Serena and tripp relationship quiz

We Ranked The 20 Least To Most Romantic Moments From 'Gossip Girl'

serena and tripp relationship quiz

The main characters - Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Nate Of the women listed, whom did Nate not kiss, though? from officially getting back with Rufus: he had rekindled his relationship with Lily. This show followed the lives of Serena van der Woodsen, her brother Eric Blair and the relationship with Dan were both very on and off over the years. She dated Nate Archibald and Dan Humphreys but her most notable. We won't lie, we were into Serena hooking up with Nate's married politician cousin at first before he left her at the scene of a car accident. And tried to pin it on.

Then, he reunited with Lily, and the two were even married. He was also a handsome, caring man with a successful business, a fun side game nights! In the series finale, though, whom was he pictured with whom he presumably ended up with? Question 19 Who played a young Lily? Why did Carol and Lily not get along?

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Had Lily always been prim and proper like her mother? Had Carol always been wild and distant, unlike her mother?

serena and tripp relationship quiz

The backstory was told through flashbacks starring a young Lily traveling to Los Angeles to find a young Carol living there. Which actress played Lily at that younger age and almost got her own spin-off show?

Question 20 Which co-stars didn't date in real life? That's right - after being together day in and day out for years and years, some of these actors and actresses fell in love but then, sadly, out of love.

serena and tripp relationship quiz

Of the couples listed here, which one is made up, though, and didn't actually happen in reality? Question 21 In the finale, who was married in the future?

Does Ed Westwick prefer Blair or Serena?

Chuck and Blair Lily and William Rufus and Lily As mentioned, the finale episode jumped into the future a couple of years, and the characters gathered together for a beautiful and intimate wedding filled with love! Who was getting married, though?

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Aaron Rose Aaron was cool at first, but he kind of put Serena threw the ringer when she wanted to be exclusive, and basically used her for his art. She probably realized this, because she left him to go back to Dan.

Gabriel Edwards Gabriel was one of the worst ones Serena dated. He started dating Serena to scam her out of money!

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He's played by a pre-famous Armie Hammer! Carter Baizen Carter was definitely troubled, but we think he had a good heart deep down. He was also super freaking hot, so that's a plus. Serena started dating the playboy after he helped her find her father.

serena and tripp relationship quiz

When Carter left to work off debt with the Buckley family, they said goodbye to their romance. It was pretty short lived. Tripp Vanderbilt Although super hot, Tripp is definitely the worst person Serena dated.

serena and tripp relationship quiz

He basically sabotaged her life, but she should've known better in the beginning! First of all, Tripp was Nate's cousin. They started having an affair, and when Tripp's wife found out, she wanted Serena to stay his mistress! The absolute worst thing that Tripp did was when the two got into a car accident, Tripp placed Serena's unconscious body in the driver's seat to make it look like she was driving! Nate Archibald The fan-favorite relationship!

No one deserves Nate, but they were just so cute together, we guess we can make an exception for Serena. Unfortunately, their romance fizzled out pretty fast after they actually gave it a shot. Maybe a forbidden romance with from Blair was more fun than a real one. Colin Forrester Colin was Serena's professor at the time they dated!