Soubi and ritsuka relationship

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soubi and ritsuka relationship

Ritsuka discovers that Seimei's impromptu will dictates that Soubi shall "become Ritsuka's relationship with everyone develops a little more with each volume. Within the world of Loveless it Soubi constantly tells Ritsuka that he loves Ritsuka and year-old Soubi are in an eroticized relationship (I. On Ritsuka and Soubi's relationship being abusive; do you think that their relationship is kind of normalized in the manga? In some instances.

Rie Kugimiya She is the fighter of the female Zero pair. Until they met, both pairs believed they were the only Zero pair to exist. Both teams are experiments created by Nagisa at different times, and the female pair is presumably the first generation. Despite their unusual background, both Kouya and Yamato attend high school, although different ones. In an interesting demonstration of the series' fictional world's rules and expectations of society, Kouya wears fake cat ears despite not being a virgin.

Yamato often teases her about it, particularly because Yamato doesn't try to hide her status. Yumi Kakazu She is the sacrifice of the female Zero pair. In contrast to Kouya's solemness, Yamato has an outgoing, vivacious personality. Their relationship is the focus of a mini-story arc in volume 4.

The relationship Yamato has with Kouya is a passionate and dedicated one that becomes unexpectedly stressful for Yamato in volume 4.

soubi and ritsuka relationship

Her marking, which she interprets as physical proof of her relationship with Kouya, slowly fades without warning. In a blatant reference to the homosexual nature of their relationship, both girls' markings -- a 0 with a line through the middle -- are on the same place: Takehito Koyasu He was Soubi's former teacher and held a very influential role in Soubi's life at that time.

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In the few times they have made contact within the current timeline, Soubi acts very brusque and treats him with disgust, in a way that almost recalls the dynamics of a parent-child relationship. It is also revealed that he was the one who took away Soubi's virginity.

Ritsu is said to have been the Sacrifice to Soubi's mother, which lead to him and Soubi meeting. Both Ritsu and Nagisa had previously denied any affiliation with the Septimal Moon. Ken Narita He is Ritsuka's older brother. He was seventeen when he was found murdered, although he died under mysterious circumstances and could only be identified by his dental records.

Ritsuka was hit hardest of all by the news of his brother's death.

Loveless (series)

Seimei is the sacrifice of the Beloved pair, Soubi having been given to Seimei mostly at Seimei's request as a fighter when Seimei was only 14 years old. His personality is subject of great debate, and many readers have very different interpretations of his actions.

soubi and ritsuka relationship

To make things more confusing, the characters in the story themselves clash with their different beliefs and experiences, some believing he was a gentle, loving man and others saying that he was cruel, merciless, and hateful. However, it has recently been confirmed that Seimei does indeed have a violent personality, or destructive behavior at the very least.

There are also suggestions in canon that Seimei possesses powers beyond that of a normal sacrifice. He has been described as inhuman by Soubi and others. First appearing in volume 5, he is the real Fighter Unit of Beloved, and helps keep track of Ritsuka by spying on him and reporting the information to a mysterious boss.

Ritsu's reaction to it isn't shown.

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Raising Soubi Fourteen years before the start of the series, Akio and her husband died, leaving behind a six Soubi and Ritsu meeting for the first time year-old child named Soubi Agatsuma. It's unclear whether or not Soubi was left to Ritsu by Akio, but Ritsu arrives at the hospital and insults Soubi for crying over his parents' deaths before telling him that he would take him in.

Soon afterwards, Ritsu brings Soubi to his parents' gave site and tells Soubi to get in the hole, leading Soubi to develop a fear of the dark and graves, which he tells Ritsuka Aoyagi about as an adult. Ritsu continues to mock and insult Soubi in this scene, telling him to stop crying. Later, Ritsu brings Soubi to Goura and tries to put Soubi to bed. Soubi tells him that he's afraid of the dark and asks Ritsu to read him a story, to which Ritsu reponds by telling him no and hitting Soubi hard enough to almost make him fall off the bed.

Soubi then tries to sleep with Ritsu and asks Ritsu to tell him about his mother and father. Ritsu refuses and then demands Soubi to tell him about his Ritsu talking to a six year-old Soubi at his parents' grave site mother, during which Ritsu holds Soubi's face and comments about how much Soubi and Akio look alike. From here on out, Ritsu raised Soubi and tried to make him into the perfect and best Fighter.

Aoyagi Ritsuka

He frequently beat and whipped him, as well as giving him private lessons. He led Soubi to believe that he would make Soubi into his own FIghter, but instead gave Soubi away when he was seventeen to Seimei Aoyagi, which Soubi saw as abandoning him. Ritsu also instigated a sexual relationship with Soubi from a young age, and raped him when he was still a child, something that even Nagisa was upset about.

Ritsu raised Soubi to become the best Fighter, and Soubi was the top in the school because of his training. At this point, Ritsu is at least 35 years old and has given Soubi away to Seimei Aoyagi. He's the principal of Seven Voices Academy and a psychologist, as evidenced by a drama CD, where Ritsu gives a lecture and calls himself 'doctor'.

Ritsu is in charge of sending units out to make contact with Ritsuka Aoyagiand seems unsurprised Ritsu in Wisdom Resurrection when Soubi beats them. However, as the story progresses, Ritsuka realizes how much he needs Soubi despite his rash attitude at times; when he tells Soubi to leave him alone, he is often seen staring at his cell phone waiting for a call or a text message. To an extent, Ritsuka seems to have a certain charismatic personality that attracts easy infatuation, which can be found in his therapist, Yuiko, Seimei, and Soubi.

Ritsuka's relationship with everyone develops a little more with each volume, although not much has been said or shown about Ritsuka's father and he still remains a rather unimportant figure in his life, unlike his mother and brother. Ritsuka is a very determined and pure child that is easily recognized and sometimes taunted by other Fighters and Sacrifices. He does not enjoy being the 'Master', and nor does he enjoy ordering Soubi around like a dog, no matter how much Soubi wishes it.

He also refuses to punish Soubi because of his past experiences in which he was disgusted by how he was abused by his mother. Trivia Ritsuka as he appears at the age of seventeen.

There are several sketches of an older Ritsuka Aoyagi that could be considered official to Loveless ' canon since they were drawn by Yun Kougathe creator of the series. Ritsuka suffers from a rare form of severe dissociative amnesia introduced by several traumatic life events including witnessing a murder and parental abuse.

Ritsuka's amnesia began following the apparent death of his brother. There is a small possibility that individuals with this disorder can overcome the state of amnesia without losing the memories gained during the period of amnesia. This coincidently becomes a foreshadowing clue in the series since according to Yun Kouga's sketches, he grows to exact same height as Seimei at the age of seventeen. In Ritsuka's manga debut, he is seen wearing a jacket with elaborate embroidery.