Rick grimes and michonne relationship

'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira on Rick and Michonne's Season 9 Relationship and Repopulating

rick grimes and michonne relationship

It's always so great hearing about Rick and Michonne's relationship blossoming into even more love as the show goes on. Sadly, fans will be. I've always wanted Rick and Michonne to get together as a couple, but now One problem is their relationship seemed to come out of the blue and . to be alone, and that she wants to be with the Grimes family, specifically. Thankfully, with potential couples like Michonne and Rick, we see more writers creating a new normal.

Given the possibility of keeping his people safe, he had to seriously ponder it. His decision to not turn Michonne over in the moment in which he sees his deceased wife is tremendous, correlating Michonne to Lori,and thus foreshadowing where her future would be.

Richonne, Carl and Michonne You'll be in My Heart

Here, Rick makes the decision to take Michonne on a run with him and his son. This begins a pattern of either pairing himself with Carl and Michonne, or ensuring that Michonne is watching over Carl. Speaking of watching over Carl, Rick also entrusts Carl with Michonne, alone, for the very first time in this episode.

By the end of their excursion, Michonne is literally handing Carl back his family.

rick grimes and michonne relationship

Rick was joking for the first time since he woke up alone in a nightmare. During their search, Michonne separates from the group and gets into a wicked scuffle with The Governor. When she makes her way back, a defensive Rick holds a gun on her, taking her sword.

rick grimes and michonne relationship

Michonne has never looked so defeated. To get them back to the prison, or to go back in there for Daryl. Either way…you need me. But given the look on her face, she is clearly asking for permission to help. While Rick is loath to admit it, he acquiesces, letting Michonne in, and allowing himself to trust her. Let us know in the comments! Michonne has fought to create a civilization. It was a very big deal for them to let in those strangers.

And I need to tell you this hard, bitter truth. Is he still the main doctor, or is he continuing to train others? They say every seven years we start a new life, so we already saw in the first time jump of the season that Siddiq has been training Enid [Katelyn Nacon] and I think that he has been training other individuals as well, both within Alexandria and within Hilltop, within Kingdom.

But you know, it was only like two years of medical school.

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He just has the medical experience. It seems like Siddiq is trying to fix whatever's happened from his insistence on Michonne going all the way to Hilltop with the group. Michonne has taken that isolation very much to heart, but Siddiq bends and mends those rules. I think he realizes that if Michonne does go to Hilltop, despite her possibly being quite upset that Siddiq kept this information [of Maggie's departure] from her, it will start the process of rebuilding the relationships between those communities and more importantly the relationships between those friends that have been apart for years.

A look at TV couples who have stayed together even when their worlds were falling apart. How does he acquire the information that Maggie is gone? Siddiq spent quite a lot of time in Hilltop. We're already starting to see a few relationships that have blossomed since the time jump.

Have there been any romantic entanglements for Siddiq over the six years? There have probably been many romantic entanglements for him — especially given what I just said.

Richonne Love Coming To 'The Walking Dead' Season 9

He spent a lot of time in Hilltop. He spent a lot of time in the Kingdom. I think those are great qualities for a person in the apocalypse.

The writers have done a really good job this year of addressing certain elements in the show like love and relationships. With the announcement that 'TWD' world is about to get larger, we considered candidates for an expanded story.

And finally, what's in store for him for the rest of Season 9?