Ratliff and rydel relationship tips

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ratliff and rydel relationship tips

Ryland, Ross, Rocky, Rydel, Riker Lynch & Ellington Ratliff See more. rydel and riker | R5ers who love riker's and Rydel's relationship Riker Lynch, Our Love. When Riker is dating Allie, he starts turning into a jerk, and he never learns his lesson, will his I started to wrestle Ratliff when Rydel came in and stoped me. +. Rydel Lynch has been dating her R5 bandmate Ellington Ratliff for ages, and they're the cutest. However, she was caught kissing someone.

I'm young so I don't know much about love, but I know they love each other" I started to tear up a bit. When they walked by each other i could see the way they looked at each other. When they started to date I knew that their love was going to be forever. Rocky, Ratliff, I hope you guys have a wonderful life together and I love you". I got down off my chair and was pretty much crying.

Rydel-Ellington Relationship

People clapped and Rocky and Ratliff came over to me and gave me a hug. They left and Grace and I went to the bathroom because I was going to start bawling if I didn't. I would of been a mess". After I had stopped crying and fixed my makeup, we went back to the main room and ate. A whole bunch of people left and went to my house.

We didn't even sleep. We talked the entire night. At one point we were all sobbing. We were all so happy for them. We got up at 6: We went to the hair salon and left about 9: We all did our makeup and it was We got dressed and headed to the park. We were going to do pictures after the wedding because Rocky and Ratliff wanted to see each other when Ratliff walked down the aisle with his parents. They wanted for it to be a surprise.

We started to set up and when we finished, it was noon. The wedding started at 1: Riker came over to me. I went over to the pavillion and sat down by Rocky. I got up and walked over to Ryland. I laughed and said "I will be too". Your brothers will be crying" I said. People began to fill up the chairs. The Lynch's were in front of us.

The music began to play and Rocky walked up with his parents. He stood to the side of the front. The groomsmen came in and took a seat. Then one of the Lynch's cousin, Beauty, walked in throwing the flowers. She was the flower girl. I was already starting to tear up. Ratliff came in with his parents on each side of him.

His nervous smile changed when he saw Rocky. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't nervous anymore.

ratliff and rydel relationship tips

He was ready to marry his soulmate. They walked up the aisle and Ratliff's parents gave him to Rocky. Ratliff and Rocky held hands and looked each other in the eye. The wedding went on and it was time to exchange the rings. Grace, Laura, and I were in tears. Rocky and Ratliff's eyes started to water up. That made me even more of a mess. I could tell all the Lynch's were.

Oh my god Riker. He was almost as bad as me. Then the vows came. First it was Rocky's. You can be funny. You can be emotional. And you can be moody, also. But every one of those qualities makes me love you more. Sometimes, whenever I feel like is it really worth it, I think about you and you remind me that it is". I'm sobbing right now. Now it was Ellington's turn. You make love worth it. I always know I can come to you for anything. Whenever I am around you I get a feeling.

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The best feeling in the world". The rest of the wedding went on until it came to the best part. Rocky and Ratliff kissed. They released, and Rocky picked Ellington up and walked out. I was clapping, smiling, and crying at the same time. I sure did make the right choice by wearing water proof makeup.

It was pretty hard to think now Ellington and Rocky were married. He still wanted to be called Ratliff though. They took some pictures in the park. They were so adorable. They were going to Michigan Lake for their honeymoon. We went to the reception hall and it was stunning. The colors of green were a very nice choice. The ceilings were very high and there was a chandelier. Ratliff and Rocky went over and sat at a table that had a platform underneath so it was raised.

I was at a table with the Lynch's. They had an extra seat. After, it was Rocky's and Ratliff's first dance as a married couple. It was a recording because Ross wanted to see Rocky and Ell. It was so cute it brought me to tears. Then they danced with their parents.

Then it was time for the money dance.

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I danced with Ellington and it must of been awkward for him. Dancing with so many girls. I always danced with him for fun though. Next I got in line for Rocky. Calum was taking the money for him. Rocky and I danced. The song was Red Hot Girl. After the dances, I sat back down. Rocky and Ratliff danced with many more people. Stormie had tears running down her face.

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ratliff and rydel relationship tips

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