Sora and roxas relationship test

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sora and roxas relationship test

A thread to explain Roxas' and Sora's connection for all those who don't . Registered: May ; Location: On top of a giant test paper D8. The elder of my triplet is in a bad relationship, and our stepfather abuses the youngest of my triplet. I have too Well after Roxas and Sora begged me to stop. . He's still book smart but refuses to show it save tests. Why?. During the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II, the player controls Roxas until Sora . However, Roxas remembers nothing of Axel, whose claims of his relation with.

Riku manages to catch it, however, and they both defeat the Neoshadows once on the ground. After the dark remains clear, they immediately turn on each other.

Roxas beats Riku at first, but Riku taunts him by calling him "Sora" and saying that he should be "stronger than this", causing Roxas to reflexively answer with, "Get real. Look which one of us is winning! Roxas captured by Riku-Ansem. Realizing he cannot beat Roxas on his own, Riku willingly unleashes his inner darkness and takes on the physical appearance of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.

Riku-Ansem disappears and reappears in front of Roxas, surprising him, before the Guardian grabs him and squeezes him hard, making him lose consciousness. While being squeezed, Roxas begins to forget his final memories of Xion's existence and his memories of past events with Xion are changed due to her erasure. DiZ arrives and pities Roxas, affirming his belief that a Nobody can not feel anything. Riku-Ansem says things might have turned out different if Roxas had met Sora.

Xion's voice is heard telling Roxas not to be sad and how she, him and Sora will connect each other. DiZ aims to join Sora and Roxas together in order to help Sora wake up faster after regaining his memories. However, he knows the Organization is hunting fervently for their missing member, so DiZ places him in a virtual Twilight Town.

There, Roxas would be kept safely away from the Organization while he lived as a normal boy, unaware of his past. His memories of his life with Organization XIII forgotten and replaced with altered ones, Roxas is seen in the virtual Twilight Town, hoping that perhaps today, he can finally go to the beach with Hayner, Pence and Olette.

Kingdom Hearts II[ edit ] "You're lucky He has become best friends with three kids - Hayner, Pence, and Olette - and even writes a diary of his time in town. Roxas has lost all memory of his life with the Organization. In addition, mysterious events start to occur around town. Strange white creatures, the Nobodies, begin invading the town, stealing photographs and attacking Roxas.

These Nobodies had been sent along with Axel by the Organization, who had finally located their former member, in an attempt to capture him. However, in times of dire need, the Keyblade a single Kingdom Key this time inexplicably comes to aid Roxas, and disappears once the threat is gone. He also meets a mysterious man in a black coat, later revealed to be Riku, who at one point asks a cryptic question: Roxas siting with his friends at the clock tower.

Though the intentions of these characters are enigmatic to Roxas, Axel soon appears with a more straightforward goal. Axel needs to bring Roxas back with him under the orders of Xaldin and Xemnas. However, Roxas remembers nothing of Axel, whose claims of his relation with Roxas only confuse him.

Axel is soon forced to attack the young boy to accomplish his goal. He battles Roxas in the midst of the Struggle tournament, but only DiZ's timely interruption spares Roxas from defeat. He recognizes her name from his dreams of Sora, and when Kairi inquires Sora's name, Sora himself, despite being asleep at that time, talks to Kairi through Roxas and gives her Sora's initial as a hint. In addition to these mysterious people, Roxas also begins to see strange anomalies due to the nature of Digital Twilight Town.

Time often freezes, and only he and select people seem to be unaffected. He also sees strange "glitches" around town that he could not explain. For some time, Roxas continues to be befuddled by all these events. That all changes when summer vacation comes to a close, and the truth is revealed: Along with that, Roxas discovers that he is living in a digital Twilight Town, and that his friends aren't real, just data. He encounters Axel once again, who had been ordered to eliminate Roxas if he refused to return.

DiZ, however, manages to freeze Axel in his tracks, along with the rest of the world, thus saving Roxas. DiZ then tells him to go to the abandoned mansion. She reveals to him information on Organization XIII and states that reuniting with Sora would not cause him to disappear, but make him whole.

However, she is interrupted by DiZ, but before she is taken away, she promises him that they would meet again, even if they won't recognize each other. Desiring to see Sora, Roxas makes his way through the mansion and begins to recall his former life. In doing so he realizes that he had been captured and placed into the digital world by DiZ and the mysterious cloaked man. Roxas then destroys DiZ's computer in anger, even though it was just a digital copy. Roxas then meets with Axel one last time, but despite the fact that Roxas has regained his memories, Axel states that it is too late.

The two battle once more, but this time Roxas is able to call on all of his dormant abilities, including summoning his two weapons: Oathkeeper and Oblivion, and soundly defeats his old friend, though with great regret. Roxas hopes that they will meet again, though Axel chuckles and responds that only Roxas has a next life.

Axel then retreats into the darkness, failing in his mission to capture or kill Roxas. Roxas then enters the pod room where Sora is kept, but not before seeing Donald Duck and Goofy slumbering in their own pods.

DiZ is there to greet him, revealing his intentions and fueling Roxas's rage with cutting remarks about Roxas's purpose and nature. Roxas returns to Sora. DiZ vanishes, and the pod in the center of the room opens.

Roxas's anger drains away when he sees Sora slumbering in the pod. Sadly smiling, he says to Sora, "You're lucky Looks like my summer vacation is Sora hears Roxas call out to him, and wonders who it is before hearing Donald and Goofy do the same and waking up. Though he does not actually appear to Sora throughout most of the game, Roxas is frequently mentioned. Most of the Organization members act as if Sora is Roxas and refer to him as such, which both frustrates and confuses Sora.

Roxas himself manages to maintain a presence within Sora despite "resting". The first time this is hinted at is when Sora departs from Twilight Town for the first time, saying goodbye to Hayner, Pence, and Olette. To his surprise, a tear rolls down his cheek, expressing Roxas's own sadness in separating from his own friends, and feels strangely sad to be leaving Twilight Town.

Sora instinctively knows how to ride a skateboardand is shown to be very skilled in doing so; presumably, this is an ability passed down from Roxas. As Sora looks through the crystal orb and at the orange sun, he subconsciously feels Roxas truly within him, and briefly takes on Roxas's appearance as he does so at least to the player. Then, during Sora, Donald, and Goofy's brief stay in the Realm of Darkness after the Battle of the HeartlessRiku leaves two clues for them, one of which is a picture from the digital Twilight Town which shows Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette standing in front of the abandoned mansion at Twilight Town.

Despite Sora having never seen or met Roxas before, he immediately recognizes his name. When Sora and his friends arrive at Betwixt and Between, they are overtaken by a swarm of Nobodies, but Axel jumps in and blows them away with a kamikaze attack. As he fades away, he apologizes for hurting Sora's friends in his quest to retrieve Roxas.

The Organization, observing from their castle, deduces that Axel has managed to connect with Sora's heart, rousing Roxas. Roxas and Sora fighting. Roxas makes his move when Sora reaches Memory's Skyscraper, where he had once fought Riku. His Samurai appear and surround Sora as Roxas, cloaked, confronts Sora and pulls him to the Station of Serenity within their hearts. Sora is surprised by the cloaked, Keyblade-wielding figure, believing him to be Riku, but Roxas scoffs and demands to know why Sora was chosen to exist over Roxas.

After looking at the Station and realizing that Sora's strength comes from the bonds he shares with others, Roxas makes one final attempt to conquer Sora, but Sora is able to assert his control over Roxas's Keyblades, taking them from the Nobody and dealing the finishing blow. Roxas falls to the ground, satisfied, and acknowledges Sora as a good "other", as his memories begin to finally assimilate with Sora's.

As the last pieces of Roxas's individuality fade away, his "heart" connects with Axel's in a facsimile of Twilight Town's clock tower.

They are happy to see each other one last time, and place their hope in Sora to find the salvation they had been seeking as they wistfully fade away. Sora continues to ponder what Roxas said as returns to Memory's Skyscraper, but Donald and Goofy assert that Roxas never even appeared to them, and that as a member of the Organization, Roxas was probably just trying to confuse Sora and could not be trusted.

Sora is confused, but continues on.

sora and roxas relationship test

As Sora makes his way up the Organization's stronghold, the Organization members, before being cut down one by one, make more and more confusing remarks about Roxas. Sora is taken aback by this at first, but then remembers his brief transformation into a Heartless while attempting to rescue Kairi.

Riku also explains that Roxas left the Organization, and Riku tried to bring him to DiZ, but was defeated. He stood over me glaring down at me for a few seconds before grabbing my hair again and dragging me down to the basement. You never want to end up in that basement. It meant you were in deep shit. I always feel so bad for Rox. He is down here almost every day. This is where Ansem misuses him.

Whenever I'm down here it is usually a beating. Unless he's to drunk to know I'm Ven not Rox. Sometimes he even knows which one I am and then forgets.

That would be what is happening. He throws me on the couch down there. I lay quietly in hopes of him being gentle if I don't struggle and just submit. He grabs something from a near by table and comes over to me. I try not to stiffen as I see the whip in his hands.

He still knows which I am at this point. Who really knows with him? I pulled my black shirt off and threw it aside and lay back down.

I felt the whip come down on my scared back. I grunt slightly at the stinging sensation. Soon enough the only sound I hear in the leather hitting my back.

I got lucky with the beating though. It was quick and almost painless. I say painless because I'm not bleeding.

sora and roxas relationship test

I don't move as he throws the whip across the room. I've learned by know. I still am never ready when he attaches his lips to mine. He forgot who I was by then. To him I'm Roxas now. As I think that I shudder. Roxas gave up long ago. In many ways he is worse off then I am. I hate thinking about it. About how that bastard trained my poor brother.

All the beatings all the blood. Rox can't even think for himself anymore.

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He use to be so smart. He was even given the opportunity to skip middle school. He refused because he wanted to stay with us and not rush his childhood. That's all gone now. He's still book smart but refuses to show it save tests. Rox gave up on life years ago. I hold back the vomit as his tongue invades my mouth. I have to remind myself not to bite him. It will be quicker and easier that way. I lay on the couch limply letting his hands wander and his tongue rape my mouth.

I felt him unbutton my jeans and had to remind myself not to kick at him.

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My zipper when down. I felt disgusted with myself. I one swift motion he pulled my jeans and boxers off. I was completely exposed to him. He pulled away from me and removed his own cloths, "Were going to have some fun tonight Roxas. I could not speak for fear of my tongue betraying me so I nodded weakly. He chuckled and sat down on the leather seat across the room.

I heard him snap and I knew what it meant. Because Ansem had done this to me many times and if I didn't learn his cues he would beat Rox for it later. So I stood on shaky legs and made my way over to him. I dropped to my knees and with a bit of mental preparation I wrapped my lips around his shaft. Could I be anymore pathetic? He doesn't need any more of this shit. Your doing this for Rox…' I chanted taking more of this cock in my mouth. Soon enough he came and I made sure to swallow. Then he pulled me onto his lap and with no warning, no preparation, and no nothing pushed into my small body.

I bit back the scream that wanted to come out so badly. I will not wake Roxas because of him. I stop my self from glaring daggers at him. I cam feel the blood trickling down my thighs. I remind my self of Roxas and Sora. Don't do anything stupid. Just relax and let it happen. Don't fight…' And he is moving. I can taste the blood in my mouth from the force of my teeth as I hold in all the screams of pain.

This seemed to go on forever. Finally he came into me. It stings against the torn flesh. He pulls out and throws me on the ground where he leaves to go back upstairs. I lie there and listen for a while. I hear him go upstairs and into his own room. I finally sit up wincing at the pain in my lower back and ass. I fight through it and get my cloths on. I limp back upstairs and outside into the warm summer air.

School would be starting in about a week. Our only place of solitude. We get to see our friends and everything.

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I really cannot wait. I'm pretty much confined to the house so I can take care of Roxas and Sora. I need to be there at all times. If I'm not I can only imagine. I pull my cell phone out as I sit on the front steps. I flinch as I sit but it hurt less than standing.

My body throbs as a constant reminder of what just occurred. I wipe angry tears from eyes. What did we do to deserve this? I always ask myself that. I can never come up with anything.

Especially for Rox and Sora. I was the problem child to curious for my own good. Roxas and Sora were angels. Roxas was shy and soft spoken and beautiful. Everyone had a crush on him at school.

A thread to explain Roxas' and Sora's connection for all those who don't understand

Final Fantasy VII to be more tragic. Nomura commented that, despite their similarities, Roxas and Ventus are not the same character.

Nomura says this will be explained by the fact that the character Xehanort whose Heartless and Nobody, Ansem and Xemnas, exist at the same time as the original one. Roxas has been featured in various types of merchandise produced by Square Enix. An action figure was released as part of the Play Arts action figures series; [39] Other items include a plush, keychains and replicas of his necklace.

During FebruaryRoxas was twenty-eighth in a Famitsu poll featuring the most popular video game characters from Japan. Additionally, the reviewer found the switch from Roxas' story to Sora's after a few hours "a little jarring".