Riddick and kyra relationship quotes

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riddick and kyra relationship quotes

Alexa Davalos as Kyra: Chronicles of Riddick Alexa Davalos as Kyra Davalos The Marriage of Figaro, Countess Almaviva, Hei-Kyung Hong. Credit to Leah Tyrrell // please give this person credit if you see another edit with this quotes!. After Pitch black, Riddick left Jack with Imam on New Mecca and then left to put himself into self imposed exile on .. In Necro relationships, they do have sex ut they do not procreate. One of my favorite quotes in the movie. Quote from: "malvakai" I prefer not to read I'm guessing that malvakai isn't alone in her leariness toward Jack/Riddick fiction. I don't share her aversion as long as the relationship is handled with finesse. In fact, I think the pair make a nice.

But I expect the adult to have more sense. Otherwise we wander into creepy for me, legal or not.

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I don't share her aversion as long as the relationship is handled with finesse. In fact, I think the pair make a nice couple because of the common threads that exist between them both are kinda lost souls at odds with the universe. However, there is plenty of fic out there which squicks me slash for example so I understand where she may be coming from. At what point does the age difference become a non-issue.

What about a something Jack with a something Riddick?

riddick and kyra relationship quotes

Or Jack in her late 20's and Riddick in his early-mid 40's? When does it go from a dirty old man taking advantage of a little girl to "Oh well, they're grown-ups, they can do what they want"? Is this a clear cut point for most people or is it something that depends upon the fiction and the author? For me, I think that is the turning point. I think by that point, Jack has lived enough and knows her own mind well enough to make that sort of decision. The way I perceive Jack, she's had to grow up a lot in her short life.

So while she is technically very young, she has a lot of wisdom and self-awareness that is not generally associated with one her age.

I believe that Riddick is attacted to her in many ways from their initial. However, "attraction" is a funny thing and it manifests itself in different ways depending upon social demands. Initially, it manifests as a brotherly protectiveness and comradery. This is what we see in Pitch Black and Dark Fury.

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Later, Riddick most likely still thinks of Jack as the little girl, but when he is confronted with Jack-the-woman, he has to reevaluate. For Jack, the relationship begins as hero worsip and a giant crush.

I don't see her as being sexually interested in Riddick at the outset. But her feelings can morph as well. Through life experience, she can become much more of an equal to Riddick.

Of course these changing feelings give all sorts of opportunities to create internal conflicts and that's what makes the relationship so compelling to me.

riddick and kyra relationship quotes

Riddick wants her, but is afraid of hurting her if he gives in to his desires. Ultimately, I am drawn to relationships between equals regardless of their respective ages. That's why it's important for Jack to grow up a bit before her relationship with Riddick changes. Otherwise, you have a relationship where one person is too dominant. If Riddick is driving the relationship all by himself, then things get a little squicky.

It's only when the attraction is a mutual consent between adult equals that it becomes truly appealing. So, that's my take on things Anyone else wanna chime in?? I was in a similar situation when I had just turned I met a guy through his family, and we hit it off straight away. The connection was there, even the chemical reaction despite my age.

We became friends, although I my feeling were more along the attraction line than just the filial line. But he was just friendly, we had a laugh and a joke and talked etc. The power balance had shifted to more the middle rather than just tilted in his favour. We did have a slight romance but weren't together long for various 'normal' relationship reasons.

However, to deny the possibility of a relationship developing, especially given the circumstances and character backgrounds, would be denying something I had myself experienced.

riddick and kyra relationship quotes

Especially if they get separated for a few years and he reappears in her life when she's older. Kyra eventually became a criminal, convicted of 4 counts of manslaughter and 3 first degree murders. Her first kill was Antonia Chillingsworth, commander of the merc vessel Kublai Khan. Further kills include a brethren of Rykengolls after she was enslaved and brutalized by them. She was held in the Crematoria Slam Facility.

riddick and kyra relationship quotes

Riddick allows himself to be captured so he can be transported to Crematoria, a prison on a dead world where daytime surface temperatures scorch the face of the planet. Here Riddick is reunited with Jack, and learns she now goes by the name of Kyra.

She blames him for leaving her and Abu al-Walid in New Mecca. Riddick quickly learns that Kyra is a very different person from the "Jack" he knew five years ago; an emotionally detached survivor in peak physical condition with keen senses, and experienced in martial arts.

Kyra appears to still be obsessed with becoming like Riddick.

The tough ex-merc occasionally discloses an occasional aching vulnerability; she appears to be in love with Riddick in some twisted way. In the prison hierarchy, Kyra appears to be extremely independent. She doesn't talk with anyone unless she has to. She is known by the guards as always having a shiv on her somewhere. She likes to hide a razor in her mouth which she uses to cut Riddick on his left cheek dubbed, the Kyra Kiss.

Her favorite game is "Who's the better killer". They reach the hangar, but Vaako and his soldiers have arrived on the planet. Riddick and Kyra are forced to fight the Necromongers. Vaako and the surviving Necromongers make their escape, taking Kyra with them. She believes Riddick has perished on the surface of Crematoria.

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Riddick makes his way to the throne room on the Basilica, where he comes face to face with the Lord Marshal, who reveals Kyra has converted to their faith. She wears a new recruit gown and has the two "pain" marks on each side of her neck and appears pale and zombie like and has eyeshine in her eyes.

Riddick does battle with the Lord Marshal, whose unique powers prove too great for Riddick to handle. Before the Lord Marshal can deliver the final blow, Kyra stabs him in the back with a spear; she is apparently coherent enough to realize Riddick is in great danger. When she saves Riddick, her eyes return to their normal state. The Lord Marshall then backhands her, she goes flying into a spiked column, mortally wounding her.

She dies in his arms. Her death reduces Riddick, who very rarely shows any emotion besides contempt, to tears. She had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. In Pitch Black, she had cropped cut hair, a slightly deeper voice, and wore male clothing to add to this ruse. Because she used to be teased, she thought that being a boy was easier than being herself due to being a tomboy.