Serena and darien meet me halfway

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Darien waited in the kitchen for Sailor Moon/Serena to call to him that she was done Serena said, smiling. "Can you meet me tomorrow night in the park at seven?" About halfway through, Serena yawned. "Can we take a. Darien is Raye's big brother and Serena has had a huge crush on him (since the girls of their crushes have I well how stupid of me let me make up for it now? the guys looked at each other and said in unison "wait for us" Darien Andrew who was Darien's other best friend they were halfway done with. I've been so completely busy, the end of the year for me is fast approaching Serena slowly walked towards Darien's room but stopped halfway when she into boxers for sleep) and walked to meet Serena in his hallway.

Despite how comfortable, and amazingly good, the bed felt and smelled, Serena's mind couldn't help but continue to replay the memories of what had happened over and over again.

Meet Me Halfway

She began to feel cold sweats, and tears stinging her eyes as she remembered the total feeling of hopelessness and loneliness when the man had pinned her to the tree. If the fear consuming her wasn't already enough, the storm that began raging on outside was. Serena began to shake violently in fear, remembering that there was a sleeping Darien in the other room.

I don't want to be annoying. But didn't he say that he was there if I needed anything? Serena walked up to Darien slowly and had to admire him as he slept. His blanket had shifted a little to reveal his strong muscular chest, while his hair played in his eyes a little. Serena admired how adorable Darien's face was while he was asleep and wasn't constantly insulting her. Very timidly, Serena began to shake Darien slowly while whispering his name. Darien please wake up I was wondering, you know only if you would feel comfortable and stuff.

It wasn't exactly a cake walk asking what she wanted to and her nerves began to get the best of her. Darien almost didn't catch what shed said, but he heard sleep and scared and company. He slowly inched out of his makeshift bed when Serena's eyes went huge and gapped at the image before her.

She couldn't help the blush that tainted her skin at the sight of Darien. The moonlight cast shadows along his body that emphasized his strong muscles. His tight black boxers and the buldge. Serena couldn't help her body's reaction as desire pooled between her legs.

After she was done at the pond, she came back in and got dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt tucked inside a blue pair of short-legged coveralls.

She slid her feet into a pair of silver slip on shoes, and quickly slipped on the bracelet of Lita's Tear Pearls. She met Rei at the door, and they walked down the front steps together. I don't really think I need to, but Grandpa wants it.

There's a bad side to every town and Tokyo's no exception. I'll meet you at the Crown Arcade by four thirty, okay? After a minute of comfortable silence, Rei looked over at Serena.

She had forgotten to re bandage it earlier. When I'm nearby fire, I feel calm and peaceful. That is the room where I go to be alone, to think and be calmed.

That fire is always burning, in that room, it's always safe. Also, as a priestess I can read the fire, meaning the fire sometimes speaks to me by showing me images of things. Be safe until we meet later, okay? Serena continued walking, and her thoughts drifted to the locket in her purse. She pulled it out and looked at it.

It dangled on its chain from which she held it, and it glinted in the soft new sunlight. As she stared, she half expected something to happen, but after a couple moments of nothing she sighed and lowered her arm.

She stared at the sky over the buildings in front of her. A couple birds were flying in a circle around each other, dancing together. Serena smiled, but it disappeared in a flash when she felt a sharp tug on her left hand. She looked down in time to see the chain of the locket slip through her tightly clenched fingers. Serena only had eyes for him, which was probably half the reason why she didn't see Darien just ahead of her. The other half of the reason was probably because he had his back to her.

Her mind quickly noted a person was in the way, and she tried to automatically dodge him, but didn't quite make it. Her shoulder caught him on his arm and the force of it spun them both around. Darien recovered his balance again, and lifted his dark sunglasses off of his eyes for a moment, so he could stare at her quickly disappearing back and hair streamers.

He went over to his normal stool by the counter and sat down, only then removing his sunglasses. I'm so glad to see you out of that apartment of yours!

Darien slouched over onto the counter, and waited with a dull expression on his face. Serena was about ready to give up when she heard a yell somewhere ahead of her. This part of town was almost void of people, but Serena couldn't see the boy because he had rounded a corner, and the scream was coming from around that corner.

Serena rounded it quickly, nearly running into the brick wall of the next building. She froze in her tracks. The little boy, he looked to be about twelve, was struggling to get free from something that had him by the throat. The creature that held him wasn't human; she could tell that much by the tentacle that was wrapped around the boy's throat and squeezing.

I made a wish last night. But for the life of me I don't know how its turned out like this," she whispered quietly to the blue-haired girl. I think the crystal misunderstood my wish, or something," Serena muttered, annoyed that the 'perfect' silver crystal could stuff something like this up. Look Serena, I left my computer at the temple. I'm going to go get it and see if we can fix this mess. So in the meantime, stay here while I go get the computer and the girls, ok? Serena nodded while Ami shot out the door.

The girl was unstoppable when she wanted to solve a problem. Serena sighed, wondering who would show up next. It's almost like it's going in reverse order from the time — Serena suddenly realised who exactly was going to be the next man to walk through the door. The Arcade doors opened She looked up into his face to see it was a mask of sorrow and regret, and was surprised when he fell to his knees before her.

She closed her eyes, remembering the Prince's sacrifice. He had been evil, but in the last few moments of his life he had saved her out of the goodness he had finally remembered in his heart.

She opened her eyes and in her compassion reached out to place a hand on his cheek. He gave her a watery smile and stood back up, his hands still holding hers. She closed her eyes slowly to blink away the memories, and was surprised when she felt his lips on her cheek for a moment.

Her eyes opened, showing her shock, while Diamond simple smiled at her and turned to leave. She turned around to the counter and buried her face in her hands, ignoring the stares of the people in the Arcade. She looked up from her hands and blushed. If you don't mind my asking — what the hell is going on! I did not expect this today," she muttered. She smirked at him, "I've only had one boyfriend Andrew.

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When did this happen? How come I never knew? His desire for gossip soon evaporated when he saw the positively anguished look on her face. Beside them, Darien choked on his coffee. He'd seen her around. When he had first run into her she had clearly mistaken him for someone she knew.

After that she had left him alone. Something he was grateful for, he was tired of girls chasing him. But at the same time, something tugged at him whenever he saw her. The Arcade doors slid open and suddenly Serena 'eeped'. The entire Arcade turned, expecting to see another man visit Serena. They were however unexpectedly surprised to see a woman with long green hair, and a very angry look on her face. I had to leave my post for you!

You know what that means! You shouldn't really anger the Guardian of Time. She doesn't like it. I'm trying to fix what you've done but its going to take a little while.

You wanted it, you got it. Down to the very last," Trista said mysteriously. Of course she would be mysterious, Serena grumbled in her thoughts. She watched as Trista gave her one last hard look before the green-haired woman stomped out of there. Serena let out a sigh of relief, glad that the senshei had left and was going to fix the problem. But her day wasn't over yet for as Trista was striding out the door, another familiar figure stepped in.

Serena herself was surprised to see him.

Then again, maybe not so surprised considering the day she was having. Serena nodded her head, waiting for him to finish his visit. He suddenly moved toward her, lifting her chin with his fingers. I'll always be here, and I'll always love you and protect you, in one form or another," he said softly, his blue eyes filled with love and compassion. Serena couldn't help the tears that slid down her cheeks as she watched him go, and she wondered if her heart would break just that little bit more as each meeting struck closer and closer to home.

The Arcade doors slid open Serena lifted her head to see Alan jog up to her with a grin on his face. She couldn't help but break out in a smile. The last time she saw him he was floating away from the Earth happily with Ann. She was surprised when he lifted her up from the stool to envelope her in a tight hug and twirl around once before setting her back down. His face suddenly became serious and he leant down to kiss her cheek before drawing back, "And thanks You showed me real love that day.

Remember what you said? True love can never be taken away by anyone," he said, quoting her with a smile. Her face fell at his words, "But it can be denied. How long can the heart hold on? He looked at her with wisdom in his features, "If I know you Serena, a very long time. Her heart thudded in her chest when she felt a chilly wind enter the Arcade as the doors slid open. Serena waited, jaw tensed and eyes closed tight, for the eventual confrontation with the face of one of the most painful times in her young life.

She waited, for five whole minutes she waited. When she finally opened her eyes she saw in front of her on the counter a perfect black rose. She stared at it, hating it and what it represented.

Unbidden, a single tear dropped from her cheek onto the rose, and like a miracle the black petals fell away to reveal a perfect red rosebud.

Prince Darien always did have a way about him. Her muddled mind suddenly started to tick over again, as if grateful for missing out on that particular encounter. She spun around on her stool absently, unmindful of the stares she was receiving, too lost in her own world. The Arcade doors suddenly slid open once again and she looked up to see Tuxedo Mask standing there looking straight at her.

Neither one of them moved, though her heart leapt in her chest at the sight of him. He was the closest thing to the man she loved, and her emotions when haywire at the sight of him — at the memories he excited. She watched as he turned away from her and began to walk, leaving in his wake a flurry of rose petals that flew to her on the gentle breeze through the Arcade doors. Damn heroes and their need for mystery, she grumbled, determined to be angry rather than let her despair overwhelm her.

If life wasn't fair this morning, it was making sure it earned the title. It's just been difficult being faced with all the memories my uh — friends have brought up.