Stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship quotes

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship quotes

A Stargate episode guide for Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter. Amanda Tapping Episode GuideStargateStar TrekRelationshipFandomsFandom. More information . Why didn't you ever confirm the Sam/Jack relationship in SG-1 but found the need O'Neill would lose his career, which is extremely important to him, Brad Wright also confirmed (in this interview) that in the movie script he. Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1) Season 3 (- ) quotes on planetclaireTV. Seth Jacob: So He refuses to seek out your brother and mend their relationship. Carter: O'Neill: Does the concept of overkill mean anything to anybody?.

This is an extension of Upgrades [Season 4] [Episode 3]. Some fans may have felt a tad too manipulated here, but I like intentional tuggings on the old heartstrings now and again and it's one of my favorite tender moments in the series. This solid entry merely confirmed what fans had hoped for and believed all along for four years. There was indeed a special connection between Carter and O'Neill and for all intents and purposes it looked like the two professional soldiers were prepared to keep their feelings for one another in check for the sake of international Again, you can't deny that piano.

Window Of Opportunity [Season 4] [Episode 6]: As the title would suggest, the creators and cast got creative with Carter and O'Neill's relationship given the parameters they had established for themselves professionally.

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Science fiction is a beautiful thing and SG-1's creators began to posit the 'what if' scenarios with this dandy of a time loop episode. O'Neill wises up and takes full advantage of his own window of opportunity knowing his time will loop back again and all will be forgotten. Beneath The Surface [Season 4] [Episode 10]: This episode is loaded with wonderful, warm orange and brown coloration.

Carter, O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 struggle to remember who they are. Their minds have been altered and they work off the chemistry between one another to break through the barricades. O'Neill even recalls feeling for Carter. Entity [Season 4] [Episode 20]: The emotional connection is subtle.

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Carter has been overtaken by an alien intelligence that has slipped through the gate and the team makes every desperate attempt to get Carter back. The creators took a bit of a hiatus from Carter and O'Neill's affections if I'm not mistaken. They had visited a number of different avenues creatively and for fear of beating the proverbial 'dead horse' and repeating themselves the creators literally skipped Season 5 and essentially Season 6 regarding their love connection.

Full Circle [Season 6] [Episode 22]: O'Neill and Carter's friendship runs deep and they even reference their affection at each other's expense. Grace [Season 7] [Episode 13]: A disoriented Carter suffers from a head injury and the cast and crew really delve into the area of alien isolation with a kind of Nostromo-styled eeriness. Carter's mind manifests itself in the form of a number of visitations that ask her to look at her life choices.

A vision of O'Neill has her questioning her relationship with her superior, friend and would be lover. A terrific episode written by Damian Kindler. Death Knell [Season 7] [Episode 16]: Out of friendship grows love.

Ever Fallen in Love - Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill

O'Neill keeps things professional, but never pushes caring for Carter aside. Heroes Part 2 [Season 7] [Episode 18]: A harrowing firefight nearly tears apart what Carter knows to be a necessary part of her life-O'Neill.

She may not be with him, but she's always by his side and she certainly depends on it on an emotional level. Lost City Part 2 [Season 7] [Episode 22]: Carter is not digging this. She's got the deer in the headlights thing going here. Affinity [Season 8] [Episode 7]: It's not easy keeping emotions in check. By the way, is it me, or does Carter always look amazing in black! Oh and did I mention piano? I love that piano. Threads [Season 8] [Episode 18] Carter and O'Neill have struggled with their working relationship and the part of their relationship they wish could have been more.

This episode handles that thread beautifully. There is real honesty here and eight years on, it further illustrates just how steeped in reality a science fiction show like Stargate SG-1 managed to be. As a fan I wanted something to really 'happen' between them, but the creators fleshed out the dynamic so perfectly it only gave me pause as to why I loved the show so much and why I was always satisfied with how they handled their connection.

It would be the last episode of the established, original quartet as it would see to Richard Dean Anderson's departure. Amanda Tapping would exit on maternity leave for a time and Stargate SG-1 would be reincarnated and revived with a new energy for Season 9. In saying goodbye, the creators offered fans a completely original science-fiction tale within the show. This splendidly wacky finale would give fans exactly what they wanted, Carter in the arms of O'Neill [sort of, as it was strictly within the realm of pure fantasy within the show's established boundaries].

While the episode isn't a personal favorite of mine the closing minutes make it one of the finest moments.

I like the sparks and fireworks that ignite around them. It's all very James Bond moment! Have you not read the Bible, O'Neill?

Not all of it. Actually, I'm listening to it on tape. Don't tell me how it ends. No harm will come to you. The Tollan will guarantee it. Is that a "money back if you're not completely alive" guarantee? Appearances may be deceiving. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship quotes

A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell. You are all casualties until hours. Would that be Daylight Savings or Standard?

Um, I gotta ask you something. It's not easy for me. If you don't make it I've had a great deal of success with hypnosis. You know, I'm not a big fan of that bark like a chicken, cluck like a dog stuff. I wonder if everyone's coming from some religious event. Why does it always have to be a religious thing with you? Maybe they're coming from a swap meet. She's Hathor, the goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music. So what's the plan? Elegant in its simplicity, don't you think?

Teal'c, you don't have to stick around. Undomesticated equines could not remove me. Well, he's not human. There are many forms of power, my dear. Some are more subtle than others. Well, for the moment we just need the electrical kind.

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No Matter what you have endured, you've never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of. You ended that sentence with a preposition, Bastard! Wait a minute, you're actually saying that you need someone You may have come to the right place.

What do you want? I can't help you there.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship quotes

That's between you and your god. Oh, wait a minute. You are your god. Some sort of state secret? Just difficult to pronounce. Are you interested in Tok'ra engineering? Interested doesn't quite describe how I truly feel. You're welcome to join us. Thank you Aldwin but I have to go help Teal'c If you hit me, I'll have you court marshaled.

I'm not gonna hit you, Maybourne. I'm gonna shoot you.

stargate sg1 carter and oneill relationship quotes

Gonna turn me in? Actually, that overwhelming desire to shoot you has come back.