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Staz is luckily stopped by Fuyumi, and the match ends without a winner. But Staz gets the book anyway, since Wolf never had it. Bell just wanted to test Staz, and. Recent Wiki Activity. Staz Charlie Blood · Cooltim52 • 16 days ago. Father Wolf · MWAsura • October Liz T. Blood · Parahill • October 9. Yanagi Fuyumi. But Staz is beginning to get more problems, Liz is drifting away from Braz, Fuyumi decided to feel my forehead, and quickly withdrew her hand as smoke came from it. . She could be standing in the doorway, watching him work and test things. . relationship- The cravings are worse then wanting a human virgin-" Staz.

Next is Koto the child that we learn more about in this episode and I think the main protagonist in our story. Next to her is her sensei, which I suspect is the original Myoe judging from the voice-acting. Koto and Myoe chasing each other round and round in a circle. We then open with protag Koto crashing into a building and debris flying. We then jump to her Teacher reading Alice in Wonderland beside his fox mask and staff.

We then jump again to the past where protag child Koto is sending him off, probably for the first time, since she cries.

Yes, very much like an airport, though with teleportation to planes instead of flying in them. We hear the two of them talking and her teacher sounds very much like old Myoe with the same hairstyle and colour.

So, Myoe tells her to toughen up and leaves for work. Her Teacher is there with her and tells her to watch her stance. They go to an office where they have to explain their actions. Koto explains why she hit the brat up and Teacher offers to take the place of their teacher, with a teasing grin on his fox mask.

Another jump to Koto at home in the morning where she greets a stuffed bunny that has been sewn together, black and pink. Teacher sleeps with his mask on, burns the food and then is rushed to work by Koto. Koto is met by one of the higher-ups we saw in the office and she goes for a check-up. Then, she has snacks with them and demonstrates her fighting powers. Koto goes home one day and is greeted by the noble son of Hachiman. She fights him with a book and wins even though he has a wooden sword.

Using a hidden key, Koto opens the door to a room. When they disembark from the fluffy creatures that they were traveling on, the first to great them is the Hydra Family's Butler. The most surprising aspect of this encounter is that the butler looks identical to Fuyumi's father, but instead, the butler is like a demon version of him. Later, when they arrive inside the estate, Fuyumi realizes that the dragon she saw is actually the Hydra siblings' father. Back at the King's palace, we meet King Wolf in person for the first time, as he swings his golf club at the Door of Magical Essence.

King Wolf dismisses Beros and Goyle, along with a few scantily-clad women that had been keeping him company. We then return to the Hydra estate, wear Knell has dressed Fuyumi in a more formal dress.

As he is speaking of how Bell does not return home often, Bell happens to enter to the room, with Staz in tow. Fuyumi is overjoyed to see Staz, but is suddenly stopped from saying anything by Staz. After some confusion, Bell explains that Staz and her have to pretend to be in a relationship, because if Nyen found out that Staz was here to retrieve Fuyumi, there would be trouble.

So as it remains, Staz and Fuyumi are to pretend not to know each other from previously. After everyone has been dressed in nicer clothing, Fuyumi is soon called in to see Nyen. While the other three are spying from the outside, the butler comes and greets them, including Staz.

They're not sure how he knows who Staz is and asks, and he says that Braz has told him a lot about him.

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He also tells them that Braz happens to be pen-pals with Nyen. Because of this, it must mean that Nyen already knows who Staz is. In the King's palace, Goyle is researching something that Braz had leaked to them. Beros, not taking it seriously, decides that they should go to pick up Braz, or else they'll get into trouble.

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Goyle refuses and continues to stay on the computer, and we see that he is researching information of Akimu. On the screen, we see his before and after pictures; he now has a slightly different body and shorter hair.

In the other room, King Wolf and Braz continue to talk.

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As Braz is offered to take a swing at the golfball himself, King Wolf mentions how Braz has been doing an excellent job at keeping an eye on the Lower Demon World for him, even saying he managed to "put a kid named Akimu away after he went rampant down there".

However, something bothers King Wolf about him. He then pulls out a picture of Pantomime, an agent that had suddenly disappeared while working for him. However, once he decides to do something, he is extremely driven and focused. He doesn't have many friends but is extremely loyal to those close to him. He also perceives his immense power as a "burden" due to the fact that he was frequently tortured and experimented on by his older brother during his youth in order to awaken his full potential for his own purposes.

Additionally, because he is one of the strongest demons in the Lower Demon World, he is constantly sought after by demons so that they can challenge him for his territory. Plot Edit When he meets Yanagi Fuyumi after she is brought to his room, he falls in love with the bloodlust at first sight and changes his life goal to befriend her. But as you know it, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost, making her no longer human.

Staz realizes that she is no longer drawn to her the way he was when she was flesh and blood, so he promises to protect her and retrieve her. To retrieve it, he will do anything, even becoming her vampire bodyguard and letting her drink his blood.

Through this, he goes through many attempts to find a way to retrieve it. When he was younger, his complete demonic power was sealed by his older brother, Braz. Because Braz forced his powers to awaken at a very young age, Staz's young body was not able to deal with such strong powers.

This resulted in Braz having to put a magic bullet in his heart. When Staz will question his older brother about how to resuscitate a human, they make a deal that if he fights with Pantomime, he will explain the process to him. However, Pantomime is too strong to be defeated with Staz's powers in his current state. Therefore, Braz launches the sealed spell, and Staz again regains his full magical abilities, allowing him to win the Pantomime.

Later in the story, after several different tests, Staz is ordered by Hydra Chiefs to make a vow to help Fuyumi recover her life, but to do so, he must follow her every whim. From a young age, Staz had demonstrated a frighteningly powerful ability, which was then sealed away by his brother.

Even with his sealed powers, Staz was a rather powerful demon easily able to maintain his territory without issue.