Relationship stregnths and weakness

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relationship stregnths and weakness

“Paying attention to both strengths and weaknesses in a relationship can have great pay offs for the whole family.” Publications abound that tell. My family for example, has its unique particulars of its own strengths and weaknesses. Family relationships are very important to an individual's life. Growing up. Recognizing your weaknesses doesn't have to get in the way of your relationship satisfaction, according to new research on the value of self-security.

Some people are just better at dealing with and expressing their feelings. Get smart—set an example that you can refer to.

Tips for a successful marriage: Work on strengths AND weaknesses

Wise relationship behavior in tone and words can be instructive to your partner. A national United States study in Health Psychology found that, amongst almost 2, survey participants older than fifty, a happy, supportive and encouraging spouse is a factor in being healthier.

The lead author, Dr. William Chopik, said in an article in The New York Times, that surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happier as well—and, clearly, healthier.

Sex with anger can be scary, dangerous and demeaning. Being nice outside the bedroom—or couch or kitchen floor or wherever you have sex—creates an overall positive mood and assessment of your relationship.

Differences – Strength or Weakness in a Relationship? | Phil and Maude

Being Nice Boosts Sexual Desire Mutual niceness leads to great sexually caring behaviors such as doing things your partner likes or feeling comfortable asking things of your partner. This closeness builds feelings of trust, safety and love—and those feelings increase sexual responsiveness, experimenting with new positions and techniques, and sustaining a just below the surface level of arousal readiness. Being nice can create greater cooperation and creative chore responsibility.

Or, surprise your partner by taking care of something that he or she does not like to do.

relationship stregnths and weakness

Here is a list of the top things that the women in my study found to be effective. Effective Niceness Create warmth and flexibility and report your unhappy feelings rather than be your feelings.

To establish an environment of niceness, do the following: Relish the variety that comes from how different you both are.

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One person can go to Toastmasters while the other stays at home with a book. You can let the different style of your partner stretch and expand you. And Rita is one hundred percent gregarious. Your different interests will not be taken as a threat.

relationship stregnths and weakness

Neither of you will act on a need to try to make the other the same. This sounds like such an easy thing, and yet it eludes many couples.

Differences – Strength or Weakness in a Relationship?

If you follow this path you will experience an unimagined enrichment in yourself and your relationship! The simple act of accepting your differences will have an enormous and freeing effect on both of you. Celebrate, admire and marvel at the person your partner is, and use their acceptance of your differences to grow and live, unconstrained by imaginary limitations.

  • Why ‘Being Nice’ In A Relationship Is A Strength — Not A Weakness

This way of being together can slowly change the world, spreading peace one relationship at a time. Please join us in the direct experience of learning what peace is by practicing conflict free relating.

It starts with acceptance of the uniqueness of each individual.