Queen victoria and edward vii relationship quiz

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queen victoria and edward vii relationship quiz

About This Quiz. Think you know It was the period of Queen Victoria's reign of France Daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of Geroge III. Great grand-daughter of Henry VIII. A distant relation of Anne Boleyn. 7. Which doctor discovered the cause of the cholera epidemic? Jon Snow. His granddaughter Queen Victoria would instead become the first British ruler to Her uncle King Edward VII stepped into the role after her. What is the relationship between these two queens? Are they sisters? Queen Victoria spoke German before she learned English. She had nine . House of Hanover. Her son King Edward VII belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Question 2 What kind of dog does the Queen absolutely love? Many of the books she learned to read from as a child told stories about dogs. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth had a total of more than 30 of one specific breed of dog. Inshe had five of this same breed of dog at the same time. Her dogs travel with her, and they even have their own gourmet chef.

What kind of dog does the Queen absolutely love? Question 3 What special trip to America did Prince Harry take with his brother and late mother? Since America is such a young country, its citizens enjoy the history and glamor behind British royalty. Royal weddings are like a holiday for some Americans. As a result, many American tabloids regularly interview the royal family.

Of all the places to go, where did the royal family go? Question 4 The royal family holds a special place in their hearts for which former U. After America declared independence inthe two countries were at odds. Since then, relationships went from not the best to great.

Americans love British culture, film, and media. The British also enjoy American culture as well. A mutual respect has been developed between both countries. Leaders from both countries are admired by leaders of the other. The royal family holds a special place in their hearts for which former U.

Question 5 How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace? Buckingham Palace was built in In the s, it was expanded, and many rooms were added, as it became the London residence of Queen Victoria in How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace? The couple met when they were children at a wedding.

They became engaged inwhen she was 21 and he was They were married later that year on November 20, The couple lived in Malta for the next few years, as Prince Philip was stationed there.

Elizabeth became queen inand Philip supported her every step of the way. Question 7 Princess Kate admitted that, in another life, she would be what? Doctor Farmer Actress Kate Middleton and Prince William began dating inwhen they met at school, but they broke up in They soon started dating again and became engaged in October of The media loved Kate Middleton, as she was classy, beautiful, and educated. The couple was married in Westminster Abbey on April 29, Globally, it's estimated that million viewers watched the wedding.

Rising to a princess became a full-time job for Princess Kate. Princess Kate admitted that in another life she would be a … Question 8 When he was 13, which supermodel did Prince William have a big crush on?

Furthermore, many celebrities have had crushes on them. He saw her on the hit TV show Suits and declared that she was his ideal girl. What about Prince William? When he was 13, which supermodel did Prince William have a big crush on? Their first child—Prince George—was born July 22, About two years later—on May 5, —Princess Charlotte was born. The couple announced their third pregnancy in Their child is due April of George and Charlotte are growing up quickly. They're regularly featured in the tabloids because they're so cute.

They even have a pet they share. Question 10 Harry may become the next king of England, so what's his full name? He frequently partied around the world. Once—while in Las Vegas—pictures were taken of him and an unknown girl as they were playing strip pool.

Since a lot of these scandals, he's settled down quite a bit. Inhe got engaged to American actress Meghan Markle. At some point, Harry may become the next king of England, so what's his full name?

She's been known to wear every color of the rainbow.

queen victoria and edward vii relationship quiz

Now that she's older, many of her outfits feature a long coat covering a dress, gloves, sensible pumps, and a hat that matches the coat. Her handbags always look similar. But there's one color she wears a lot more frequently than other colors because it's her favorite color of all. Question 12 What day is Prince George's birthday? Now 4 years old, the little prince has many different interests. He enjoys playing with his younger sister, Charlotte. He also likes playing with the hamster they share.

He's iconic for meeting President Obama in his pajamas and a robe. President Obama gifted Prince George a toy rocking horse when he was born. But can you tell us: Question 13 How many portraits has the Queen of England posed for during her reign? Some portraits have been better than others. For instance, the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge appears to age her quite a bit. There are quite a few different portraits of the Queen.

queen victoria and edward vii relationship quiz

How many portraits has the Queen of England posed for during her reign? Question 14 Prince William graduated with a degree in geography, but what did Princess Kate study at the University of St. They lived essentially in the same dorm but soon came to live in the same flat with some friends.

On their marriage is was anounced that their children would not be titled Prince and Princess but as the children of an Earl, so they are Lady Louise and James Viscount Severn. As it is a Protestant Church all those in the Royal line of succession and their spouses have to be Protestants. Neither Catholics, nor those who marry a Catholic, nor those born out of wedlock, may remain in the line of succession. Prince Charles has let it be known that when he becomes King he will take the title 'Defender of Faith' instead of' 'Defender of the Faith' to include faiths other than the established Church of England.

In Aprl the Succession to the Crown Bill changed the succession laws so that a person is not disqualified from succeeding to the Crown as a result of marrying a Roman Catholic. Why are younger brothers higher in the line of succession than their older sisters?

The line of succession to the British throne used until recently the system of male primogeniture whereby younger sons have precedence over their older sisters. While male precedence may now be considered to be out of line with current 'equal-rights' thinking and is proposed to be changed, it has not prevented some of the most successful and longest reigning British monarchs from being queens including Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

It does allow the succession to inherit through the female line, so the children of daughters can succeed to the throne as is the case with the current Queen.

The French and German monarchies used a system of Salic law whereby females had no right to inherit and could not pass it to their offspring.

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The last time that the British throne passed to a son in precedence to a first born daughter was when Queen Victoria's son Edward VII inherited the throne over his older sister Princess Victoria. This could have significantly changed 20th century European history with the 1st World War unlikely to have happened as it did but replaced with other nationalist, republican and fascist struggles leading possibly to the downfall of both monarchies and a changed map of Europe.

In Aprl the Succession to the Crown Bill changed the succession laws so that a person is able to marry a Roman Catholic and remain in the line of successsion, and the right of male primogeniture no longer applies to children born after 28 October It meant that if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child had been a girl and their second a boy, male primogenture would no longer have applied and he would not have had precedence over his older sister.

However, their first child born on 22 July was a boy Prince George so it did not apply. Their second child Princess Charlotte will not lose her place even if she has a younger brother.

This current line of succession is shown at Line of Succession. Who was the oldest person to become king or queen? Will Prince Charles be the oldest? Prince Charles the current heir to the throne became 68 on 14th November and is now the longest waiting heir to the throne.

Edward VII became king after the death of his mother Queen Victoria in when he was 59 years and 2 months old. Could the Queen choose to pass the throne directly to Prince William? The Queen cannot choose.


Prince Charles as her eldest son and Prince of Wales is next in line to the throne and will become King as long as he is living when the Queen dies or should she abdicate. It would require a change to British constitutional law for this not to happen.

Kings often take a different regnal ruling name from their first given name. King Charles I was beheaded in after the English Civil War, and Charles II was popularly known as the 'merrie' monarch as he had so many mistresses. Will Camilla become Queen? Prince Charles and Camilla were married on 9th April She was given the title Duchess of Cornwall because of sensitivity following the death of Diana.

As the wife of the Prince of Wales her title should be Princess of Wales and, although before the marriage it was announced that she would take the title Princess consort, she is expected to become Queen consort when Charles becomes King.

Is there a royal connection between Camilla's family and the royal family? The husband of a queen is known as a Prince consort and does not become King. The wife of a king is a Queen consort and does take the title Queen although she does not rule as the monarch.

Were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip related before their marriage? George III was her 3rd great grandfather. If you follow Queen Elizabeth's line through her grandmother - George VI fatherQueen Mary grandmotherMary Adelaide great grandmotherAdolphus of Hanover 2nd great grandfatherGeorge III 3rd great-grandfather - he is more closely related as her 3rd great grandfather. You can see this on the Royal Family tree.

How rich is Queen Elizabeth? This arrangement dated from when George III gave up the right to the income from the Crown's estates in return for a Civil List paid to members of the Royal Family. Does the Queen pay taxes? Yes, in The Queen offered to pay income tax and capital gains tax on a voluntary basis. Sinceher personal income has been taxable as for any other UK taxpayer. Does the Queen rule or does Parliament? The British Monarchy is a constitutional monarchy in which the King or Queen reigns as Head of State but with limits to their power, and the day-to-day government is carried out by Parliament.

The political party with the most elected seats in the House of Commons elects a Prime Minister who is invited by the monarch to form a government. A new Parliament is opened by the monarch in an official ceremony, and the Prime Minister during his or her term in office regularly meets with the King or Queen to discuss political matters and events.

There have been 13 US Presidents during her reign: There have been 7 Archbishops of Canterbury and 7 Popes during her reign. Which King or Queen reigned for the longest time? The longest reigning British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II who including today has reigned for 66 years, 10 months, and 27 days which is the longest reign in over 1, years of British History. On 10th September she surpassed her great great grandmother Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years, 7 months and 2 days from See Kings and Queens by length of reign.

Which King or Queen reigned for the shortest time? Edward VI named his cousin Lady Jane Grey as his successor and she was proclaimed queen on July 10, by her father-in-law the Duke of Northumberland. She was 16 years old. The situation was resolved 9 days later on July 19 when Mary arrived in London and was proclaimed as the rightful queen. Mary was crowned Queen on Oct 1, Lady Jane Grey was executed on February 12, Another who was not crowned was Edward V. The date that Edward died is unknown - he was presumed murdered with his brother in the Tower of London at sometime in September that year.

Kings and Queens by length of reign. Which King had the most illegitimate children? Henry I is purported to have had illegitimate children by at least six women, but few details are known. Charles II famously fathered numerous illegitimate children, of whom he acknowledged fourteen. William IV had 10 illegitimate children born between and by his mistress actress Dorothea Bland known as Mrs Jordan.

queen victoria and edward vii relationship quiz

Is David Cameron descended from royalty? How close would he be in line to the throne?

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They lived together for 20 years when he was Duke of Clarence and had 5 sons and 5 daughters. When he became heir to the throne William married Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen but they had no surviving children so when he died having no legitimate children his niece Victoria became Queen.

David Cameron is the 5th cousin, twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II, but illegitimate lines have no claim to the throne. So William and Dorothea would have had to get permission from his brother George IV to marry and it would also have required ratification by Parliament. She was Catholic and would have had to renounce her Catholic faith for William to remain in the line of succession to the throne. In the very unlikely event that they had been allowed to marry and had done so before their children were born then their eldest son George Augustus would have had a claim to the throne.

David Cameron's line through their 3rd daughter Elizabeth would have had only a very remote claim. When Henry VII I came to the throne in April he was 17 years old, 6ft 2in tall, and had pale skin, blue eyes and auburn hair.

He was physically active and enjoyed sport, hunting and jousting. A Venetian visitor described him as 'His Majesty is the handsomest potentate I ever set eyes on, a vigorous player of tennis, rider of horses, and skilled wrestler'.