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Fiction Rating: All, (? Ratings Guide), Rated K -> T, Rated K -> K+, Rated K Skip Beat! - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 84 - Words: The President is IN it to Win IT for our Ren & Kyoko so they can face their feeling's ( Famous last words!) drunken Ren challenge X marriage challenge all rolled into one. Sheep pillow was Kyoko Mogami's gift for Ren Tsuruga for his 21st Birthday. Kyoko had ordered the Sheep Pillow online. Kyoko got the idea to give the sheep pillow as her gift to Ren when Ren borrowed her lap as her pillow, stating that he could not sleep without a pillow. Leaving only a letter to Ren. 15 years later they meet again. Skip Beat! ' girlfriend,' which has unexpected ramifications on Kyouko's relationship with Ren.

What's going to happen now? My co-star is scary by Neheigh Fluffydoodle reviews Ren recieves a call from Kyoko late at night, she is scared and crying without a second thought Ren jumps into his car and races to her rescue, But what awaits him at LME? Rated M for some bad langauge and violent threats Will continue if people like it: She's sure that Takaki-san will help her immensely in climbing the ladder of success, and he's been nothing but kind to her.

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But Ren doesn't see it that way. He does get the job done though, so perhaps Kuon should be forgiven for being so "improper". T - English - Chapters: Chances are Chiori will unknowingly push her to her destiny. Will she find her way to the sunlight? Kyoko was asked to reprise her role as the angel from 'Prisoner' for Fuwa Sho's newest PV, and Ren is casted to act as the angel's love interest. Meanwhile, Kyoko's in an emotional chaos related to her feeling towards her senpai and still angry at Sho.

Will the shoot for this PV be done smoothly for the three? First fanfic, so please be nice. But does she want to jump off the cliff anymore? Just a random plot i thought up. If the chara s are OOC i apologize in advance.


D Read and Review pls! Slightly introspective oneshot, fluff, RenKyoko: Ever since he saw her smile, he vowed to make her smile every day. A leaked rumor forced them to hide. But when trapped in an apartment with just the two of them, tricky predicaments and high-strung emotions begin to unravel until the secrets they so desperately wanted to keep are laid out for all eyes to see. Now that their lives have officially begun, Kyoko and Ren can slowly begin to experience the wondrous thrill of marriage together.

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But what kind of marriage would it be without the occasional speed-bumps along the way? Ren drives his wife and daughter home from the hospital. RenxKyoko, Canon Skip Beat!

Corn is a fairy Skip Beat! As you said, it seems to be a trait that guys often have in manga. And not just in manga. I see it in novels and movies, too. As the person above me pointed out, this seems to be some kind of motif for some shoujo manga Vampire Knight being another example, but with only one possessive guy.

Yes, I noticed that as I was reading the manga, but it became even clearer that they look alike when I was getting the pictures for this post. As for possessiveness in shojo manga in general, I agree. I will say that unlike some series, possessiveness in Skip Beat is not passed off as completely normal.

The worst offenders, Reino and Sho, are supposed to be jerks.

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At least I can tell Ren apart as he is the only one with a face like that with black hair. Erin I never thought of it that way, but that makes sense. While I appreciate the girl falling for the more mature guy, in this situation it feels too unequal power-wise.

XD Still have a general one planned, if I ever get it done.

But I like Skip Beat! The more people who point out questionable things, the better, I say. The thing with the formality in Ren and Kyouko I hope will soon but surely slowly be resolved. The mangaka is working on that exact thing with the latest chapters, and seeing Corn and Kyouko get along so well makes me really excited for the future and what their relationship will be like!