Spock and mccoy relationship

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spock and mccoy relationship

Because if Spock and McCoy don't have anything to argue about—you robbing Trek of one of its most interesting interpersonal relationships. 'Star Trek Beyond': Karl Urban on the Relationship Between Spock and Kirk and Spock and a little more on the relationship between McCoy. The love/hate relationship between Spock and McCoy. These two act as if they can't stand each other and are always sparring, but in reality they need each.

Can he afford to be losing his shit if everyone else is? Certainly not in these movies. Image via Paramount Pictures We know that you guys get to go to a Starbase and experience new aliens. What can I say?

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Do you have many scenes with Idris? If so, what is your dynamic? I used to go into his trailer every day after work and steal his hair product.

I miss that now. It certainly makes our job a lot easier. Whereas, perhaps in J. Really Spock and McCoy must be the absolute worst enemies ever.

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But of course if that doesn't convince you both Nimoy and De Kelley have said that Spock and McCoy liked each other deep down. Heck even Roddenberry has said it there are plenty of quotes available which I will add later.

Spock and Bones McCoy Married Moments

I think people who care so much about supposed racism against aliens should maybe be concerned with real racism but anyways Yes I realize that McCoy did often call out Spock's Vulcan features and green blood but these lines were obviously meant to be funny.

If you don't find them funny what can I say, this was written in the 's. Heck just as a real life example please watch Match Game in the 's.

spock and mccoy relationship

This was an extremely "liberal show" at the time. And I know for a fact than many of the panelists were involved in the civil right moments. But there were tons of jokes during the show that would definitely be considered politically incorrect today if not far worse than anything McCoy said about Spock.

Spock and McCOy

Times change and so is what is considered acceptable. But really if you think McCoy one of the 3 main heroes was meant to be racist when Gene Roddenberry was upset when a minor character might be a drug dealer on the enterprise in City on the Edge of Forever you must be kidding yourself.

It seems that the life changing friendships in Star Trek are relationships which explore the essential mystery and wonder of a person who is fundamentally different than oneself. These differences include intellectual differences, differences in value-systems, religions, technical abilities, and life-philosophies.

One example is found in the Star Trek: Worf is tested by a vehement disagreement over culture and beliefs. Riker is opposed to the ritual and yet wants to honor his friend.

spock and mccoy relationship

Riker finds the ritual despicable and one that exhibits beliefs regarding life that are fundamentally opposed to his own. What is most important here is that through this fundamental disagreement regarding core convictions about life their friendship remains strong.

Their dedication to and respect for the other remains constant. For these individuals, dedicated friendship does not necessitate agreement. What is missing is a dynamic account of the necessity of newness and difference in making that happen. In order to have the kind of society envisioned in the Federation, openness to novel experiences and relationships is a prerequisite for understanding. It requires the willingness to stick with someone in the midst of disagreement and continue to seek the betterment of others with whom we have little in common.

Aristotle says that friendship depends on community. In Star Trek, we see humans experience the misunderstandings and growing pains of expanding that community to increasingly encompass those we do not fully understand. One day we might have to learn how to get along with Vulcans or Klingons. Today, we can become friends with someone at the local community center, church, synagogue or mosque. We can become dedicated to someone with opposing political or philosophical beliefs.