Tales of xillia milla and jude relationship

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I'm curious if their relationship in the end-game will be more romantic, or just friends, as I'm only a few hours in and so far it's just Jude having. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jude-Milla Relationship (Spoilers!)" - Page 5. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jude-Milla Relationship (Spoilers!)" - Page 2.

When a woman is jealous of another woman in the party, it usually manifests itself through conversations about bust sizes in the hot springs: Rather, Leia works toward improving herself as a person as well as a fighter.

In this journey, Leia actually relies on and learns from Milla. In the same vein, while Milla may not entirely grasp the situation, by no means does she turn Leia away.

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In fact, the two have a very compelling friendship and respect each other immensely. This is what a love triangle plot should be: A scene that perfectly illustrates this happens right after Leia joins the party.

This is because Jude is convinced his father, a skilled doctor, has a technique that can cure paralysis. There is a cure; however, it is extremely painful and requires the patient to feel the pain at all times, or as long as they wish to remain cured.

tales of xillia milla and jude relationship

Once Milla is subjected to the cure, Leia realizes how strong the other woman is. All negative feelings towards Milla evaporate as Leia decides that she needs to work on becoming a stronger person herself—Milla becomes someone to look up to rather than an obstacle to overcome.

tales of xillia milla and jude relationship

These two strong women will keep encouraging each other to grow and overcome their obstacles. I have nothing against doomed romances, but in Jude-Milla's case, it's not heartwrenching or even made much of. They know Milla has to return to the spirit world and, while it's nice that they accept it, it almost feels like they don't care.

Oh, here only for a specific amount of time? Considering how Milla even mentions that her creating a physical form takes a ton of mana, I highly doubt she could keep doing this. In fact, given that she's a spirit, I was thinking that maybe they would put some mention about how she'll outlive Jude and how she might deal with that. Look at Harvest Moon Animal Parade.

One of the bachelors is the Harvest God and he's initially against dating the female character, cause he knows that he'll outlive her and doesn't know if he would be okay with that, grieving for her after her death.

But he has scenes where he mentions that, when she dies, he'll love the nature she loved and similar. As said above, neither of them seems to give a crap that Milla will ultimately have to leave.

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Honestly, Namco needs to learn how to write better romances. Out of all the romances in the Tales games I've played, not a single one was there, that I believed. Well, there was one: Asch and Natalia from Abyss.

tales of xillia milla and jude relationship

And we know how that ended, right? Asbel probably didn't even think of these things, but his mother was urging him to get married and Cheria tended to be the girl he thought of. Nonetheless, that's what 'suddenly' made him self-conscious about it. That being said, and straying back on topic, I never felt any romance between Jude and Milla either.

In the first game, I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt. In the second game, it moreso felt like comrades with a unified goal more than anything. Naturally, that tied in to spirits and humans having a symbolic understanding of one another, and I certainly felt that as forced and contrived as it was sometimesbut nothing I would consider 'romance'.

People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia, but I really felt that the chemistry they had in X1 felt more romantic than anything X1 or X2 shoved in my face their relationship in X2, of course, amounted to just being friends or what-have-you, but I blame that on forced party shenanigans.

I also found Luds x alt Milla to have romantic elements, so say what you will about my interpretations. Marioak Marioak 3 years ago 3 One could argue that Asbel in Future Arc did growth up a little and begin a little less of idiot by the time of F-Arc, Plus Lambda is with him and all but hey And it's was done fine in the main arc if you asked me. Asbel and Cheria care for each others, It's just that Asbel is the stereotype idiot ball and is too obvious that Cheria like him more than just a 'friend'.

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It's just a matter of time before he realized that he like her as well. In my point of view this is definitely not just "I look up to her" in my book. Elise or Ivar definitely fit in that catalogReally if the game are actually as long other game, I could see Jude outdone Veigue's "Claire" with his "Milla" Meanwhile Milla only see him as comrade or best friends at best.

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Milla starts of an ass characters who start of with "Mission Come first, Friends later" but gradually open up the cliche lol. She is definitely feel sad by the time they have to depart. Though it's definitely not the romantic one. I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt.