Suyyash and kishwer relationship

suyyash and kishwer relationship

While many people that thought that the activity has caused trouble in Prince- Suyyash-Kishwer's relationship, this trio proved it all wrong. TV couple Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai are excited to celebrate their first Did Bigg Boss give a new turn to your relationship?. The actor recalls her friends' reactions when she told them about her relationship with Suyyash. Kishwer says that none of them believed this.

Speaking about becoming friends inside the Bigg Boss 9 house, remember how Kishwer gave up a task after hours of struggle, when she came in face to face with Prince?

suyyash and kishwer relationship

While many people that thought that the activity has caused trouble in Prince-Suyyash-Kishwer's relationship, this trio proved it all wrong. After being evicted out of the house and before the grand finale, Suyyash's tweet said it all.

suyyash and kishwer relationship

He wrote, "Reality shows mei rishtey bante hain" prove kar diya KishwerM. Sharing a beautiful picture of hers, this is what Kishwer wrote, thanking Prince Narula, "This outfit is special, got married in it and this is given to me by my brother princenarula. Kaun kehta hai reality shows mien rishte nahi bante who says you cannot make relationships on reality shows.

suyyash and kishwer relationship

Looks like Prince gained a lot from the show! Also, about their wedding, the celebrations and rituals have already begun. Although the couple had gotten engaged in the beginning of the year Januarythe couple had a formal engagement party last night October 10, and they looked beautiful to another level!

suyyash and kishwer relationship

Donned in red and white, the couple surely knows how to complement each other! Take a look at one of the pictures from their engagement: In an August interview, Yuvika spoke about having pre-wedding jitters.

Wedding Bells! Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant are all set to tie the knot

This is what she had said, "Yes, of course, I have jitters, and this is a different stage of my life. When the marriage date comes close, you have jitters and excitement both. It's a different life altogether. The beauty of our culture is that a girl has to leave her home.

Bigg Boss: Ex contestant Suyyash Rai is thankful to Kishwer Merchant for being his wife

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suyyash and kishwer relationship

To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: Bigg Boss 9 Last updated on - Oct 29, In the pictures, Suyyash is seen kissing Kishwer and Keith was caught getting cosy with his lady love Rochelle. Sources inform that the Double Trouble beds are proving to be an advantage for the couples who sleep next to each other.

Well, looks like both the couples are not scared of the 80 cameras present around them Bigg Boss 9 Bigg Boss Nau: Kishwer and Suyyash have a major fight Seems like the real game in the 'Bigg Boss' house has started.

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The love birds of the 'Bigg Boss' house Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt, who have been displaying understanding and love had their first major fight in the house. The lagaan task in the Bigg Boss house created a lot of spark between the zamindars and workers.

This even led to an ugly fight between Sukish Suyyash and Kishwer. The price decided for 2 packets of atta was rupees and the workers smartly hid eight more packets that they had made. They got out the other 8 packets after negotiating the price of two packets.

Kishwer Merchantt & Suyyash Kumar Rai’s Love Story: Bigg Boss 9 | The Times of India

When Kishwer got to know this she really got angry on this and blamed Suyyash and everyone else for cheating on them. The fight got so ugly since Suyyash was involved in the negotiation that Kishwer began crying and seeing her even Suyyash started crying.

However, things seems to have got better between the two and they were seen disucssing Kishwar's partner Aman Verma.

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They now have a new hot topic for their late night conversations. Kishwar and Suyyash both pour out all their feelings about Aman. Kishwar is unhappy about being Aman's partner, she says he lacks compassion and is only interested in competition.