Sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

Sagittarius Man And Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility |

sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

Find out the Sagittarius man - Capricorn woman love compatibility. Know how the Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman relationship will be. A Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman are both frank and hard to impress so their relationship, if it happens, will be based on real attraction. Hey I'm a Capricorn female and I have a Sagittarius male friend and he's funny and smart and good with numbers and used to think he had a sex addiction until I .

Sagittarius is a mental sign, focused on philosophy and learning, always in search for unity, synthesis and that universal truth. Capricorn is the logical continuance of Sagittarius, as a practical tool that uses knowledge. Still, most of their values differ greatly and their needs are often too far off. While one of them values freedom, width and creativity, the other values practicality, responsibility and focus.

sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

The lack of relationship between their Suns helps their bond with a certain lack of disrespect. This leads them into a situation in which a Sagittarius finds their Capricorn partner interesting, as an extraterrestrial they have always wanted to meet. They are different enough to be interested in each other with genuine curiosity and a Sagittarius is always ready to try out something new. Capricorn will probably refuse many of the childish activities Sagittarius suggests, but it becomes fun to talk them into it and there is a note of laughter and joy in these attempts.

They are both smart enough and aware that their differences exist, which makes their entire story so exciting and refreshing for both. The untamable nature of the archer benefits greatly from the stability and self-discipline of the sea-goat and over time, this will surely rub off.

For the Capricorn woman, her love for routines and tradition is unlikely to change at all, but she will benefit from the archer's upbeat, positive, and playful character.

sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

Having clear leadership within the relationship from the Capricorn woman prevents frustration on the part of the Sagittarius man, who often balks at having such a major responsibility thrust upon him. The sea-goat's direction will ensure her mate's carefree nature doesn't bloom into complete laziness and the archer gains an ideal partner who won't smother him or prevent him from enjoying his adventurous pursuits.

Despite the generous amount of positives, the warning signs and problematic issues within this relationship can be just as numerous. A somewhat minor issue is the sharp contrast between the archer's playfully optimistic personality and the sea-goats cold and serious one. To some, this may seem trivial, but to others, it can be rough failing to make your partner smile daily or having to deal with a constant assault of pessimism. If you have the expectation for change and growth to be equal for both sides, the Capricorn woman will sadly crush your dreams.

She measures her own growth in the consistent achievement of personal and professional goals.

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This means teamwork, and consequently accepting responsibility for the shortcomings of her partner, is a foreign concept to be avoided. On a final note, Sagittarius-born love to be anyplace but home, while Capricorns are homebodies outside of work.

Relationships are meant to be a way to draw closer, and these two signs may find themselves constantly drifting further apart.

Sagittarius man Capricorn woman

Get a personal astrology reading for additional insights. Love And Relationships Sagittarius men may be independent, but they are not truly loners. The archer loves to be surrounded by people, provided they are exciting and not boring. His extroverted personally is boosted by a desire to make everyone laugh and smile, which gains him many friends. He is very supportive at heart and will attempt to drown out pessimism of his companions with his over-the-top optimism whenever he can.

On the downside, he can be pretty picky with his friends. If you are not fun to be around, he will pass you by - without bothering to grin and bear it or pretend to enjoy your presence. From my experience, I am extremely open with everything while he just kind of keeps his secret. He is my first priority, other than our son, while he makes me feel like I am his last, money is always the most important factor on his mind.

This relationship is probably one of the most unhealthy ones I've ever been in, yet we both continue to try and make it work I am a Capricorn girl and my only 2 serious relationships were with sags and they both ended up with having a child together and then almost right away after that in divorce.

I love them both still very much. I don't know why I still feel like there is hope for something like working things out and seeing if we can be together again. I don't like what they have done to me but I forgive them and have that feeling of I need them in my life, why?

sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

Love hate relationship sucks! It kills me inside the sadness Ive never love anyone like Ived love these 2 men. Why am I so attracted to sag?!!!


I found my soalmate. I just know it im a cap so we don't open up that much but with him im so emotional he helps me with as much as possiable and I do the same not to mention that the sex is bananas. I am sag dating a cappi girl, I find it very challenging that caps are such reserve women. I look for compliments or affections but she is so cold. I provide for her and motivate her for our future goals but I just don't feel her enthusiasm.

Why are capricorns so closed and they expect us sag to wait on them until they are ready but the truth is Why should I invest in you if you won't open up or show me that your are worth it?

sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

I am getting tired of waiting we are just kissing for over 5 month now and I feel like damm, until when should I provide? Im a Capricorn women and been wit a sag man 4 3 yrs. I have 2 sons wit him and one on the way when we first hooked up he didn't want a relationship wit me but I kind of forced it I but anywayz we grew 2 love each other and we bump head a lot because where so different but our love is stronger then our difference hope this helps I am a Sagittarius that was married to a Capricorn for 25 years, at the begining there was a big nice attraction, the first 20 years I had a pretty good income, but when I lost my job our marriage came to an end, saddly she and I think most capri-girls do was very pessimistic, worried about everything, specially money, very demanding, too cold, always arguing about little things, quite the opposite to SagittariusI think it's the worst combination in the entire zodiac, I guess I was tired of her when we got divorced, though I miss her I don't think we are ever gonna get back.

I am an old soul and he is young at heart. I want to be connected all all levels- emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially- we are not connected emotionally or spiritually. So, I've been seeing my Sag man for a whole year and I'm a Cap woman. I love him to death! He is very analytical, and can be very cerebral A lot of times, he acts like he doesn't have feelings, when I know he does.

He never shows anyone his vulnerable side, but I see right through him and his facade, and I'm the only girl who he has dated that has been able to get past it. Hear him tell me that he's in love with me. Voice how much he wants to make love to me.

And don't even get me started on the sex! Loves to own me in the bedroom. He would love it if I called him daddy! I read once that sag and cap love to own each other in sports. Both of us are too passionate!

Sagittarius & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

He doesn't unleash all his because he'd be completely out of control. Maybe break my back or break through skin while sucking or biting on my neck So, he holds back. I hold back, because I'm kinda still shy, but m passions keep thrusting to the surface. That man is a freak! And my temperament runs parallel to his when it comes to physical passion To think if we both decided to unleash our restricted and hidden passions No matter what type of birth control I'm on, I'd be pregnant.

I love him more than I've ever loved any other man, and I honestly wanna be with him for the long term. A lot of people say sag have little staying power, are promiscuous, and change with the wind, but for whatever reason, mine has a lot of stamina and staying power I love him I am a cap girl who dated a sag guy for a lil over a mth.

We were actually introduced by someone I knew.

Sagittarius Man And Capricorn Woman

In those 7mths we developed a friendship which was nice. I finally decided to take the plunge. Things were great for the 1st few weeks, amazing in fact. We clicked on every level possible, physically, mentally emotionally or so I thought. But outa no where he jus changed towards me.

I hadnt even slept with him. Things ended b4 we even got to take things to that level. Thank god because I see now that would have been a total waste. We hardly ever saw each other. Everything in his life came b4 me but yet he'd say sweet words but his actions rarely ever matched what he said.

He made me think he wanted the same things I did but in the end he doesn't like anything that threatens his freedom.

By that point I woulda been so emotionally invested. I couldnt believe the stunt he pulled on me which was what inevitably ended us! Just hurts how disposable I was to him. Mixed signals is an understatement! One min introducing me to his family the next blowing me off.

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It got so rediculous I finally ended it with him, it didn't end well. I Im a older Cap and his a young Sag. This is what I think about us sag and Capricorn unions. It will work I love my Capricorn women which is why I wanted to no what makes her tick. And I think my younger me would probally be not so sure and walk away from some io her traits. But as we both mature and learn what makes each other tick. That knowledge produces understanding.

Opposites due attract and I think respect for the others ways makes us even closer. The goat to me grows more attractive with her age I met my adorable lady goat when she was 37 me My main thing is trying to show her there is no other women that can compare to her.

Yes I have to discipline myself I'm not perfect. We both need to learn from each other. I sense her fears and want her to no I care strongly.