Salman and amir relationship goals

Aamir Khan reacts on Salman and Shah Rukh’s cycling picture

salman and amir relationship goals

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are the biggest sat down and chatted, you would see a very different relationship. Interesting, looks like our favourite Khans are here to give us major friendship goals too. Much has already been said about the on and off friendship between the three ruling KHANS of Bollywood. Be it their love-hate relationships. For instance, Salman patched up a broil with SRK by hugging him at Farah Khan's 7 Incidents That Spell Out Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's Love- Hate Relationship . Shah Ruk out from the party, and Aamir Khan rushing to cool down Salman. Nick Jonas's Mehendi Dedicated to Priyanka Chopra is Just Goals!.

The camaraderie between the two has now become so strong that even their movies clashing at the box-office will not change their equation.

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While the on and off friendship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan has always been in focus, one has often forgotten the other leading Khan of the industry — Aamir Khan, who too shares a warm bond with the two actors. There is also a certain amount of guardedness. There is certainly a warmth between Shah Rukh and me, but there have also been moments where there has been stress in the relationship.

Bhaijaan was prompt enough to call and share this good news with his other Khan buddy and the trio chatted till the wee hours of the morning over a face-time call.

salman and amir relationship goals

So this went on till early morning and they kept me awake," revealed Aamir Khan. I did not like him as I found him very rude and inconsiderate and a lot of things. Over the years whenever I met him, I was polite but after the experience of working with him in 'Andaaz Apna Apna', I just wanted to stay away from this guy.

7 Incidents That Spell Out Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's Love-Hate Relationship

He walked into my life at a juncture when I was at my lowest phase I was going through a very bad phase after my separation and divorce. Not only did Salman harbour affectionate, brotherly feelings for SRK, considering him a part of his inner circle, but Shah Rukh too respected and revered him a lot, often addressing him as 'Sir'.

Shah Rukh would frequently hang out at his pad, and the two were pretty tight. After their first movie as the main leads Karan Arjunthis hit duo could never be cast again as no producer could afford both of them.

Individually soaring in their respective careers, Salman and Shah Rukh would occasionally grace each other's films with special appearances and cameos, as a gesture of their friendship.

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For example, Salman's guest appearance in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai garnered a lot of attention, and his was a key role in the film. It was a historic moment when all the Bollywood stars converged to show their solidarity for Shah Rukh and Farah Khan, including Bollywood's fave—Salman Khan!

After a bitter fall-out during the making of Chalte Chalte, the duo was evidently wary of one another and would avoid even talking about each other. Interestingly, when they happened come face to face again, during director Farah Khan's sangeet ceremony at Hyatt Regency on December 9th, —something happened which rekindled their lost love!

salman and amir relationship goals

Incidentally, Salman who was sipping his drink with his friends in one corner of the ballroom, saw Shah Rukh dancing with his gang at the party.

When the event was drawing to a close, Salman suddenly came towards Shah Rukh and hugged him tight. The ice melted and Shah Rukh responded as affectionately.

salman and amir relationship goals

Both of them embraced this moment with tear-stricken eyes, and felt their long-lost friendship re-kindle. Moreover, after the event the two partied at Salman's Galaxy Apartments till the morning after!

The uncertainty in the bonds of their relationship flourished further when they both started hosting their individual game shows on rival channels on television. However, SRK's show failed to make its mark on the viewers, and was almost on the verge of a shut-down, whereas Salman's show sky-rocketed with TRPs.

Unaware of the probable brewing animosity, Salman invited Shah Rukh to his reality show as a guest, and was shocked to receive an outright refusal, despite their intimacy. Although, sources claim that Shah Rukh was restricted by certain sponsors, who didn't want their star to feature in a reality show on a rival channel.

This led to the beginning of a rift, yet again. What happened next, is something that made its way to one of the biggest scandals in Bollywood.

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That historic night of 16th July, —when Katrina Kaif threw a party in celebration of her birthday at a restaurant in Bandra West.

The two got into the biggest spat that Bollywood ever witnessed, which effectively broke them apart for too long a time! Everything was fine as Salman and Shah Rukh stuck to their respective corners on two opposite sides.