Rachel berry and finn hudson relationship trust

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rachel berry and finn hudson relationship trust

Finn Hudson: So who are you in a relationship with Rachel? Brittany: I Rachel Berry: trust me Quinn, you will not regret it! Quinn Fabray: fine. Glee's Cory Monteith Spills on "Amazing" Finn and Rachel Shocker—and His Season-Four Fate! By. &. by Kristin A Proposal, a Marriage and a Huge Game- Changer! "I will be back!" It just builds a level of trust. I really feel. Sam and Finn were sitting in the glee room for lunch tody. You did try to ruin me and Rachel's relationship already! you don't trust me after what I've done for Rachel and the only people that trust me are Rachel and Puck!.

Well, sometimes it's genetics. There you go, blue tooth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist. Hey, you all right? You seem a little down. Didn't you like the banana bread I baked you? Yeah, it was awesome. I'm actually kind of happy about it.

That I don't have to fantasize about what song I'd sing at your bedside if you were in a coma. I'm just so not cool now, you know?

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship trust

Well, it's just less of a chance of you running off with some cheerleader. Wait, so you want me to feel bad about myself? I want to be the only thing that makes you feel good. I'm just trying to be honest. Also, I'm more talented than you. Just trying to be honest. Don't you think it's a bit much? I mean, I think that guy just broke up with his girlfriend over there just so he could stare at you. I'm just doing what you told me. Besides, it's not like when I went all sad clown hooker and put on that ridiculous "Grease" catsuit.

This is just like my regular look with the volume turned up. Ooh, baby, you can hit me as many times as you want as long as you got that on! How come all the gay guys always get the hottest chicks? You see what I'm talking about? Just tell me why it's okay for you to feel safer with me not on the football team, but it Look, I see your point. In order for this relationship to work, we can't control each other. So you have my blessing to rejoin the football team, if you can. I'll give you anything.

I'll give you my house. I'll kill my parents and I'll give you my house. Normally, you dress like the fantasy of a perverted Japanese businessman with a very dark, specific fetish, but I actually dig this look. I think what Santana is trying to say, Rachel, though I risk expulsion by saying so, is that it seems Britney Spears has really helped you blossom.

Rachel, is that true? I mean, you are sort of dressing differently. Rachel suggests Finn get a restraining order on Christopher but Finn comes up with a better idea; meeting him face to face. Rachel is against the idea but Finn assures her he won't go alone and needs her to come with him.

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Rachel along with Finn and New Directions confront Christopher and Finn finally stands up to his father, no longer appearing afraid of him.

Despite Shelby's hesitance, Rachel assures Shelby to trust Finn. After a successful evening of babysitting Beth, Rachel tells Finn that he'll be a great father when the time comes, and Finn admits a secret to Rachel: Rachel admits she's reading the book as well and Rachel and Finn "re-enact" a scene from the book.

Rock N' Roll Rachel is shown reading the show choir rules to Finn from his book it's also revealed Rachel had joined Finn's Glee Club where it says they need ten members to perform. Rachel tells Finn he's already made Mr. Schuester proud by following his footsteps and knows he'll think of something.

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship trust

Finn tells Rachel she's extremely sexy and doesn't see it, but Rachel feels she needs to convince Cassandra so. Finn tells her there's no way possible that she can tank the audition, that she's good enough for anything. During the school day, Kurt gets a text message from Rachel and shows Finn, which leaves Finn and the other members to head to where Rachel's audition is.

Brody pinpoints that Simone slushied Rachel so Rachel would have a terrible audition. Rachel considers going home but Finn sternly tells Rachel that she's going to stay and audition because it's been her dream. Finn along with the other members of Finn Harmonic help Rachel look good enough for her to go and audition. Rachel later thanks Finn for giving her a pep-talk and sending Finn Harmonic to help her. To defend Rachel's honor, he later kicks Simone off Finn Harmonic and refuses to allow her to perform at Sectionals until she learns how to be a team player.

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Sectionals While at the loft, Rachel and Finn talk about Sectionals and they're a few moments away from engaging in risky buisness, until Puck comes to visit Finn. Later, Rachel, Quinn and Santana talk about Finn and how he had become more confident in his abilties since coming to New York and Rachel admits she's proud of him, which Finn overhears. Later, Finn and Rachel have a late night discussion about Finn being afraid of letting down his team.

Rachel let's Finn know he can't the Glee Club down even if he tried. Finn and Rachel, along with Finn Harmonic, perform at Sectionals where they find out they win. Finn basks in the glow of winning Sectionals and getting his own classroom Finn rushes to the hospital where Rachel is awake, but she can't remember anyone or anything--including Finn.

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Finn becomes jealous when Rachel remembers everyone around her but him, which causes friction between them. While in Rachel's bedroom, Finn and Rachel argue about Rachel not wanting to remember him and she inadvertly hurts him with her words, which causes Finn to realize Rachel may never come back to him.

He leaves the apartment and goes to NYADA where he tells Blaine that it may be time to break-up with Rachel since she has no intention of wanting to know him.

At the same time, Rachel finds Finn's t-shirt in her belongings and the t-shirt helps her remember Finn. Rachel asks Finn to meet her at Starbucks the next morning where Finn realizes Rachel remembers him. Rachel and Finn share a passionate kiss and they head back towards the loft where they make love to one another.

While shopping at the supermarket for a turkey, Finn asks Rachel about the possibility of having children which causes Rachel to listen to his words. Rachel ultimately decides she would lile children one day, but not for another few years and she thanks Finn for getting what he had to say off his chest.

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Finn and Rachel are later shown in the loft kitchen preparing the turkey and later enjoying the Thanksgiving dinner. Finn and Rachel get more off their chest--but Rachel receives a phone call from Rupert, revealing Rachel had gotten the role of Fanny Brice. Finn proudly congratulates her and along with Finn and Rachel, the rest of their friends gather in the kitchen to celebrate Rachel getting the role, with Finn and Rachel revealing it was their "best Thanksgiving ever. The song opens a boy vs.

Finn becomes upset with the girls for performing a sexy performance, but Rachel reveals she's upset with Finn for encouraging the war in the first place and she along with the rest of the girls quit the Glee Club due to Finn's sexist nature. Finn and Rachel discuss what happened in Glee Club and Rachel finds out the source of Finn's sexism, telling him that Cassandra has no right to question their intimacy.

Finn and Rachel kiss and make up, and Rachel helps Finn get the rest of the girls back to the Glee Club, along with inviting Simone to return. The entire band meets Elliott Gilbert for the first time, and Rachel immediately becomes smitten with him since he's gay, which causes Finn to become uncomfortable. Kurt instructs Rachel to stop flirting with Elliott in front of Finn and to allow Elliott to perform.

Finn and Rachel both are impressed with Elliott but Kurt isn't, which causes tension between Finn and Kurt. Finn feels uncomfortable with Rachel being on the cheerleading squad, but after he sees a performance with Rachel featured, he supports her decision.

A Very Glee Christmas Finn and Rachel along with the rest of the Alumni return home for Christmas and their wedding where they find out that they're holding a Christmas concert. Will offers Rachel the chance of closing out the concert and she accepts with Finn's support, although she's unsure if she should. After Finn finds out Marley is a fan of Rachel, he has Rachel and Marley meet where the girls instantly hit it off.

Rachel reveals to Marley that she doesn't want to do the closing number of the concert and Marley tells Rachel to tell Finn, who is in charge of the concert. Rachel gains confidence and tells Finn the truth while they're at the mall.

Finn appreciates Rachel's honesty and Rachel offers to help him find someone else to close the show. However, with Rachel celebrating Christmas, Puck questions it and Rachel reveals it was a compromise she made with Finn.

Finn-Quinn Relationship

Finn later begins to question is upcoming wedding to Rachel and Rachel tells Finn that they're making the right decision. At the winter concert, Rachel finds someone to do the closing number of the show and Finn ultimately agrees. The both of them agree to help Marley and her mother at the soup kitchen with the help of their friends.

I Do Rachel and Finn's wedding day is quickly approaching and while the both of them are excited, they are also nervous with taking the next step with each other. Rachel with Quinn and Kurt's help is able to find the perfect dress and Finn is able to gain his confidence, but they both worry that they're going to get cold feet on their wedding day. However, before they are allowed to say their vows at the church, Finn's father shows up at the chapel, which ends up being Sue 's doing.

Enchanted Finn and Rachel find out that it was Sue and Rachel's dad's that conspired to stop the wedding and Rachel blows up at her dads, telling them that she wants nothing to do with them.

Rachel storms out of the chapel and Finn later becomes dejected, becoming certain that they're not going to get married.

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They ultimately move the wedding to McKinley where Finn and Rachel later get married in the choir room. Rachel and Finn later have their reception in the gymnasuim where everyone gives Finn and Rachel a toast to their new marraige and a long happy life. Finn says he likes her reindeer sweater outfit and wishes her luck on her first day of rehearsal, with the both of them spending time apart throughout the episode.

Finn goes with Puck to a tattoo parlor where he makes Puck believe that he's not interested in a tattoo. Finn later reveals he got a tattoo on his hip with Rachel's name and a gold star, to symbolize who she is. Rachel experiences a terrible day at work, with her co-star sexually harrassing her. Puck urges her to tell Finn, but Rachel decides against it, and forces Puck to promise that he won't say anything.

Creep Finn becomes worried about Rachel when she drastically changes her appearance and attitude, and he finds he's turned off by it. Rachel's attitude becomes an issue in Glee Club and when Finn realizes he's had enough of it, he scolds her in front of the club and makes her tell everyone what was wrong with her. Rachel runs off crying and Puck gets uspet with Finn for making Rachel upset. In an argument between Finn and Puck, Finn realizes Puck knows what's bothering her and Puck ends up telling Finn what's going on, despite Rachel's wishes.

Finn later comforts Rachel when she breaks down in their bedroom, with Finn voing that he'll do something about it. Puck ultimately decides they should do rock and roll and sings to Rachel, causing Finn to become slighty taken aback by their friendship. Finn later finds out that Puck is in love with Rachel, especially after Rachel listened to Puck's problems regarding Quinn, and Finn attempts to forbid Puck from speaking to Rachel.

However, while Rachel is oblivious to Puck's feelings for her, Finn realizes he can't ban Rachel from talking to Puck. During Pamela Lansbury's gig, Finn gives Rachel and Puck jealous looks when they're dancing with each other, but he gives Puck a triumphant smirk when Rachel decides to dance with him.

After the gig, Finn congratulates Kurt, but keeps his eyes on Rachel and Puck, becoming worried that Rachel will leave him for his best friend, and wondering if he can actually trust Puck. Finn's jealousy gets the best of him when he and Puck have a stand-off in the kitchen with the both of them aiming to win Rachel's heart.

Finn talks about Puck's crush on Rachel with Kurt and Kurt tells him not worry, how Rachel will never leave him for Puck. Finn is still worried about it and ultimately Santana and Dani speak to Rachel about the issue, but Rachel doesn't believe Puck has feelings for her. Puck asks Rachel to meet him in the auditorium where Puck confesses his feelings for her. While Rachel loves Puck as a friend, she doesn't love him the same way he does, but Puck kisses Rachel in a spur of the moment while Finn is watching.

Rachel follows Finn and goes to speak to him about the kiss, revealing that she doesn't love Puck and that she loves him. Finn reveals his tattoo to Rachel and Rachel becomes touched by Finn's actions but while Finn and Rachel reconcile, Puck is heartbroken that Rachel doesn't want him. Finn begins plotting ways of getting revenge on Puck but Rachel stops him, telling him that he has to forgive Puck, especially after Puck has apologized multiple times for his actions.

Finn realizes from Rachel's words that Puck was the bigger man in this dilemma by admitting his faults and with Rachel's guidance, they make-up. Rachel also takes over planning Regionals for FInn Harmonic since Finn had been wrapped up in his rivalry with Puck, and her and Simone decide to do disco.

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship trust

Rachel and Finn get caught up with Will and Finn's competition and she along with Puck work with the boys the group Finn is assigned. When Finn feels Wil doesn't see his growth, he confides in Rachel about it, and Rachel let's Finn know that if he can't see it, it's his loss. She reveals her love and pride for Finn and the two of them leave the Lima Bean to spend the afternoon with each other. Both she and Finn are later seen looking uncomfortable when the girls perform Peacock, with Will not knowing the intention of the song.

Human Finn is shown with Kurt, Puck and Santana in the loft worrying where Rachel is, and Santana puts terrible thoughts in Finn's mind, causing him to hyperventilate. Finn's fears are put to the side when he sees Rachel entering the loft with Brittany, the two of them coming back from shopping. Finn later finds out from Santana that Rachel had admitted to having naughty dreams about the both of them, with Finn now becoming interested.

Rachel admits it and the two of them go off and make love. Both Finn and Rachel face dilemmas at the end of the episode: Rachel's worries cause her to confide in Quinn and Santana about it, worrying that she'll lose Finn due to him simply hiding his emotion.

Rachel along with Burt are present when Finn throws a tantrum about his father, before he ultimately breaks down. Rachel and Burt comfort Finn and Rachel is later present when they go to Lima to say goodbye to Christopher one last time. Finn stands in front of Christopher's grave and cries, with Rachel soothingly telling him that Christopher had a hard life, and Finn is doing the right thing by being the bigger man.

Once they're inside, they are confronted by Paolo who eventually blows Rachel's cover. While Rachel and Finn try to convince Rupert that Paolo was the one that was wrong, Puck successfuly finds the tape that shows Paolo causing trouble for Rachel.

Rupert sees Paolo's lies and fires him, having Finn and Puck toss him out of the thatre since they're in character as body guards. Rachel regains her job back and she agrees to get back to work right away, but with no Nick Arnstein, Finn decides to fill in until Rupert can find a replacement.

Finn accepts the role and Rachel becomes excited, giving him a hug. Seasons Of Love Rachel and Finn become the topic of conversation at breakfast when Kurt mentions that he wishes they would be quiet when making love. While they're both embarrassed, they shrug off Kurt's words and they discuss their day together, only for Rachel to get a text message from her dads.