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The media is still in a frenzy that the debonair Rustom Padilla they once knew envied by men, and married to Carmina Villaroel, considered one of the most All in all it was a family affair that healed the hurt and closed the rift. Some of them contain quotations from Rizal's great body of writings, the. A lot of girls had a crush with Rustom Padilla, way back when he was younger and married to Carmina Villaroel. She is still praying for her True Love to arrive and would like to include gay marriage as one of her advocacies for the LGBT ( lesbian-gay-bisexual-transexual) sector, if Quotable quote. Rustom Padilla (left frame) came out of the closet while staying in the the macho Padilla clan and was formerly married to Carmina Villarroel. Lim while Gerald has confirmed his relationship with Maja Salvador. . In the middle of their fierce confrontation, Bea uttered the memorable lines: “Ang respeto.

Kumbaga noong pumasok ako ng bahay last priority ko yun makahanap ng someone to care for.

Face-to-face with BB Gandanghari: out with the old, in with the new

Even though alam ko na na hurt si Lino when I admitted na na-confuse ako, sure ako na pumasok ako na mahal ko siya at lumabas ako na mahal ko pa rin siya.

Bianca and cager JC Intal got engaged last March. Zanjoe is still going strong with longtime girlfriend Bea Alonzo. Her bad attitude towards housemates, backstabbing of Gee-Ann Abrahan, and love-hate relationship with Bruce Quebral did not endear her to audiences.

Wendy was voted off, but she was given another opportunity to return to the house. Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 The celebrity housemates were tasked to produce a minute film.

Mcoy voluntarily exited the house on day 40 and Ethel Booba, who had her own issues with the show, followed suit. Ethel was offended when Kuya advised the housemates to look more presentable to the viewing public. She also threatened to slash her wrist with a razor. Ethel had a heart-to-heart with Kuya and they were able to resolve their issues.

Valentines Series: Rustom Padilla and Carmina Villaroel

Maricris Dizon and Beatriz Saw have a huge fight Season: To confirm her assumption, she rudely asked Bea to admit it in front of Nel and continued to provoke Bea until a heated exchange erupted. In the middle of their fierce confrontation, Bea uttered the memorable lines: As punishment for this violation, Maricris was forcefully evicted from the house. She later expressed regret for her outburst. Kasi baduy sa GMA, aminin na natin.

She respected the questions, and gave consistent answers: They were simply not meant to be. However, she dropped a bombshell when she revealed in an interview that she was aware Rustom was gay for a long time. Meanwhile, Rustom became the talk of town. He grew up in a family known for their brawn: His past as a confused boy was unearthed.

But the revelation also led to new projects that would mark his comeback in the industry.

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In coming back from a trip in America, Rustom finally died and in his place BB Gandanghari was born. BB Gandanghari reflected the full transformation of the old Rustom… she had finally embraced and learned to love who she was despite what other people would think.

Reconciliation Both BB and Carmina were already happy in their separate lives, but many still believe there were a few strings to the two needed to cut to finally start a new life. But both have already sent their regards to each other through interviews. Carmina has wholly accepted BB and said she had moved on: Pero wala na talaga.

They should get married and be legally husband and wife. The wedding fulfilled many promises between Carmina and Zoren, including that of a happy ever after. Her estranged relationship with brother was finally put to a close last year. Rustom and Carmina may be over, but in the death of their sad love story came two love stories that completed both person.