Star trek tng worf and troi relationship

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star trek tng worf and troi relationship

Towards the end of Star Trek: TNG, a relationship is teased between Worf and Troi, including a moonlight date in the holosuite and interrupted. I know that Deanna helping out Worf in raising Alexander brought them Troi could have been a good foil for him if they'd allowed Marina to let her hair I think their relationship would have continued in the TNG movies and it . of Will much like the Star Wars book portrays Han in a desperate inane way. Deanna Troi was a half-Betazoid, half-Human Starfleet officer. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek Nemesis) As a The two began a relationship sometime between and , and the relationship lasted . Troi counseled Worf and Alexander Rozhenko, who had boarded the ship to stay with his father.

Worf believed Gowron was the legitimate ruler and convinced his brother to bring forces loyal to him into battle on Gowron's behalf. Worf resigned from Starfleet to fight for Gowron and served on his brother's ship. Gowron won the war after Starfleet exposed Romulan support for the House of Duras. Once the war was over, Worf regained his Starfleet commission, recognizing that he did not fully belong to Klingon society TNG: In while the Enterprise was at Deep Space Nine, Worf investigated a claim that his father might still be alive in a Romulan prison camp.

His father was not there having indeed been killed during the battle at Khitomerbut a number of Klingons were living there with the Romulans. Unable to return home with honor, as Klingons are supposed to commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner, they stayed and strayed from their way of life. Worf's visit had a profound effect on the children of the prisoners and many chose to leave with him TNG: Worf's visit to the camp caused him to reconsider his own beliefs.

He visited the monastery at Boreth to meditate. One day, a man appeared before him claiming to be Kahless the Unforgettable who had returned to lead the Empire once more. Worf was willing to consider the idea that Kahless was genuine because he believed the Klingons had lost their ways. He questioned Kahless about details of his memories, which Kahless could not recall, and then challenged Kahless to combat, defeating him easily. The loss forced the clerics to reveal that they had created a clone of Kahless and implanted ancient scriptures of Kahless's battles as his memories.

Despite this, Worf became convinced that the Klingons would make a leap of faith and accept him as the legitimate heir of Kahless. He convinced the Klingons to appoint the new Kahless as Emperor. While real power remained with Gowron as head of government, the Emperor would be the formal head of state and teach the stories of Kahless. Gowron was incited to go along with this arrangement when Worf threatened in private otherwise to oppose him publicly, which Gowron, still not fully in control of the Empire, could not afford.

Worf avoided romantic attachments with non-Klingons during his first few years on board the Enterprise-D. As Worf explained to both Commander Riker and Guinanhe felt that non-Klingon females would be too fragile, and that he would have to restrain himself too much.

He eventually developed strong feelings for Counselor Deanna Troiand explored a relationship with her for a time, which at times strained his relationship with her former romantic interest, Commander Riker.

After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf took an extended leave to evaluate his future. He was at a monastery on the Klingon colony of Boreth when he was ordered to go to Deep Space 9 to advise Captain Sisko when a Klingon fleet massed at the station.

Worf learned that the Klingons were planning to invade Cardassia because of a coup which they had been led to believe was engineered by the Dominion. Worf reluctantly informed Sisko, knowing this would jeopardize his status in the empire. After the invasion had begun, Gowron traveled to DS9 to ask Worf to join him in battle.

Gowron believed the Federation was unworthy of Worf's loyalty because they would not fight the Dominion. Worf felt the war was wrong and he could not support it. Gowron punished him by reinstating Worf's discommendation, but this time executing it to the full degree, by stripping him and his family of his honor, lands, and titles, effectively bringing down the House of Mogh.

Worf submitted his resignation but Sisko rejected it because he still needed him. He had decided to rescue the members of the Cardassian council from certain death at the hands of the Klingons. In doing so, he was able to prove that there was no Dominion involvement by verifying their identities.

The Klingons attacked the station in order to capture the council members but withdrew as Starfleet ships approached, fearing a war on two fronts. At the end of the immediate crisis, Sisko convinced Worf to join the crew as Strategic Operations officer. In this role, he would coordinate all Starfleet activity in the Bajoran sector and act as an executive officer on the USS Defiantmeaning he had to adjust to the requirements and obligations that came with the red "command personnel" uniform.

For the first months, Worf had difficulties adjusting to life on the station, unintentionally overstepping his boundaries by acting as he did on the Enterprise, putting him for a while at odds with Chief of Security Odo. For Worf, the station's life seemed just too much 'grey', subsequently requesting to relocate his quarters aboard Defiant. After the Klingon civil war, Kurn had gained a seat on the High Council. Worf's opposition to the war against Cardassia cost Kurn his seat on the council.

Four months later, he arrived at DS9 seeking help from his brother to perform a ritual to die with honor. He felt that the ritual, which involved Worf killing him, was the only way to restore his honor.

Initially disregarding orders from Sisko not to carry out the honor killingWorf failed in his first attempt to perform the ritual and later found he could not bring himself to do so again, as he had taken on a human feature of morality and would consider it murdering his brother.

Worf arranged for his brother to have cosmetic surgery and his memory wiped so he could start a new life with no ties to the House of Mogh. Kurn now has the identity of Rodek, who believes he lost his memory after being hit by a plasma discharge DS9 episode " Sons of Mogh ".

When Rodek sees Worf, he asks him whether he is family. Worf bitterly replies to have no family. After a year of war between the Federation and the Klingons, Worf joined a team sent to investigate claims that Gowron was a changeling in disguise.

star trek tng worf and troi relationship

Worf nearly killed Gowron in combat but at the last moment the impostor was revealed to be disguised as Gowron's military adviser General Martok. The discovery helped restore peace between the Federation and the Klingons and to Worf again being shunned by Gowron for not having killed him when he had the chance, reaffirming his dishonor. She was familiar with Klingon customs due to the experience of the Dax symbiont's previous host, Curzon.

star trek tng worf and troi relationship

She was the first non-Klingon that Worf could "physically" be with in the traditional Klingon way, although it still left bruises, cuts and broken bones. While on a mission to the Gamma QuadrantWorf was captured by the Dominion and sent to a Jem'Hadar prison camp where he met the real General Martok and was reunited with the real Dr.

Bashirwho had both been captured and replaced by changelings. While the prisoners worked to escape, Worf entered a daily round of combat with each of the guards in turn. He earned the respect and admiration of Martok and even of the guards because he would not yield.

Once the prisoners escaped, they managed to warn the station about the Bashir-changeling. Martok asked Worf to be his first officer. The ship had suffered many losses to the Dominion, and morale was low. Martok's refusal to engage the enemy, due to his Dominion incarceration, made things worse.

Worf challenged him for command, but allowed Martok to win and retain command. This led to Martok regaining his warrior's courage and, with renewed vigor, he led the crew to their first victory against the Dominion.

Understanding what Worf had done, Martok thanked him for reminding him of his duty as a soldier and offered him a place in his house as his brother. By joining the House of Martok, Worf's status in the empire was restored albeit the House of Mogh remains stricken.

Though Worf was initially estranged by his now adult son, and skeptical of his son's desire to serve the Empire, he eventually reconciled with him, and his son joined the House of Martok as well.

When Sisko eventually returned with a fleet of Federation ships to retake the station, Worf and Martok lobbied Gowron to send Klingon ships to join the battle.

star trek tng worf and troi relationship

The entry of the Klingon ships turned the tide and allowed the Defiant to break through and retake the station DS9: Having helped liberate the station, Worf and Jadzia decided to get married. The wedding was a traditional Klingon ceremony which included a series of trials on Jadzia's part in order to gain the approval of Martok's wife to join the House of Martok. This almost ended in disaster, as the free-spirited Jadzia felt forced into a position rather than taking the matter seriously enough.

Eventually, realizing its importance to Worf and counseled by Sisko that she needed to mature, Jadzia yielded and she was allowed to marry Worf. In the DS9 episode " Change of Heart ", Worf prematurely ended a mission to contact a Cardassian informant inside the Dominion in order to save his injured wife. The informant was subsequently executed by the Dominion, causing Captain Sisko to officially caution that Starfleet might not grant Worf his own command after this incident being another official reprimand in Worf's records of consequence.

However, Sisko added that, had he been forced to choose between his duty and his wife, he would have done the same thing.

By lateWorf and Jadzia were married less than a year when they decided to try to have a child, despite the extreme difficulties posed by the disparate biologies of Trill and Klingons.

While Worf was away during a mission, Jadzia visited the Bajoran temple on the station where she was attacked and killed by an alien possessing the body of Gul Dukatwho had come aboard the station to destroy an Orb of the Prophet.

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He dedicated this mission to his late wife, in order to ensure her entry into Sto-Vo-kor, the Valhalla -like realm of the honored dead, being joined by QuarkBashir and O'Brien DS9: Julian Bashir was able to save the Dax symbiontwhich was sent back to the Trill homeworld to be rejoined with a new host aboard the USS Destiny. When the symbiont's health worsened, the Dax symbiont was implanted into a new host named Ezri Daxwho was the assistant ship's counselor.

She had not been trained to be a host, but she was the only available unjoined Trill aboard. Ezri had difficulty making the transition and sought out Ben Sisko on Earth. She helped him on his mission and then returned to DS9 with him. She accepted his request to stay on as station counselor. Worf avoided Ezri at first, confused about what to do about this new situation. Her quick posting to DS9 led to a number of awkward moments between her and Worf, since the new host carried all the memories of their former hosts but had its own distinct personality, despite their shared past.

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Also, it was considered taboo on Trill for new hosts to fraternize with former lovers. After a brief rekindling of their feelings for one another, they decided that things were just too different and, eventually, the two settled into a comfortable friendship, with Ezri eventually becoming romantically involved with Julian Bashir who previously had feelings for Jadzia. InWorf became concerned with the leadership of Gowron.

The entry of the Breen into the war on the side of the Dominion temporarily sidelined the Federation and Romulan fleets, which proved vulnerable to Breen weaponry. This left the Klingons alone to carry on the fight as their ships were not affected in the same manner.

Gowron assumed direct command because he feared Martok's growing popularity and devised a plan to discredit Martok. He began ordering Martok on near-suicidal missions against Dominion forces, hoping that a string of defeats would weaken Martok's popularity and discredit him as a military leader.

Recognizing that Gowron was jeopardizing the entire war effort for the sake of his personal pride, Worf tried to convince Martok that he should challenge Gowron for the leadership. After Martok refused, Worf challenged Gowron himself, citing his faulty battle planning, his dishonorable conduct in trying to discredit Martok, and poor strategies at the later stages of the Dominion War.

After a brief battle, Worf killed Gowron; by right, he was proclaimed the new chancellor of the Klingon High Council. However, Worf declined in favor of Martok DS9: You might enjoy Triangle: Imzadi II which explored their fledgling and ultimately short-lived and doomed relationship. It [the book] revealed new facets of their long and intimate relationship and put that bond to its ultimate test in a powerful and unforgettable story that remains one of the most popular Star Trek adventures ever published.

Now David examines the heart of Deanna Troi from an altogether different perspective, as he reveals for the first time the full story of Troi's troubled romance with Lieutenant Commander Worf. At first glance, they cannot be more different.

Deanna Troi

She is an empath, gentle and acutely sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. He is a fierce Klingon warrior, dedicated to a harsh and warlike code of honor.

Brought together, however, by a common need to care for Alexander, Worf's troubled, motherless son, they discover hidden reserves of courage and compassion within each other and embark on an unexpected courtship, much to the surprise and discomfort of William Riker. But does Worf's future truly lie with Deanna And whom indeed shall Troi ultimately call "imzadi"? Imzadi II is a compelling story, an untold chapter in the history of the Starship Enterprise.

As to why there aren't any books approaching their future relationship, it would appear that Paramount Licensing didn't want anything to "step on" future plotlines. Peter [Davis] commented, "What prompted the sequel was being contacted by John Ordover and told that the marketing people wanted another Imzadi book.

I said, 'What do you mean another one? He then said, 'I have a great idea. This can be about Troi and Worf. When Worf showed up on DS9 there was no sign of Deanna and she was never mentioned and he looked pissed off.