Ray jay and whitney houston relationship

ray jay and whitney houston relationship

May 4, Love triangle: Ray J, pictured with Whitney Houston in Los Angeles around this week where he denied introducing Whitney Houston to drugs Both Houston and Crawford have always denied rumours of a gay relationship. Jan 6, Ray J Takes Blame for the Death of Whitney Houston. Mar 10, Close: Ray J said he misses his on-off girlfriend Whitney Houston, here in Big inheritance: Whitney has left almost $6m to her daughter Bobbi.

You know what, I have a lot of love for her. And a lot of respect for her, he said. The interview pressed on about their romantic past and Ray J responded, I think that I don't think that you can really say that. I just think that our friendship is something that people might not understand maybe because of the age different. We've always just been friends.

We go out to dinner.

ray jay and whitney houston relationship

We talk about different things in our lives. You know, she's a good person, he said. We've always kept our relationship as private as we could.

When we go out we try to keep our relationship as private as we could. You know when we go out, she's such an icon, it reaches the masses. But, for the most part, we've just been friends. And we've always kept everything hush-hush and private. Great, from what I know. But you will have to ask her, because she could tell you better than me. The Insider asked if Ray J knew if Houston was past her demons and he declined to comment.

Ray J went on the show to talk about his new book Death of the Cheating Man. In the book he describes his relationship with KK, who is presumably Kim Kardashian, though he does not mention any specific names. For all these years I had been so selfish. I only looked at things from my viewpoint. Not the view of her family. All I could think about were my feelings. Yes the media lied.

Yes I was attacked but I am still here. And it was pretty selfish of me. And Ray had lost someone very dear to him. Over the years I decided to get help from my Church. I needed to see how I could have taken more responsibility.

Ray J Talked about Relationship with Whitney Houston Just Days before Death

How could I have done things differently and caused a different outcome for myself. I had to really dissect it. And stop feeling sorry for myself and my children. And much of this has to do with forgiveness.

Ray J Talked about Relationship with Whitney Houston Just Days before Death

Forgiving those who lied. And forgiving all the people who attacked me. Everyone was looking for some to blame and sadly I was the best target. Why am I writing about this? I want to take this incident to help you. Because after all at the end of the day when horrific things happen to us we must be able to see the lessons in it to help others pull through.

Stacy Francis How does one move on after so many lies have been told about them? How does one come out of hiding after being publicly humiliated? How do you love and trust again?

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Well you take the punches, but you get back up again. You continue to walk in the truth of who you are. And before you know it everyone will begin to take a look and a listen to what you are saying.

ray jay and whitney houston relationship

You have to examine yourself and think what am I doing to create this outcome? Am I being a victim? Am I being a drama king or queen?