Takeru and hikari relationship problems

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takeru and hikari relationship problems

Jun 14, Read the topic about relationships in digimon on MyAnimeList, and join in the There was an episode in 02 where I thought Takeru and Hikari were was having trouble to decide for any signature symbol when Hikari took. D This is a rant that basically provides my opinions on the relationships Takeru certainly admires Taichi, and at one point asks if he'll be his brother. . Hikari helps Sora through her feelings for Taichi, giving her advice and some kind words. In the cover for the Digimon Adventure: Takeru Takaishi & Hikari Yagami Her relationship with Yolei allows Kari to be more expressive, true to her heart, and . antagonizes T.K., but this proves to be the least of her problems as she finds out.

At the end of the episode he names the girl Hikari and promises to protect her. The next morning, Takeru's cousin, Mari, finds Hikari in his room. Back at the river bank where the monster was killed, the place is examined by people of unknown organisation. Takeru's family and his friends want to know about Hikari.

Hikari explains she does not remember anything about her past, except that she wandered in endless stars and suddenly she has a body when Takeru found her. She explains she came to Earth because she was lonely and found Takeru. She quickly gets acquainted with Takeru's family and friends. One of the people from the organization, Jennifer Portman, a billiant scientist, moves into Takeru's house as a boarder.

Due to a conversation with Jennifer, Hikari feels she is different and leaves the house. When Takeru finds out, he initially remembers his mom abandoning his.

takeru and hikari relationship problems

However, when Mari points out that Hikari only has Takeru, he runs out and finds her near the place they first met. He again promises to always be by her side and protect her. Mari witnesses them when Hikari cries and says she likes him very much and realizes her feelings for Takeru, not knowing what to do. Hikari is allowed to stay in one of the rooms.

Another girl appears in the forest. Ryou seems depressed about something and later goes to the place where they first met Hikari, where someone is living and meets a girl.

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The girl is living on a tree top with a strange floating being which helps her by bringing food. The next day, Ryou again goes to the place and meets the girl. After the scene in Digimon Adventure Tri where Takeru tells Hikari that he was going to Yamato's concert with "a friend" and Hikari suddenly stops walking, I felt the urge to write this fic.

This short one-shot is about friendship, and it's about a love that's not as unrequited as the two of them actually think it is. It was two nights in a row that the girl woke up in the middle of the night and, sighing, she just stared at the ceiling and seemed unable to go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep, Tailmon.

relationships in digimon

Every time Hikari had a problem she just closed in herself and kept everything inside, suffering alone… it was such a bad habit! Before finding her, she was the same. No one knew better than herself what that meant… and, for the same reason, no one knew better how much it hurt to keep everything bottled inside. Her thoughts roamed to Wizardmon, and to how many times his friend had found himself in the same position she was with the girl now. She closed her eyes and a single tear fell along her right cheek.

She tried to hide it, but Hikari noticed. The night was falling so they needed to look for a shelter. They would continue looking for the rest of the chosen children tomorrow when the sun is on the sky.

takeru and hikari relationship problems

Everything is going to be ok. They found a cave. I want to sleep.

takeru and hikari relationship problems

It was the sound of a couple of Flymons flying. The kids held on to their digivice and watched their partners fight them. And everything was alright again.

takeru and hikari relationship problems

Their tiny friends devoured their dinner and fell asleep just a few minutes later of returning to the cave again. But the humans were too nervous now to go to sleep so they ate their dinner slowly and in silence. Gatomon will wake up if something is approaching us.

But we have to try. Before Takeru could react she was pressing her lips against his again. The contact lasted longer this time. A few more seconds than the first kiss she gave him. She started to laugh soundly and he followed her. A couple of months has passed since they returned from their adventure in the Digital World.

Mimi insisted they need to get together at least once a month and share phone calls every week and for now on they have been doing it. She is too passionate and enthusiastic. And neither of them really want to lose contact with the others after the life changing experience they shared. So, they went to a picnic last month and in this occasion Mimi bought tickets to an amusement park for everyone. It was a great day. Taichi and Yamato got into a few arguments -but the concerning thing would have been that they spent the day without any- Koushiro got too distracted studying the engineering of the attractions to actually ride one and Joe was very melodramatic about his ice-cream falling to the ground.

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But it was a great day. And they were very happy to be together again. So they run half of the park after promising their siblings they will be back after only one ride. When they were sitting in the Wheel already. One in front of another.