Tanisha and armaan kohli intimate relationship

Bigg Boss love-birds: Tanisha, Armaan loyal to each other - Emirates24|7

tanisha and armaan kohli intimate relationship

'Bigg Boss 7': Tanishaa Mukerji & Armaan Kohli caught getting intimate in bed - The duo was caught in a compromising position on the live. Bigg Boss 7: Tanuja unhappy with Tanisha's relationship with Armaan Kohli. Written By Bolly-Freak reads Mumbai Updated: January 1. Armaan Kohli, who has not had a very flattering career in Bollywood, also found While this might have shattered many, Tanishaa and Armaan's relationship.

My family is not upset with Armaan. I spoke to Kajol her sister after coming out and we shared love with each other.

End of Tanisha, Armaan's love story after Bigg Boss finale - Emirates24|7

Emirates 24 7 cannot publish the video showing the romance between Tanisha and Armaan due to the explicit nature of the tape. But it is common knowledge that Tanisha and Armaan were caught by the production crew in a compromising situation and were served a warning. The shocking incident caused a major flutter in Bigg Boss. But this was not the first time they were caught getting intimate inside the house.

'Bigg Boss 7': Tanishaa Mukerji & Armaan Kohli caught getting intimate in bed

Even co-contestant Kamya caught them red handed getting intimate inside the smoking room. Surprisingly Armaan shifted his bed on the floor next to Tanisha's bed even though there are empty beds available in the house.

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Bigg Boss camera caught the two getting under the same sheet in the wee hours when everyone else in the house was fast asleep. In the bathroom where mikes are not allowed Tanisha and Armaan had locked themselves inside and rest was left for the imagination.

Such show of blatant intimacy in Bigg Boss continued even after warning from the host Salman Khan. However, the couple was seen throwing caution to the wind as they cuddle up publicly. Alas, hardly any relationship survived outside the house. The failed romances are a testimony to the fact that relationships in "Bigg Boss" house come with an expiry date. If actors Aryan Vaid and Anupama Verma's romance set the ratings soaring in the first season, the duo went separate ways after the show.

tanisha and armaan kohli intimate relationship

They scorched the small screen in season four, but their romance was nowhere to be seen once the show ended. Their marriage was called off immediately after the two got evicted from the show.

Love, shuv and 'Bigg Boss': How real are these relationships? - Television News

Once evicted, they all came back to the "we are just friends" tag, except Pooja and Akashdeep as their relationship is still going strong. TV actor Rajev Paul says it's very "normal" to get close to someone, and it depends on an individual how he or she wants to take it forward. In this season, Armaan and Tanisha are from the film background, so they share the same opinion, likes and dislikes, and thus are seen spending time with each other," added Rajev, who came in season six with ex-wife Delnaaz Irani.

tanisha and armaan kohli intimate relationship

All those people who really fake it are good actors. I don't know whether it continues outside for others or not, but me and Sana are still friends and will always be friends," the actor told IANS.