Relationship mordechai and daniel

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relationship mordechai and daniel

We've all heard that the “statue” in Daniel 2 represents man's own view of his historical kingdoms: Babylon, Persia, Hellenistic realm, and Islam. The relationship of Mordecai and Daniel, which is an integral part of Mordecai's vision of ending the exile of the Israelites, fits all of these examples and might. What was the biological relationship between Esther and Mordechai? And was Mordechai Esther's adoptive father or even her husband? . Nebuchadnezzar's Dream: The Revision of Daniel's Role During Antiochus'.

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Chiastics tells us that just as two chapters relate to two mirrored chapters, so the third pair of chapters should as well. If they do not relate in the same way, that would be an inconsistency in the six chapters of Aramaic Daniel. So what about Daniel 2 and 7? Daniel 2 and 7 So, notice Daniel 2 and 7, the stories of a kingdom progression as metals, and another as beasts. Again, both accounts are similar: Daniel 2 and 7 form two parallel texts using ten echoing markers Fig. The markers begin with the first kingdom and go all the way through to the righteous receiving the kingdoms.

However, we have the benefit of Daniel 3 relating to Daniel 6, Daniel 4 relating to Daniel 5, that confirm for us that Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, likewise, are two different accounts that are somehow related.

The Relationship Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 show the same kingdom progression ending with Christ ruling. However, the two accounts involve different kings over two different time periods.

The chiastic structure of Daniel 2—7 tells us this: Further cementing this relationship are other word trails covering all six chapters as one text, showing clearly why the kingdoms are shown as metals, and why the kingdoms are shown as beasts. What the Relationship Teaches Us The Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 progressions are more identical than we have all heard from prophecy teachers. The kingdom progression is in fact, very exact, but in two time frames: Daniel 7 shows us a complete history of the end times.

This is one argument for Daniel 7 as a master timeline of the end times. All of them found favor in the eyes of the kings involved. They, like Joseph before them, became successful courtiers. Esther's uncle, Mordecai, became involved in the politics of the court just as Daniel did, when he saved the king from a plot against his life by Bigthan and Teresh Esther 2: Daniel was called in to interpret a dream, and in doing so not only helped the king, he also saved the lives of his three companions and himself as chapter 2 of Daniel discusses.

relationship mordechai and daniel

Daniel was well rewarded for his dream interpretation: While Mordecai was not rewarded immediately, the king did eventually reward him. Haman booin Esther 6: And let the man whom the king desires to honor be attired and paraded on the horse through the city square, while they proclaim before him: This is what is done for the man whom the king desires to honor!

Similarly, Daniel was arrayed in clothing of the royal purple in Daniel 5: Chapter three of Daniel tells about the statue of Nebuchadnezzar and the law that was made requiring all the people of Babylon to bow down and worship the statue. Those who did not do so, were to be thrown in a fiery furnace.

Though their goal was to take power away from Daniel's three companions, as verse 3: Later, in Daniel 6: A law--made this time by Darius at the instigation of the men--made it illegal to bow down to anyone but Darius for thirty days.

relationship mordechai and daniel

The men asked for this law to be made to entrap Daniel, who they knew prayed to G-d three times a day, bowing down to Him. They also knew that a law, once written by Darius, could not be revoked. Similarly, "When Haman saw that Mordecai would not kneel or bow low to him, Haman was filled with rage.

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This is similar to the two cases in Daniel, where both Daniel and his three companions refused to bow down to kings or statues of kings and worship them. Granted, Haman hiss was not asking to be worshiped, but he was asking Mordecai to bow down to him. Haman approached the king, saying Esther 3: Those people who are threatened were saved miraculously in all three cases. An angel rescued Hannaniah, Mishial, and Azuria from the fiery furnace.

relationship mordechai and daniel

Another angel closed up the lions' mouths, saving Daniel. Vanunu was detained in Israel and interrogated. March Learn how and when to remove this template message On January 6,he began a hunger strike over his prison conditions. During a visit with his brother Asher and in a letter to his brother Meir, he complained, among other things, of being held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

When Judy Zimmet traveled to Israel and asked to visit him in prison, prison authorities said they could only meet in the presence of prison officials and with them separated by a glass barrier. Vanunu rejected these conditions, demanding he be allowed to meet her face to face.

After 33 days, Vanunu ended his hunger strike. He was charged with treason, aggravated espionage, and collection of secret information with intent to impair state security. Vanunu was initially represented by Amnon Zichroni, then by Avigdor Feldmana prominent Israeli civil and human rights lawyer. The prosecutor was Uzi Hasson.

relationship mordechai and daniel

The death penalty in Israel is restricted to special circumstances, and only two executions have ever taken place there. Informer Mossad director Shabtai Shavit told Reuters that the option of extrajudicial killing was considered inbut rejected because "Jews don't do that to other Jews. On 1 Septemberwhile being brought into court, Vanunu tried to take off his helmet and started shouting in an apparent attempt to talk to the reporters nearby. His guards stopped him using physical force, and police sirens were turned on to drown out his voice.

Before appearing in court, Hounam was warned that he would be arrested if he reported on the proceedings or his own testimony. He was allowed to report that he "gave evidence" regarding his "relationship" with Vanunu. On May 3,he appealed his conviction and sentence to the Israeli Supreme Court, and was brought from prison in a closed police vehicle to the Supreme Court for an appeal hearing.

InVanunu appealed to the Supreme Court for his Israeli citizenship to be revoked. The Interior Minister denied Vanunu's request on grounds that he did not have another citizenship. By not acknowledging possession of nuclear weapons, Israel avoids a US legal prohibition on funding countries which proliferate weapons of mass destruction. On the basis of this research and my own professional experience, I am ready to challenge any official assertion that Mr.

Vanunu possesses any technical nuclear information not already made public. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. August Vanunu was released from prison on 21 April Surrounded by dozens of journalists and flanked by two of his brothers, he held an impromptu press conference, but refused to answer questions in Hebrew because of the suffering he said he sustained at the hands of the State of Israel.

Vanunu said Israel's Mossad spy agency and the Shin Bet security services tried to rob him of his sanity by keeping him in solitary confinement. Vanunu also called for Israel's nuclear disarmament, and for its dismantlement as a Jewish state.

Around supporters and a smaller number of counter-demonstrators attended the conference.

The Similarities Between the Books of Daniel and Esther

Shortly before his scheduled release, Vanunu remained defiant under interrogation by the security service, Shin Bet. In recordings of the interview made public after his release, he is heard saying "I am neither a traitor nor a spy, I only wanted the world to know what was happening.

There needs to be a Palestinian state. Jews can, and have lived anywhere, so a Jewish State is not necessary. He remains stubbornly, admirably uncompromisingly true to his principles, is willing to pay the price", said Ha'aretz newspaper in George's Cathedral in Jerusalem. He regularly receives visitors and sympathizers, and has repeatedly defied the conditions of his release by giving interviews to foreign journalists. He also sent applications to other countries, and stated that he would accept asylum in any country because he fears for his life.

An unclassified document revealed that Solberg and the government considered that extracting Vanunu from Israel might be seen as an action against Israel and thereby unfitting the Norwegian government's traditional role as a friend of Israel and as a political player in the Middle East.

Since the information has been revealed, Solberg has rejected criticism and defended her decision.

relationship mordechai and daniel

He also unsuccessfully requested asylum in Ireland, which would require him to first be allowed to leave Israel. He has not applied for asylum in his native Morocco.

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This happened before a court order had been obtained. It calls on the Norwegian government to urgently implement a three-point action plan "within the framework of international and Norwegian law" and allow Vanunu to travel to, live and work in Norway. On 11 Octoberhis appeal to rescind the restrictions and allow him to leave Israel and speak to foreigners was denied by the Israeli Supreme Court. Yedioth Ahronoth's headline read: Avigdor Feldman, Vanunu's defense attorney argued the report was fabricated by Shin Bet.

Centre Party foreign policy spokesman Navarsete stated, "I would urge the government to make a difference…it would attract international attention if Norway gave nuclear whistleblower asylum or emergency passport — despite the Israeli sanctions against him.

Vanunu's exit to Norway must be accepted by Israel and his entry approved by Norway. Norway had previously said that they could only issue emergency passports to people who are already on Norwegian soil. However, his wife is a Professor at the School of Theology in Osloand thus fulfills the requirement that one must be able to provide for their spouse.

On 30 October Vanunu wrote: We appealed all the restrictions. I even spoke to the Judges.

Were Daniel and Esther contemporaries (a question about Darius)

They gave to the police 90 days to end their investigation for last arrest, after that they will decide. As of 3 Marchthe last Vanunu wrote at Facebook: And it could be good or nothing, so I am used too all this for 31 years, At this parole hearing, Vanunu's lawyer Avigdor Feldman maintained that his client had no more secrets and should be freed. But the prosecution argued that the imminent war with Iraq would preclude his release. After the hearing, Feldman said, "The prosecutor said that if Vanunu were released, the Americans would probably leave Iraq and go after Israel and Israel's nuclear weapons - which I found extremely ridiculous.

He was arrested and detained for attempting to go to Bethlehem, on at least one occasion his room in St. George's Cathedral was raided by policemen and his belongings were confiscated. This is the secret that has not yet been told in the affair: The arrest stemmed from an ongoing probe examining suspicions of leaking national secrets and violating legal rulings since his release from prison.

Police raided the walled compound of St. George's Cathedral, removing papers and a computer from Vanunu's room.