Sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

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sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physicist at Caltech who is married to neurobiologist Amy Sheldon has a loving yet complicated relationship with his mother, Mary. At the insistence of Penny, Sheldon and Amy went out on a proper date. Sheldon and Penny, or Shenny is the relationship between Sheldon and Penny. In "The Cooper Extraction", Amy herself proposed the alternate reality where an leading to the line: "The best way to achieve a goal is to devote % of your. Feb 27, Over the seasons, we've watched as friendships and relationships evolve, Penny and Leonard's love affair is one of the things that makes the show so While we know that Leonard's last name is Hofstadter and Sheldon's is Cooper, we . that it is a fiction show with the goal of entertaining audiences.

Written by the genius minds of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, The Big Bang Theory is entering its twelfth season, and fans and viewers never seem to get enough of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and their band of science-loving misfits. These iconic characters managed to take dorkiness and turn it into the most refreshing thing around. The Big Bang Theory is not merely adored by viewers and fans, though. The show has snagged countless awards and accolades for comedic performances, outstanding cast performances, and leading male actor performances.

A spinoff show has even taken flight in recent years. Young Sheldon is based on the early years of Jim Parson's character, Sheldon. The show's fans are a loyal band of BBT lovers too. There is no mistaking a Big Bang fan because they will be able to recall even the most obscure details and quips that the show producers and writers probably even forgot about.

This quiz is for all of the Leonard, Penny and Sheldon lovers out there. Anyone that can do a bang up job on this Big Bang Theory quiz truly defies all the odds. Question 1 Since the second episode of Season One, Penny has had the same what? Shoes Couch Tea kettle Considering all of the Big Bang Theory characters, I think it's fair to say that Penny got the looks and the style in the bunch. Over the last eleven seasons, we viewers and fans have seen Penny's style grow and evolve as her character did the same.

While her hairstyle and work clothes indeed change, from season one to season eleven, one thing in regards to Penny's style stays the same. Since the second episode of Season One, Penny has had the same what?

If we are being honest, we can see why. This happens to be one of the most successful series on television. The BBT is entering its twelve, and possibly last season. These actors have earned their moolah! Question 3 Inscientists discovered a new species of Bee and paid homage to Sheldon Cooper by naming the species what?

The show has also inspired the scientific community.

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In at least one respect, Inscientists discovered a brand new species of Bees here on earth. Homage was paid to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's character by coining the bees what? The only people who will get this one correct are Big Bang Theory superfans and also those who are well versed in the area of science. Does anyone know this one? Howard is actually an engineer, but brilliant nonetheless. The fellas as well as Bernadette and Amy can all bond over their brilliance as they are all remarkably accomplished in their respective fields.

Which one of the show's actors on the Big bang Theory has a PhD in real life? Question 5 Which two characters secretly dated for two years? Plenty of couples got their jumpstart from first becoming costars, and then evolving into friends and eventually into lovers.

Which two Big Bang Theory costars dated one another for two years without many people even knowing that they were an item. The two are no longer together anymore, but we will keep our fingers crossed for a reboot. Question 6 What was Penny's last name befores he married Leonard? She lives directly across from Leonard and Sheldon and in a twist of fates, the three become an inseparable trio of BFFs.

Penny and her band of loyal nerds establish such a bond that she pretty much becomes a part of their dorky family. Penny ends up marrying Leonard and solidifying her place in the gang's lives forever.

With her marriage to Leonard, her last name became Hofstadter, but what was her last name before that? Even though those episodes certainly weren't the same without our darling Penny, the show just had to continue even with her missing presence. After her two-episode hiatus, Penny returned to filming but continued to be somewhat limited in her acting scenes.

Why did actress Kaley Cuoco miss those two episodes of filming back in season four? Lenny, Penny and Kenny Universal Language So many of our favorite shows start out being called something completely different than what we now know them to be. Grey's Anatomy was initially going to be called Surgeons. The Big Bang theory had a very different working title when it was first dreamed up.

What was the original working title of the Big Bang Theory? As if we can imagine it ever being called anything else! Question 9 How old was Sheldon when he started college? The quirky, physics scientist can solve many of the mysteries of the universe, yet he exhibits a plethora of social issues in his navigation of friendships.

Sheldon has definitely spent more time in the classroom than most young adults his age. In fact, he started his higher learning journey much earlier than the majority of American learners.

sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

While the typical college student is about 18 years old, Sheldon got on the learning horse far earlier than most. How old was Sheldon when he first started his college career?

sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

Question 10 Where do Penny and Leonard tie the knot? Us fans were going grey waiting around for these two lovable characters to finally make things legal.

sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

Leonard and Penny Hofstader are genuinely relationship goals for all of us. They love one another for who they are, they support each other's dreams and goals, and they are lovers, but also the best of friends.

Where do Leonard and Penny finally tie the knot? Question 11 What does Amy have created for her bestie Penny? Her genius, dowdy character comes in and falls head over heels for quirky Sheldon Cooper.

Those two are a match made in heaven. Amy not only fits in great with Dr. Sheldon Cooper, but she also fits in perfectly with Sheldon's buds. Amy and Penny become oddball buds, considering their love interests are roomies and pals. Amy goes a little bit overboard in proving her love for her gal pal when she creates what for her bestie Penny? Question 12 What is Bernadette's father's occupation? An astronaut A farmer A professor Bernadette comes off as a delicate, petite, flower of a thing, but as the show goes on and this character develops, we quickly come to realize that she is anything but.

Bernie can be tough as nails, and perhaps she inherited this trait from her father. Bernadette's dear old daddy makes the occasional appearance on the show to put his two cents in when it comes to his baby girl and Howard, but what is Bernie's father's occupation?

sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

Nobody likes a drama queen and her shift in attitude has definitely thrown some fans off. We think this could be a reference t the fact that men often marry women similar to their mothers, however, it is overtly obvious at times.

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Originally Bernadette was meant be a person of average intelligence and if you look back at old episodes when she was first introduced, you can tell that a couple comments and jokes went straight over her head. Bernadette also has some family confusion as she constantly brings up the fact that she helped raise her five siblings growing up.

You would think that she would be extremely close to all of her siblings if this was really the case, right? But alas, her siblings did not appreciate their sister enough to show up to her wedding. The reason for this is never revealed and it just makes us feel sad for poor Bernadette.

There is seemingly no reason for this strained relationship and it would make more sense if Penny was not a fan of Priya. She claims that this is the best situation as she makes more money than Howard, however it seems that this is not the real reason for her decision. As we know there is a nine month gestation period but Bernadette is pregnant for nearly an entire year. Anger issues When Bernadette was first introduced she came off as a sweet girl with a bubbly personality.

After getting to know her more, however, Bernadette developed some frightening tendencies such as the fact that she gets angry very quickly. Instead of saying something about her issues with a bad temper, her friends simply tiptoe around her problem and try their best not to make her angry. This seems like negative reinforcement and her friends and husband should be offering her help instead of appeasing her. He states that Bernadette stands at only four feet tall and while he may have been joking, his serious demeanor says otherwise.

Bernadette was likely four feet as a child but now she is much closer to five feet. Rostenkowski strained relationship with his daughter has something to do with his lack of knowledge about her appearance. She pretty much has to as science related topics are basically all he talks about around his friends. However, Leonard does not reciprocate this action with Penny, which seems a little unfair to us. Defending Sheldon Sheldon and Leonard are introduced as best friends from the first episode and they remain that way for all of the subsequent seasons.

Fans of the show will know that Sheldon has some strange tendencies and can be described as a selfish person. This relationship dynamic leads us to another point… Moving out Leonard puts up with a lot from Sheldon and he never seems to get aggravated by it. This fact could be justified by the fact that the pair have lived together for so long but on some occasions, Leonard makes comments about moving out or getting a different roommate.

It seems like Leonard knows Sheldon better than anyone even more than Amy! Nice guy Leonard Many viewers took issue with the way the relationship between Leonard and Priya met its ultimate demise. In season four, Leonard and Priya are in a long distance relationship and Priya grew on many fans even though she was not Penny.

Everyone was expecting Leonard to get angry but in typical Leonard fashion he acts extremely calmly and nicely. This is why we understand the need to make the characters over the top and emphasize their issues.

sheldon cooper and penny relationship goals

It is clear that Sheldon has social issues that often alienate them from his peers but his nerdy and awkward personality often comes off as gimmicky and a touch too over the top.

Childlike tendencies Sheldon is no stranger to competition especially with his coworker Barry Kripke. It is believable that two coworkers would be competitive with one another but the rivalry with these two is teetering on the precipice of two far fetched.

Neither Barry or Sheldon seem capable of having a working relationship with one another which leaves us asking how neither have been fired yet. He is also childish when it comes to seemingly irrelevant issues.

The two let the argument get way out of hand when their girlfriends Bernadette and Amy began arguing over the issue as well.