Quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

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quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

The relationships of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After singing "God Help the Outcast", she was terrified to see Quasimodo being scared . He first encounters the beautiful Gypsy girl Esmeralda when he and Frollo attempt to kidnap her one night, though in this event Quasimodo did. Though he should be the selfless man who acts as servant to God and the people, First, consider Quasimodo and Frollo and their relationship. Quasimodo comes through their mutual love for Esmeralda, a young but wise.

He is not deaf, and is capable of fluent speech. He has three anthropomorphic gargoyle friends named Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. In the beginning of the film, a gypsy mother tries to sneak the hunchbacked infant into Notre Dame, but Judge Claude Frollo chases and inadvertently kills her. Frollo attempts to drown the baby in a nearby well upon seeing his deformity, but the church's Archdeacon stops him and demands that he atone for his crime by raising the child as his son.

Frollo, fearing God 's wrath, reluctantly agrees, and adopts the child in the hope that he will be useful to him one day.

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Frollo cruelly names the child Quasimodo, which in the film is Latin for "half-formed. He also lies to Quasimodo about his mother, telling him she abandoned him as a baby and that anybody else would have drowned him had Frollo not stepped in and adopted him.

Quasimodo nevertheless grows up to be a kind-hearted young man who yearns to join the outside world.

quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

Quasimodo sneaks out of the cathedral during the Festival of Fools, where he is crowned the "King of Fools" and meets Esmeralda, with whom he falls in love. The crowd binds and torments him, however, and Frollo refuses to help as punishment for his disobedience. Esmeralda takes pity on him and frees him, and he helps her flee from Frollo's men in gratitude.

He sentences Esmeralda to death, and has Quasimodo chained up in the bell tower. Quasimodo breaks free, however, and rescues Esmeralda from execution.

Phoebus breaks free from his cage and rallies the citizens of Paris against Frollo's tyranny. From the bell tower, Quasimodo and the gargoyles watch the citizens fighting Frollo's army. They pour molten lead onto the streets, thus preventing Frollo and his soldiers from breaking in.

However, Frollo successfully manages to enter the cathedral. He tries to kill Quasimodo, who is mourning Esmeralda, believing her to be dead. The two struggle briefly until Quasimodo throws Frollo to the floor and denounces him, finally seeing him for what he is.

quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

Esmeralda awakens and Quasimodo rushes her to safety. He then fights the wrathful Frollo, who taunts him with the truth about his mother. Both fall from the balcony, but Phoebus catches Quasimodo and pulls him to safety, while Frollo falls to his death. Quasimodo is finally accepted into society by the citizens of Paris as they celebrate Frollo's death and the liberation of the city. He remains a bell-ringer, still living in Notre Dame with the gargoyles.

He finds love in a beautiful circus performer named Madellaine voiced by Jennifer Love Hewittwho ultimately reveals that she is aware that the gargoyles are alive.

quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

His love for Madellaine is briefly strained when he learns she was actually working on behalf of a criminal mastermind named Sarousch who plans to steal a particularly valuable bell, La Fidele, from Notre Dame. Madellaine's true feelings for Quasimodo overcome her loyalty to Sarousch, however, and she aids Quasimodo in bringing Sarousch to justice.

Quasimodo forgives Madellaine and the two pledge their love to each other. Later appearances[ edit ] Quasimodo also made some occasional appearances on the Disney Channel series, House of Mouse.


At one point, Jiminy Cricketwhen giving advice to the guests, consoles him by saying that some people find someone special and some people do not, poking fun at the fact that Quasimodo and Esmeralda did not fall in love at the end of the original film.

Phoebus Esmeralda and Phoebus Phoebus was first introduced to Esmeralda at the Feast of Fools, where her alluring performance immediately caught his attention.

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After saving Quasimodo from the cruelty of Frollo and the people of Paris, Esmeralda sought refuge in the Notre Dame cathedral. Phoebus took the opportunity to greet the gypsy, though their first interactions were rather rough, as she found herself untrusting toward a member of Frollo's army.

Nevertheless, Phoebus proves he's merely seeking friendship, as opposed to her freedom, earning a modest token of gratitude before Frollo arrives and spoils the moment.

quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

Later on, after seeing Phoebus betray Frollo and his laws in exchange for the lives of innocent Paris citizens, Esmeralda begins to warm up to the now former soldier, and eventually saves his life from an attacking Frollo and his guards.

That same night, after bringing him to Notre Dame to recover from the attack, Esmeralda and Phoebus share a soft conversation, and soon find themselves falling in love, sealing their mutual romantic attraction with a loving kiss.

In the novel (The relationship between the fate of the characters and faces)

Following the events of the film, the two eventually marry and have a son named named Zephyr. Family Esmeralda and her son, Zephyr, love each other very much. Friends Quasimodo Esmeralda befriends Quasimodo Ever since they first met, Esmeralda and Quasimodo have had a great and strong friendship.

She helps Quasimodo when he is being publicly humiliated at the Festival of Fools because of his unattractive looks, which leads to Quasimodo developing strong romantic affections for her to which she is unaware.

quasimodo and esmeralda relationship with god

After singing "God Help the Outcast", she was terrified to see Quasimodo being scared away by a selfish parishioner who mistook him causing trouble. Quasimodo, in turn, helps Esmeralda secretly escape the cathedral and later bravely saves her from being burned at the stake, and weeps over her when he believes she is dead.

During their fight with Frollo, Esmeralda is nearly killed by Frollo because she will not let Quasimodo fall to his death.