Skins sid and cassie ending a relationship

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skins sid and cassie ending a relationship

When last we saw Skins' Sid Jenkins he'd landed in New York City in . he envisions Sid having returned to Bristol post break-up with Cassie. Sidney "Sid" Jenkins is a fictional character in the television series Skins portrayed by Mike When Sid's father fails to prevent his mother leaving, Sid explodes with In the second series, Sid's relationship with Cassie deteriorates and he. I was a huge fan of Skins when it first came out, and I only found out about subsequently ended the relationship because it would last forever.

Later, Tony visits the club where he meets with his friends, who unwittingly reveal that while Tony was recovering, his ex-girlfriend Michelle and his best friend Sid had gotten together. Cassie Hannah MurraySid's ex-girlfriend, gives Tony some ecstasy and proposes that they go on a date to get back at Sid and Michelle. However, Tony reveals to Cassie that he was having trouble being intimate after his accident.

Tony starts to confront Sid and Michelle manically, but runs off to vomit in the bathrooms. There, he meets a beautiful girl credited as Beth who notices that he is having a panic attack and asks him if he is a " fighter or flighter. The next day, Sid and Michelle visit Tony to try to make amends with him, who is hiding under his bed. He repeats that he is fine with their relationship and asks the two to leave because he has an interview.

skins sid and cassie ending a relationship

On the train to his interview, Tony finds a man with a large scar in a uniform sitting in front of him. The man volunteers the story of how he set himself on fire and got the burns. At the college, Polly and Derek, the eccentric campus tour guides, lead Tony and the other students around the school. Tony is late to the group session, where the lecturer, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the scarred man, is critical of Tony.

Tony finds the girl from the club sitting three chairs away from him, who accuses the lecturer of trying to sleep with the college students. The girl leaves, followed by Tony. They walk around campus and the girl pushes him into the pool, despite his protests.

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She tells him to just float, which alleviates his fears. Later, Tony is found alone in the pool by Polly and Derek, who advise him not to follow the girl. Tony encounters the girl again on the tour, where she leads him into a lab full of fragile equipment and instructs him to walk across the room in the dark.

skins sid and cassie ending a relationship

Tony breaks the equipment, setting off an alarm, and the girl helps Tony run away by leading him to a dorm. Later on, it is revealed Sid's mother Liz has moved out due to her husband's behaviour, to which Sid stands up to his father, grounds him and spends the night finishing his History coursework. In " Maxxie and Anwar ", he helps Anwar liberate a girl from what they believe to be her abusive father, although he turns out to be her husband. He also sees a picture of Cassie drawn by Maxxie Oliverremarking on how beautiful he has made her look.

After a rebounding Michelle attempts to have sex with him, he realises that his love for her is at a level where she can only be his friend. They then both go to find Cassie at her rehab clinic, to tell her. After Sid confesses he likes her, she reveals her new boyfriend, also at the clinic. Eventually, Sid and Tony come to blows, deriding each other's perceived character flaws: Tony sees Sid as wishing to emulate him, whereas Sid sees Tony as something he would never want to become.

Later, Sid sees Cassie, agrees to meet with her, and the two finally kiss. Their reunion is cut short by a call from Michelle, which prompts him to try to find Tony and Effy who may be in danger. After he takes Tony and Effy to the hospital, he is the one to defend Tony, who he refers to as his best friend, against his parents' accusations.

Sid spends the beginning of the first series finale wondering about Cassie and attempts to write a letter explaining how much he loves her. Sid hurriedly dresses in mismatching clothes and rushes to Cassie's rehab clinic, just after she leaves in a taxi. In the clinic, the nurse locks Sid in a padded room, deducing that Sid needs their help. Tony comes to his aid and Sid is released from the clinic and the two then look for Cassie.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed after Sid left Anwar's party he was meeting with Cassie, who is sitting on a bench overlooking Bristol. He sits besides her, where they then hold hands. Series 2[ edit ] In the second series, Sid's relationship with Cassie deteriorates and he begins to distance himself from Tony, who has awakened from his coma and is slowly recovering from the brain damage inflicted by his accident.

In "Tony and Maxxie", Sid refuses to visit Tony, who becomes frustrated by the lack of contact from his former best friend.

Tony (Skins series 2)

In the " Lost Weeks ", web episodes, it is revealed that Sid was the one who attended to Tony in hospital following the accident, reading entire novels out loud to a comatose Tony and even recording messages to help "wake" him up.

Sid also struggles with not being able to see Cassie. Sid reveals that he lost his virginity to Cassie before she moved to Scotland, but there is a lack of contact between them, which Sid resents. In "Sid", he misinterprets Cassie's closeness with her gay Scottish friend and angrily accuses her of cheating on him, later destroying the laptop he used to communicate with her.

In the same episode, a family visit proves too much for Mark to take and he dies, his body discovered by Sid the next morning.

Still in shock, Sid goes to school as usual, but finally breaks down in front of Tony while at a concert. The two end up going back to Sid's house together to deal with the situation, which seems to patch up their damaged friendship.

At the end of the episode, Sid is seen on a train, presumably headed to Scotland to see Cassie. At the same time, Cassie is seen taking a train in the opposite direction, presumably to visit Sid in Bristol. In "Michelle", a grieving Sid ends up having sex with his longstanding crush Michelle - who has also given up on Tony - while on a camping trip. Sid and Michelle are soon caught kissing in Sid's bedroom by Cassie, who had returned from Scotland to see Sid.

In "Chris", Cassie angrily confront Sid and Michelle in front of their friends after running into the couple at a club. This also exposes Sid and Michelle's new relationship to Tony, who seems hurt by it.

Sid attempts to explain things, but Cassie slaps him, telling him that he can't do whatever he wants even though his father is dead.

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In " Tony ", Sid goes with Michelle to try to make amends with Tony, but it proves difficult as Tony is hiding under his bed. After coming back from the university interview, Tony finds Sid and Michelle having sex in the toilets of a club, where he tells them he loves them both, and even kisses Sid, saying he loves him even though he's a "useless fucker".

skins sid and cassie ending a relationship

Tony also tells Sid that he neither loves nor belongs with Michelle, he belongs with Cassie. In "Effy", Sid has to do Effy's art coursework in exchange for her "sorting out his fucking soap opera". When he finishes, after describing his emotion as "Hopeless" in her CW, sees pictures of Cassie kissing another boy, which Effy had taken and attached to him.

Horrified, Sid goes to Cassie's house and finally confronts her. In the series two finale, Sid is told by Chris's dad that the gang can not attend the funeral so he and Tony steal Chris's coffin. They return it when Jal and Michelle demand that they do so.