Smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

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smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

Literature term papers (paper ) on Smoke Signals: The relationship between Victor and Thomas in the movie Smoke Signals is what gives the stories that. In "Smoke Signals", we see the protagonist, Victor, challenged by two people who When Thomas informs him that their tribe were fishermen, Victor disregards. Victor and Thomas developed a strong relationship after they took a road trip together to Arizona to pick up the ashes of Victor's father.

In these ways Thomas represents traditional Indian values. In the book Thomas also seems to have little concern about whether his stories are truth or myth.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

Clearly this is impossible, but in Alexie's world of magic realism Thomas' testimony seems legitimate. In the film Alexie chose to linger at Arnold Joseph's trailer. In the book Victor and Thomas quickly leave the trailer. During this extended time at the trailer we, as viewers, learn many things about the relationship between Victor and his father. We learn that nearly every story told by Thomas is not true.

We learn that it was Arnold who accidentally started the fire that killed Thomas' parents. We also learn that Victor's mother did not feed one hundred Indians with fifty pieces of frybread by ripping each piece in half. Furthermore, we learn that Arnold himself was a story teller, and that he lied to Sonya about a basketball game against two Jesuit priests.

Arnold claimed that Victor hit the winning shot, when in reality Victor missed the shot and lost the game.

Smoke Signals

This relaxed position on truth seems to be a theme in both the movie and the text. In the film, when Victor and Thomas are heading back to the reservation in Arnold's truck there is a heated exchange.

Thomas shows a level of aggression that we do not get from the text or in any other point in the movie. He yells at Victor, telling him that he doesn't know who he is, and accuses him of making his mother cry. Overall in the book the relationship between Thomas and Victor is more cordial. Victor is at times, curious to hear Thomas' stories. In the book Thomas is more passive and his stories create a more lasting effect on the reader. Perhaps the medium of film necessitates a more abrasive relationship between Victor and Thomas.

Given only two hours, Alexie must have assumed that in order for the dynamic between these two characters to make a point, the dialog had to be more confrontational.

There is a funny moment towards the end of the film when the nurse praises Victor and Thomas for their bravery.

Victor ran twenty miles to the nearest town to call for help after they witness a drunk driving accident. The nurse says that the two are like the lone ranger and Tonto. Thomas corrects the nurse by saying, "No, we're more like Tonto and Tonto. In the book when Thomas is looking for a sign at the falls he sees nothing, but Arnold takes him to Denny's for breakfast. Thomas concludes that "Your dad was my vision.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

Take care of eachother is what my dreams were saying. Take care of eachother.

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You might even argue that Victor is simply using Thomas for his money. They argue and fight throughout the film. The most intense competition on any reservation is Indians versus Indians.

But Victor promises that he will earnestly listen to one of Thomas' stories sometime. In the film the understanding between Thomas and Victor is much more tangible and meaningful.

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Victor takes the initiative and pours half of his fathers ashes into Thomas' coin jar, effectively thanking Thomas for his support and wisdom. The final scene of this movie is all about forgiveness. Victor finally pours his fathers ashes into the river. During this moment of release we hear the words of Thomas, and his message of forgiveness.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

At the end of the movie, more so than in the book, we feel a sense of redemption and forgiveness towards Victor's father. And through this forgiveness of his father Victor comes to terms with his own identity, thanks to Thomas' storytelling. Posted by Works Cited Alexie, Sherman. This shifting in association gives the movie a very heartwarming effect.

It showed that these young Indian boys overcame the obstacles that had separated them, and while doing this became close friends. In the opening scene we are exposed to how Thomas' family becomes indebted to Victor's.

Victors father rescued Thomas from the burning building that killed his parents. We are not made aware of the fact that Victor's father had in fact started the fire as well. Leaving this detail unknown until the end of the movie allows the audience the chance to come to their own conclusions about Victor's father, before his personality is revealed by his neighbor.

During the movie, Thomas tried to befriend Victor, but usually to no avail. The other children consider Thomas a "dork" and Victor did not speak to him very much.

The scene after Victor's father left, where Victor beats Thomas into oblivion for making a rude remark about Victor's dad and the scene on the basketball court shows us this feeling of annoyance that Victor holds about Thomas.

For unknown reasons, however, Thomas continued to try to befriend Victor. Victor himself has taken on the warrior role. Though Victor wants to think of himself this way, it is incongruent with who he really is.

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He confronts the men, but backs down quickly, showing that his "warrior" persona, is only skin deep. Victor has a lot going on in his unconscious that he will not let come up to the surface for him to deal with. Inwardly, Victor feels responsible for his father leaving. We see this in the scene right after his father left and Thomas confronts him.

Thomas, as we see, stirs up trouble. Young Thomas asks the young Victor why his father left and if it was because he hated him. Victor proceeds to beat Thomas up and then run away.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship

This notion protected him from his unconscious belief that his father left because of him. If Victor had allowed himself to think about it, he may have realized that the negative notion he had of his father was just a way of protecting himself from the guilt that lay in his unconscious.

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Instead, this notion had to be broken down by a wealth of new evidence presented by the antagonists, Thomas and Suzy Song.

He goes about it in a very interesting way. I believe he does know. He knows exactly what he is doing. He knows that Victor is struggling, and that in order to be at peace, he needs to confront the issue. I believe, though, that it does get to him. Victor loses his temper with Thomas on a few occasions when Thomas is talking about his dad. This leads me to believe that Thomas is scratching the surface and it makes Victor uncomfortable.

Perhaps Victor would have gone on like this but with the addition of Suzy and the information she has, these beliefs would it be correct to refer to them as constructs?