Sprint and clearwire relationship

sprint and clearwire relationship

"Today's agreement further aligns Sprint and Clearwire's interests and lays the foundation for a continued, constructive relationship. We are. Clearwire and Sprint have a long history. operations and spectrum with Clearwire in , but their relationship goes back further and is built. The deal gives Sprint full control of Clearwire's impressive swath of While Sprint had a majority stake in Clearwire, the relationship was.

So why is Sprint buying up Clearwire? As with most of the recent deals in the industry, this one was largely motivated by spectrum. Clearwire has a valuable swath of spectrum that covers the country, which Sprint can use to augment its own 4G services.

While Sprint had a majority stake in Clearwire, the relationship was structured so that the Clearwire board acted independently.

sprint and clearwire relationship

That structure ensured Clearwire's board would act in the best interest of the company and all of its shareholders, and not just Sprint. But it also resulted in some drama in the past.

Sprint and Clearwire Announce Key Enhancements to Their Long-Term Wholesale Revenue Agreements

What kind of drama? Sprint and Clearwire famously clashed over the price that Sprint had to pay to run on Clearwire's network. Clearwire felt that Sprint was underpaying for the amount of traffic it ran on Clearwire's network, while Sprint believed that it was getting squeezed by a company with little leverage.

The result was stalled talks and Clearwire nearly losing its ability to meet its financial obligations as Sprint balked at paying a higher rate.

It publicly manifested itself when Sprint unveiled its own 4G LTE plans and said start-up LightSquared would be its partner in moving to the next-generation network. It didn't hurt that LightSquare imploded under the weight of regulatory scrutiny over potential interference on GPS devices from its network. OK, but what does this mean for Sprint and Clearwire customers?

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For now, not a lot. Sprint will continue to support and use Clearwire's WiMax network for existing customers with older phones, although Hesse said that the equipment would eventually be replaced with LTE radios. Likewise, Clearwire will continue to support its 1. Prusch wouldn't get into specific plans, but he said the smaller wholesale customers occupy a unique niche in the wireless industry, which bodes well for them.

Ultimately, once Clearwire gets its 4G LTE network up and running, Sprint could see better coverage and less congestion. So can Sprint and Clearwire just combine their spectrum?

Sprint to buy out Clearwire: Why it matters (FAQ)

Sprint and Clearwire each own spectrum at different frequencies, so they aren't compatible. Furthermore, they each must run on a different flavor of LTE, further complicating matters. The incompatibility issue has been long known, and Sprint and Clearwire have already been working on designing devices that include radios for both versions of LTE.

sprint and clearwire relationship

The suit claimed that the company's actual Internet connection speeds were slower than advertised and was sometimes unavailable. The service is not unique to Clearwire. Clearwire provides service in Spain in the 3.

sprint and clearwire relationship

Logo used in Belgium by Clearwire Belgium sprl to market 4G wireless Internet services under the Clearwire brand Expedience fixed wireless[ edit ] Clearwire offers Expedience based services in 17 markets in the United States and in certain markets in Belgium.

The RSU incorporates automatic adaptive modulation for increased throughput and network capacity. Users are connected to the Internet at indoor locations throughout the entire system's coverage area. The unit functions as an Ethernet bridge Layer 2 device, interfacing a standard Ethernet over twisted pair connector.

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The PC Card incorporates the same automatic adaptive modulation for increased throughput and network capacity with the added portability of a laptop CardBus card. The device combines Clearwire's 4G network with Sprint's 3G network and Google's Android operating system, creating a multimedia-heavy device Sprint hoped would set it apart from 3G smartphones like the Apple iPhone. Testing showed that contrary to Vonage's claims, Vonage calls were being connected over the Clearwire network.