driver.

Will Boo and Doggett try to save her, or are they washing their hands of Coates completely? That is an answer, sadly, for another day.

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She eventually regains her strength, but her pain remains. In her next meeting with Healy, a dead-eyed Soso tells him how bad he is at this job, which lands like a gut punch. He spends his entire day around women who are locked up, he tells her.

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So he promises to help pay for an apartment for her and her mother. He wants to make things work, and they both acknowledge they have a special relationship. Their ships, however, passed too late in the night for it to be more, Red explains.

Morello proposes to Vince Muccio, who promises their love is like Pauly D.