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Takani Megumi is a secondary character in the Rurouni Kenshin series and the Due to this, Sanosuke and Kaoru call her a "vixen" (or Fox Lady in the anime). and rude gestures, their relationship appears to be only pseudo-antagonistic. Takani Megumi (高荷 恵), known in Western order as Megumi Takani in the English-language anime adaptation She has a special relationship with Sanosuke. Kaoru, Sano, and Megumi come to certain conclusions about Drama | Kaoru & Megumi (implied); Saitou & Sano (implied); Aoshi & Kenshin (implied), Other relationship(s) briefly .. A meme focused on Saitou & Sano.

What's with the blue muscle shirt, Chinese pants and Lennon Specs? Does he dress in the dark? The cross-shaped scar a mark on a character who is Walking the Earth after committing murder brings to mind the Biblical story of Cain.

sanosuke and megumi relationship memes

Also, the cross is a symbol of redemption, and Kenshin is trying to make up for his checkered past. He thought Kenshin looked too feminine.

sanosuke and megumi relationship memes

But to be fair, he made the best of it to create an awesome story during the Jinchu arc, specially the flashback episodes. Every one of Kenshin's rivals has this to some degree.

sanosuke and megumi relationship memes

Sanosuke X Saito might as well be canon. It doesn't help that Sano acts very tsun towards Saito, and his reaction to seeing Saito alive again after Saito had disappeared in the collapsing enemy lair Besides Kenshin, what's the most popular ship with Kaoru?

It helps that Enishi cannot bring himself or anyone else to harm Kaoru and Kaoru is willing to cook for him during her stay with him. And that's not getting into the discussion of how Enishi got Kaoru out of her training uniform and into a robe It became less funny when a comment that Watsuki made when he was arrested for child pornography possession regarding the age range of the types of girls he's attracted to was released.

Kenshin himself is a Friend to All Children. In series creator Nobuhiro Watsuki was charged with possession of child pornography.

Eerier still, a year before that, the writer of the manga's English translation, Gerard Jones, was charged for the same reason. Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series got immensely popular all over the world. In all of those places, the series is considered an all-time classic, and it still has reruns and re-prints.

This, arguably, contributed to the substantial global hype that demanded the live-action film be released theatrically in other countries too see below. One of the most iconic cases is Spain. The series arrived there in the summer of under the name "The Samurai Warrior" "El guerrero samurai" in Spanish and became the most watched program of the station it was in. It became an instant classic for Spaniard anime geeks, which is specially surprising when you consider it was broadcast on Saturday mornings luckily, with no censorship.

But after that and a change of brand, Sueisha ended up cancelling all the licenses they had given to them, which completely doomed the endeavour.

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Latin America gives Spain a run for its money. Under the name Samurai X it was dubbed and shown uncut and gave many kids their first taste of anime. In Argentina the manga was published and it's considered a quasi essential manga for any Argentinian fan.

sanosuke and megumi relationship memes

And needless to say, the Spanish-speaking fanbases might have taken the news of Watsuki's misconduct harder than any other worldwide Just like Kenshin, Watsuki is now someone who, although he achieved greatness in his youth, shows remorse for his past crimes, and he must work to make up for it, despite the fact that many people are unwilling to forgive him. Seeing how disheveled Kenshin's clothes are, Misao asks if his wife left him In The Motion Picture, the animated movie, after seeing yet another battle before his eyes, Kenshin nearly cries and states that he thought he fought in "the war to end all wars" 10 years prior.

This comes full circle when the film incarnation of Jin-e, who was based originally on Izo, claims to be a more genuine assassin than Kenshin-as-Battousai. How does one mark a point? He was known for saying "hen shin"now he goes by Kenshin. Not hilarious but definitely silly. Shishio, voiced by Steve Blum in the American English dub by Media Blastersoccasionally compares himself to being a demon granted he believes that he is right and expects to go to Hell when he dies and, following his death via internal combustion, is shown along with Yumi and Houji in the underworld with the ambition of taking it over.

Later inBlum would provide the voice of Satan himself in Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic who in turn has an ambitious goal of his own in ruling all three realms Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven of the afterlife. Even more hilarious, Legato bears a passing resemblance to Aoshi, one of Kenshin's major opponents. Saito and Sano have a nice case of Belligerent Sexual Tension.

One of the prototype one-shots had Kenshin see this between Megumi and Kaoru he says something to the effect of "Oooh, so that's why she doesn't want to get married. They were sisters in that universe.

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Yeah, he did go through lots of heartbreak, but he also left others completely broken. For some fans, Sadoshima Houji becomes this after he kills himself.

Also an in-story example, as Kenshin expresses pity for him once he's told about that. Amakusa's Start of Darkness comes when he's a child and both his parents and his whole Christian village is slaughtered, with only him and little Sayo as survivors. Doesn't necessarily mean he was less of a bastard as an adult. Kenji in Seisouhen had a horrible childhood with a constantly absent father and a mother dying of a grief and skin disease she caught from said father, but it doesn't make him any less of a brat, when he refuses to come back and let both of his parents say goodbye to him before they die, and runs away to Hiko to find "real strength".

In the Hokkaido arc, Eiji shows Kenshin the broken blade of Saito Hajime, implying that he may be dead. However, many point to him historically living up to his 70s as proof that he's not dead.

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The following chapter shows that while Saito's sword did not survive the battle, Saito himself makes it out with an injured left arm thanks to Eiji. Shishio Makoto is a brutal Social Darwinist who causes many atrocities in the series, yet his odd sense of honor makes him the perfect adversary to Kenshin due to his genuine desire to make Japan strong.

The author Watsuki even considers him his favorite villain of the series. She also worries about him fighting and getting hurt.

When he is wounded by Saito at the beginning of the Kyoto arc, Megumi stays by his side for three days and nights until he recovers.

sanosuke and megumi

Sometimes, Megumi appears to have fox ears popping out of her head, an allusion to her nickname kitsune, which means "fox". Sanosuke especially likes to call her kitsune-onna Vixen in the English manga, which is the name of a female fox meaning Fox Lady, though Yahiko and Kaoru sometimes call her this as well.

Throughout the series Megumi is compared to a fox. Background Megumi's family were a well-known family of doctors throughout Aizu, though were considered unusual because every generation of the family went into medicine and allowed both women and children to study medicine as well. They were highly ranked doctors in the social hierarchy, but despite the fierce discrimination present in the Edo period, they believed in equal treatment of all sick patients and were devoted to their treatment regardless of social status.

The family's ideals was that the true purpose of medicine was life and found rigid system preference for the samurai class offensive to their profession.

Sanosuke and Megumi

When the family returned through special permission, the province was at war. Megumi's family left her behind to serve as doctors on the battlefield.

Her father died on the front while her mother and two brothers disappeared. Being educated in herbal and Western medicine rengukuMegumi eventually became an assistant to a prominent physician with the intention of training to become a full-fledged doctor herself.

However, it turned out that the man she worked for was not the best of men. Takeda commissioned the doctor to produce a new kind of opium which they then called "Spider's Web. While working for the doctor, Megumi learned the secrets of the formula and later, when Takeda killed the doctor during an argument, he forced her to use the formula to make more opium. Plot overview Tokyo Arc Megumi deeply regretted her dishonorable life under Takeda's tyranny, which was a far cry from the relative nobility of her previous life when her family was still alive.

She was guilt-racked at having been forced to create opium but could do little else. When Megumi first appears eps 8 of the anime, A New Battle: To escape her pursuers, she ended up in a gambling house where Himura Kenshin and Sagara Sanosuke were playing dice with a couple of friends. Megumi asks for their help and later she accompanies them back to the Kamiya dojowhere Kamiya Kaoru was waiting and fuming over the fact that Kenshin had brought a female stranger into her home.

Sensing Kaoru's jealousy, Megumi plays the flirt and makes several advances to Kenshin, which he handles nervously and refrains from submitting to. Megumi's personality as a shrewd, flirtatious woman was established and her act of purposely making Kaoru jealous was a prevailing theme throughout the series whenever her character appeared.

However, Sanosuke becomes suspicious of her when he discovers she is carrying around opiumthe same drug that killed his friend Yoita. In the manga, to prevent further bloodshed, Megumi decides to voluntarily return to Takeda's mansion. In the anime, Sanosuke follows her to the mansion and tries to talk her into returning with him to the dojo. Understanding Megumi's predicament, he had given her the choice to end her dishonorable life through death. She attempts to stab herself, but Sanosuke gets there in time and stops her, grabbing the blade with his bare hand.

He and Kenshin then convince her to atone for her past by continuing to live and help people.

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Megumi came to work under the guardianship of Oguni Gensai-sensei after Takeda was defeated. Kyoto Arc Shishio Makotothe primary antagonist, appears in Kyoto with the intention of conquering Japan. Kenshin is tasked by the Meiji government of Japan to go to Kyoto and stop Shishio and his Juppongatana. A reluctant Kenshin takes up the dangerous mission because he feels it is his duty, and leaves Tokyo behind, saying goodbye only to Kamiya Kaoru.

After Kenshin leaves, Kaoru becomes depressed for days and refuses to get up from her futoncausing her friends to worry.