Relationship breakups and social effects

relationship breakups and social effects

3 days ago Yes, Going Through A Breakup Can Make You Physically Sick: Here's How To Recover At the end of an important relationship in my life, I experienced symptoms that were who mean the most to me, (social support is crucial for your immune system). . Sunflower oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Fibromyalgia Impact on Relationships. children-playing 10 percent of people said fibromyalgia contributed to a break-up of a relationship. About half of those. In a long-term relationship, your own identity becomes increasingly intertwined It's not only the case that a serious break-up affects our personality; our a breakup to make an extra effort to forge new friendships and social.

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As a result aspects like breakup, conflict and marital dissatisfaction occur. The root cause which leads to relationship breakup is selfishness which took place in the heart of one or both partner. The feeling of love starts to fade over the time. Else than this there are many causes whish lead relationship towards breakup. When one of the partners failed to give enough time to his partner which widens the communication and physical gap this lead the partner to attract towards the third person.

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Other cause is constant nagging in which one partner constantly scolds, criticize other partner and the partner who is bearing all this may tolerate it for longer or shorter period but breakup is inevitable. Repeated lying in which one or both of the partners habitually tell lies and jealousy in which an individual thinks that his partner is giving him less attention then other things, this ultimately lead a relationship towards breakup.

Romantic relationship as perhaps the close relationship, strongly impact the self-concept in various ways. When two of the individual are in relationship they both share their life with each other and have strong bonding with each other and thus when breakup occur it increases the risk of several negative mental health outcomes, including first onset of major depressive order. When a person is in relationship the aspect of self which is defined by romantic partner may change or lost when breakup occur.

Individual have alteration in their goals, values, belief, appearance, activities, social cultures and all things that comprises of individual selves. Those partners who are highly committed indicate greater overlap between their own and their partner self-concept because the selves of both partners become intertwined, and the lines between the individual self-concept become blurred.

In Pakistan in spite of the societal norms which are against a love affair, people still get involved in it. There are number of reasons beauty, simplicity, honesty, good nature etc. According to research taken by Lahore university, Pakistan, grounded theory was applied which is a systemic research method. The theory after linking different categories divided into 3 stages.

In first stage the process of falling in love is mentioned, in which it is said that in starting both the partners are stranger to each other but as love emerges in the heart of both it gradually turns into a strong bond, both the partners get so much involve that they become blind in love and due to this they started to neglect bad qualities of their partners.

In second stage various factors like Commitment, honesty, expectations, openness that contributes towards happiness and the problems which an individual have to face in society and family regarding love relationship are mentioned. In third stage, it is mentioned that love continues if all the needs are fulfill and ultimately leads to marriage expectations but if all the needs will not be fulfilled and the factor of jealousy took place then ultimately breakup would take place.

Relationship breakups are seen in Pakistan which affects an individual mentally in a great manner. Strategies for coping up with breakup effects: There are many strategies to cope up with breakup effects one of which is discussing the breakup trauma with friends or with anyone in the family to whom u r closer and usually share your problems.

An ideal coping strategy is to focus on the positive aspect of your throughout relationship journey this will helps in minimizing negative emotions.

relationship breakups and social effects

According to American psychological associationthree groups were made and each have been told to write about positive aspects, negative aspects and superficial topic not related to breakup. The positive emotions included confidence, happiness, relief, satisfaction and energy.


Considering the sensitivity of effects of breakup on self-concept, an integrated approach focusing on parents and teachers should be proposed. Awareness and counseling sessions should be took place for adults and for those individuals who are in love relationship.

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I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

So when a break-up happens, does this mean that our personalities fundamentally change?

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One US study published in found different effects of divorce on men and women. Paul Costa Junior and his colleagues tested the personality of more than people in their forties and then caught up with them again six to nine years later, questioning them about the major events had happened in their lives, and testing whether their personalities had changed. View image of Credit: Not all studies have found this pattern, however. A group of German researchers measured the personality traits of more than middle-aged men and women at three time points over 12 years from to They found that men and women who went through a divorce had become less extravert.

One explanation is that they had lost many of the friends and other relationships they shared with their spouses, meaning they had less chance to socialise and behave in an extraverted fashion.

relationship breakups and social effects

It may be painful but we can get over it, in other words. A study published this year measured the personalities of over people in Flanders who had gone through a divorce, to see what kind of new relationships they formed in the ensuing seven years with one of the highest divorce rates in Europe, Flanders provides a rich source of data for this kind of research.

Divorced extraverts were more likely than other personality types to quickly remarry Split personalities What determines a couple's risk of breaking up?