Shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

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shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

The Monogatari Series is a series of Light Novels written by NisiOisiN and Because neither of them have any clue how relationships really work, a lot of Part of his dedication to this trope is that for each example he quotes an exact figure. There will be a lot of spoilers from both the anime series and the Kizumonogatari novel, so if you want to read this answer you have been warned. Shinobu, or. Araragi & #Shinobu discussing how time will tear apart all relationships # Nisemonogatari #Monogatari S02E04 #Anime.

After having her plan revealed, Koyomi rejects it as he doesn't want to kill her. With the help of Meme Oshinohe finds a compromise that leaves no one's wishes granted. Instead of killing her completely, he would get her to the brink of death, weakening her power, making him as close to human as possible.

shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

In return, she'd be so weak that she wouldn't even be able to take the same name anymore. To keep her alive, Koyomi would occasionally feed her his blood.

This plan goes through. The now unnamed vampire holds a grudge and refuses to speak. Tsubasa Family Edit This section contains content from Nekomonogatari. During the Golden Week following Koyomi's encounter with Kiss-shot, she continues to stay inside the abandoned Eikou Cram School Building, where she appears to have developed a more childlike personality and physical appearance, reminiscent of an eight-year-old. In one visit, Koyomi brings some donuts for Meme, but they ended up in the vampire girl's hands after she stubbornly demanded some.

Koyomi later pleaded for her to lend him the Kokorowatari for him to use against Tsubasa Hanekawa in an attempt to separate the sawarineko from Tsubasa herself. She gave him the sword after days of Koyomi's incessant pleas to her, but she ends up using the oddity killer herself when Koyomi exposes his incapability of using the sword properly. After swallowing the sword whole and biting Tsubasa, Black Hanekawa was suppressed.

Hitagi Crab Edit This section contains content from Bakemonogatari. During Hitagi Crab, she spends most of her time inside Eikou Cram School, sitting still in a corner and continuing not to talk to anyone. She was afraid to hurt her friend Seishiro and it showed her weakness. The fact that even though it hurt she went to see him to reject him and be honest instead of leading him on, it was moving for me.

Shinobu was a character that has always been great. When she gets jealous and talks about Donuts are her main cute momments but every other time she is very superior and knows what she wants to do. All of her story Arcs are interesting and I feel she has a Huge Role in the plot. Her Vampire form is always great and even her younger form, man she has a lot of forms, she's loke years old so its legal, I think.

Shinobu is also probably one of the smarter characters in the series. I really like her loyalty as a character. Kanbura told Shinobu that even if it hurts someone she should tell people the truth, evem of it hurts them.

Seishiro meant alot to her but he had died and so she moved on.

shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

She did not want to hurt either araragi or Seishiro with the truth of her feelings so instead reamined her superior self, intel Kanbura called her out. Shinobu was hurt and sad but did the right thing in the end. She told Araragi and Seishiro the truth that she was happy to see him but she couldnt be with him anymore.

She said a proper goodbye.

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The truth is the scene meant so much to me for some reason. The reality is people will lie to protect you but thats just running away. Sometimes you need to be honest even if it hurts. The more you lie the easier it gets and eventually you could be throwing people away like minions.

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Be honest and confront your problems with the truth even if it hurts you. Even if it isn't exactly rape, it's certainly taking Refuge in Audacity: But I at least want to believe that wasn't me.

In episode 2 of Nisemonogatari, Koyomi himself gets a taste of this. As would any child, Mayoi occasionally tells absolutely impossible lies. For instance, she claims to know three people named "Basugasu Bakuhatsu" that's just a Japanese tongue twister, by the way. Kizumonogatari and its adaptation are extremely violent, even by the series standard. This is especially notable with the movies, which have so much blood it often borders on Gorn.

Shinobu Oshino

Special note goes to the final fight between Araragi and Kissshot which sees them tear each other's heads off within the first minute, and it only gets crazier from there. Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Lots of the comical dialog between characters is performed this way, with Araragi usually acting as the Straight Man. May count for some of the afflictions. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Invoked indirectly in episode 9, Do you, the troper, also have a secret fetish?

I can imitate your voice. So don't worry, leave it to me. After all, my voice actress is excellent. What is this, an anime!?

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Interestingly enough, the above line came straight from the original novel. This is also the reason why Oshino is often seen with a cigarette, but never with a lighted one. Well, if I lit a cigarette now wouldn't the anime adaptation become difficult?

shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

And in Tsubasa Tiger: Tsubasa is conscious of the skipped chapters. Of course, there's also this gem: Like a story that got a lot of mileage from jokes about how it'll never be animated but actually ended up getting an anime due to some mistake. In "Mayoi Snail, part one", Hitagi talks about the possibility of using the word "Wonder" as an alternative for the word " Moe ", e.

shinobu and araragi relationship quotes

Two episodes later, after confessing her love to Koyomi, she asks that he put his feelings for her into words. I hope it catches on Araragi's anger when Hanekawa reveals that her stepfather hit her in a fight kind of loses its effect when you realize that Araragi earlier in the series not only beat up, but proceeded to "shamelessly molest" a fifth grader he had just met that day.

But it was funny when he did it. It should be noted that even when Koyomi beat up Mayoi, Tsubasa reprimanded him— it's abuse if you hit a child without giving a reason. Since the tooth-brushing scene in Nisemonogatari episode 8 is effectively G-Rated Sex well, more like PG nearly escalating to R-rated sex before Tsukihi intervened and Koyomi and Karen decide to continue it, their relationship is pretty close to this.

Suruga, in that distinctly Japanese way: The Nisemonogatari opening alludes to the events of "Hitagi Crab" Hitagi's staple attacks, falling through the school staircase, the red text that swims around the shell of the otherwise invisible weight crab and also makes visual and musical references to its opening song, "staple stable". Episode 6 of Nisemonogatari "Karen Bee" has a short montage where Hitagi is shown in all the outfits she wore in Bakemonogatari.

Later on in the same episode, Hitagi strikes the same exaggerated backward lean she did in "Hitagi Crab". In "Koyomi Water" which takes place between Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari Araragi remarks to Kanbaru that he's worried she wants to imprison him, to which she replies paraphrased "Never! Maybe Senjogahara would though. Dark Hanekawa of course! And soooo cute too. Despite possessing a female body, however, the cat itself is male.