Riven and musa relationship

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riven and musa relationship

More details inside, mainly Riven and Musa. She knew that his relationship with his family wasn't the best, but also knew that Victor Wake. Read Riven and Musa Reconcile from the story Violation and Trust by KayeStar94 (Kaye) with reads. relationship, musa, riven. Slowly, Musa was starting. Musa nodded and recited how her relationship with Riven went downhill ever since the Legendarium opened, like a play and she was the main.

Towards the end of the season, when the Winx and Specialists finally make it to the entrance of Darkar's Fortress during their mission to save a kidnapped Bloom, the boys see the girls off just before they head out.

With all her friends getting affectionate with their newfound loves, Musa sheepishly mocks Riven, claiming that he is not "all into the mushy stuff," only to be completely taken by surprise when Riven pulls her towards him and passionately embraces her. He even goes on to openly express just how much Musa means to him, as he believes he does not know what he would do without her, and then asks her to promise that she will come back to him once this is all over.

Musa and Riven's first kiss.

riven and musa relationship

Later on, during the Winx's climatic fight against Lord Darkar in " The Phoenix Revealed ," Riven, having arrived in Relix with the other Specialists, FaragondaGriffinCodatorta and the pixies thanks to Faragonda's Codex replicas, rushes in front of Musa to shield her from Darkar's attack and suffers serious injuries.

Panicked, Musa runs over to Riven's side and tries to waking him up but to no avail.

riven and musa relationship

Fearing the worst, Musa ultimately gives up trying to wake Riven and kisses him, almost as if she were kissing him goodbye. She continues to cradle Riven's head in her lap until he opens his eyes again, now healed thanks to Bloom using her powers to heal every one of her friends and allies. With Riven now conscious, Musa scooches away from him as quickly as possible, completely red in the face, as if she still did not want Riven to know of her feelings for him.

Once Darkar is finally defeated and everyone returns to Alfea to celebrate, Riven watches on as Musa dances with Aisha and enjoys herself. However, he is quickly roped in by Aisha as she has him replace her as Musa's dance partner. Though he does not know what to do, Riven simply allows Musa to lead him through their little dance, and is even shown blushing when she clasps his hands in hers to do so.

By the time everybody finished off their latest school year, Musa and Riven appear to have properly established the romance they started at the end of their last school year. This is made apparent in the episode " The Princess' Ball ," as Musa, while preparing for a day out on the beach with Aishaacts with a cheery mood at the prospect of getting to see Riven.

Unfortunately, their day out is quickly ruined when Aisha is suddenly called back to Andros for an emergency. Not much else happens between the pair thanks to Valtor ravaging all the known realms within the Magic Dimensionwith Andros and Solaria being hit as early as in the midst of Stella's Princess Ball.

While they later attend the Millenium Party being held on Eraklyonthey and the rest of their friends are quickly roped into another one of Valtor's tricks when Sky suddenly and uncharacteristically has them chased off the planet after branding them as witches secretly aiding Valtor. When the Winx excluding Aisha and Tecna sneak off to Eraklyon with help from the Specialists to support Bloom as she confronts Sky in " The Heart and the Sword ," the pair have their first on-screen argument. Though Riven is content with helping the girls out, he believes that seeing Sky would ultimately prove to be pointless as Sky would not suddenly change his mind just from seeing Bloom again.

While he does have a point, Musa becomes angry with his typically bluntness and scolds him for being unsupportive. Riven, on the other hand, does not take Musa's outburst too harshly. Nothing notable happens between the pair until the beginning " Fury! When his friend mentions how he could still feel Tecna's vibrations—proof that she is still alive—Riven looks on at Musa, who continues to grieve with her friends, and confesses that he understands what Timmy means.

Once again, nothing of note happens after that night as everyone remains completely occupied with securing locations and making attempts to directly stop Valtor in his tracks. As the Specialists train the Winx in handling hoverbikes to appear as more convincing stunt bikers to sneak into and crash the wedding ceremony between King Radius and Countess CassandraMusa struggles with handling Riven's hoverbike, but Riven refuses to believe her and implies that the problem may be her lack of skill rather than his bike.

Musa, feeling insulted and enraged, later approaches Riven with the broken engine of his hoverbike, shouts at him and storms off.

riven and musa relationship

This moment proves to be the first signs of trouble within their relationship as, later that day, Musa confides in Aisha over how she had been thinking about breaking up with Riven for awhile. Meanwhile, with the Specialists, Riven agitates Helia when he steals a poem he was working on for Florareads it aloud, and mocks Helia for his romantic way of writing. However, Riven quickly gets slapped with reality as Helia, having lost his patience with him, angrily tells both Riven and the rest of the Specialists of how Riven better change his ways unless he wants to end up losing Musa forever.

Riven seems to seriously mull over Helia's words, as well as his own fear of losing Musa due to his own selfishness or arrogance. In fact, in the episode " The Red Tower ," when Riven happens to catch Helia watching a video transmission Flora sent him before she, the Winx, pixies and other Specialists crossed the Barrier of Magixhis immediate reaction to seeing Musa adjusting something on another man is anger at the thought of her trying to kiss him.

It is possible that he may also be scared over the possibility of Musa having found someone new, and reacts with his anger. Regardless, Riven, without hesitation, speeds off in the direction of the Red Tower on his hoverbike. When he finally arrives and meets up with Timmy alone, he has Piff come with him towards the Tower so as not to get lost, and quickly comes across the same man carrying an unconscious Musa in his arms.

Though the man insists that Muda is in need of help, Riven, still afraid and angry over the possibility of losing her, refuses to believe him. Instead, he orders for the man to put Musa—his girlfriend—down, which immediately leads into a heated fight between the two young men, until Sky and Timmy arrive to break them up and reveal the truth to Riven. Realizing that he did all this over a misinterpretation, Riven apologizes to the man whose name is Nabu and even forms a friendship with him.

When Musa regains consciousness and approaches him however, he begins to clam up, but he is finally able to relax when she forgives him. As she takes his hands in hers, Musa admits to being flattered that Riven would come to fight for her, even if it was over a mistake. Just when the couple seems to have mended their strained relationship, Riven, along with Sky, Brandon and Timmy, are kidnapped by Valtor and held captive on the Omega Portal as part of the evil wizard 's last-ditch effort to eradicate Bloom and the Winx.

Immediately after Helia, who Valtor spared so he could act as a messenger, arrives at Alfea to relay Valtor's challenge, the Winx spring into action and head for the Portal with Helia and Nabu. When the group finally sets foot on the island, Musa is warped to some other part of it, where she finds herself alone in a room with a petrified Riven in the middle.

Believing that Valtor petrified Riven, Musa almost cries, but redirects her emotions into freeing her boyfriend with her Fairy Dust. Unfortunately, the Riven she rescued was nothing more an elemental monster created by the earthly part of Valtor's Spell of the Elements in Riven's image. Musa is then forced to combat the monster with no way of defeating it until Bloom's Dragon Fury strikes Valtor down. Later, once Valtor has finally been defeated and the Specialists had been rescued, Musa and Riven share a kiss during the celebratory party at Alfea.

Musa and Riven reuniting after a long year apart. Upon the Winx 's return to AlfeaMusa and Riven are shown to have maintained a very happy relationship. This can be seen in small moments where the two playfully tease each other without hurting the other's feelings, and they even engage in public displays of affection, showing that Riven is comfortable enough to make his relationship with Musa apparent.

Musa and Riven were the realest couple out of all the couples in Winx, so hence my frustration that they broke up. So let's get on with the story! I do not own Winx Club in anyway. Sorry for the caps haha 'For now, let's be friends. Musa was in her dorm room at Alfea, which she shares with Tecna. Musa sat up and leaned on her pillow. The Winx had just returned from Daphne and Thoren's wedding and were dead tired from the action before and during the wedding that they were sleeping peacefully.

Well, almost all of the Winx are sleeping, except for the music fairy, who broke up with the one guy she love, just recently.

As soon as she told Riven that 'they weren't meant to be', Musa regretted saying that. Musa knew that their ups and downs made them strong but then, it was too much for her to handle emotionally then. Musa is very happy for the newlywed, especially Daphne, after losing her coroporeal form and losing touch with the outsideworld for 17 years. However, her heart was heavy with sorrow and regret for herself. A tear escaped from Musa's eye as she got out of her bed.

She grabbed a coat and went to the highest tower of Alfea. The wind blew her hair back.

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It was kind of ironic; Alfea was the place that they started off, and now, it had become the place where their relationship as something more intimate than best friends ended. The only reason why she could think she let him go was because she love him.

Why did it fail this time? Why did I give in? That was the time during the legendarium quest that you focused solely on me! Why didn't I stop myself? After Musa stopped crying, she took deep breaths to calm herself. The pain she had in her heart was still there. She thought that crying it off will work but that sure did not happen. Musa forced her eyes shut and let the pain be the thing that brings her rest. The next day, the other Winx girls were shocked to see Musa's puffy eyes.

Musa looked up to Aisha and hugged her. Musa knew that she know how it felt. Aisha sensed something different after she saw Musa watch the muscular figure of Riven walk out of Alfea. When Riven turned to see them once again, he looked at Musa in the eye before leaving. Musa tried to stay as upbeat as she usually was but there was always a feeling of sadness coming from her. Even thought Aisha did not like Riven very much, she knew Riven really loved her.

It broke Aisha's heart to see Musa like this. Aisha signaled to the other Winx that she would talk to Musa privately and they sneaked out to give Musa some space.

Aisha made some tea and both Musa and her sat down. I wanted to make it work. I really love him. However, it just didn't work well. Funny thing is I know we both love each other but it just seems we aren't meant to be. I know that breaking up was the best thing for us because I know that he doesn't believe in himself like I do and he needs to discover himself.

riven and musa relationship

And knowing his character, I decided it was the best thing to do. Losing Nabu was relatively more painful than and break up but Aisha couldn't help but emphatize with Musa. Aisha thought for a while and couldn't help but smile. She couldn't believe that something like that would come out of Aisha's mouth. Aisha was full of reason and logic. She would never spin a tale even if it was to make a friend better. Riven and I broke up, we are over. Later on in the movie, when the Winx are all blocked within ObsidianRiven starts to fight against the Specialists due to Mandragora's spell.

He ends up hurting Musa and when he sees her unconscious on the ground he remembers all the good times he spent with Musa and how much he loves her, thus breaking Mandragora's spell with his love for Musa.

The venom the bug released in Riven's blood when it bit him was removed when black tears, due to the presence of the poison Mandragora's bug in them, fell from his eyes. The Specialists, along with Riven, are inquired to spy on the girls while they're on their mission on Earth, in case Riven in Season 4 they get into danger. Riven and the others then get jobs at the Frutti Music Bar. In this season Riven and Musa's relationship hits various critical points throughout their missions on earth.

It all begins when Andy suggests Musa pursue her music talents as a singer at the Frutti Music Bar, and Riven disapproves.

Musa and Riven

When Musa gets a chance to work with a music producer whom Musa is fond of, Riven becomes not supportive, enraging Musa, thus causing her to break up with him. Nabu then helps Riven win Musa's heart back, which leads to rather humorous results. Despite all this drama, Riven also helps in many fights against the wizards, showing that his skills improved tremendously over the course of the series, and he started to use his weapons and skills more tactically, making his fighting style not so sloppy.

In the end Riven begins to show support and hide his jealousy. At one point he even wanted to buy Musa some time to take part in a music contest, so he and the Specialists sold with a magic-enhanced number of their own.

At the end they agreed that they would give their relationship another go.