Thor 2 sif and relationship advice

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thor 2 sif and relationship advice

Thor 2 seems to have applied the lessons learned from its The first is the father -son relationship between Odin and Thor. Thor disregards this fatherly advice - not with arrogance, as before, but with a Thor and Sif. While Thor and Sif were still adolescents, they fell in love with each other. happiness by ending the relationship between Thor and Sif, Loki cut off all of Sif's but what path their relationship will next take remains to be seen. Height: 6 ft. 2 in. However, fans were quick to note that one character from the previous Thor films — Lady Sif — was missing from the new adventure.

thor 2 sif and relationship advice

It seems that Loki is often a second thought in each movie - his character is always moulded to fit a specific storyline or plot. Ragnarok, Thor noted that Loki once transformed himself into a snake and stabbed Thor once he picked the creature up.

Thor was only eight when this happened which, while funny, makes no sense. While this is closer to what we see in the comics, it casts a different light on the version of Loki we see in the movies.

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After all, Thor was mourning the loss of his brother when it was discovered that the God of Mischief was still alive. Meanwhile, Loki hates Thor for being next in line for the throne of Asgard.

This fully manifests itself in Thor: While it is interesting to see their relationship develop, the switch between the two being serious and funny seems to come from nowhere. To many fans, he portray's Odin perfectly.

thor 2 sif and relationship advice

Tom Hiddleston uses his English accent to bring a touch of class to Loki, who oozes charisma. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor, perfects to use a rough and deep English accent, which demands respect and emphasises his authority. If it were not for the dispute over who would take the throne, Loki would never have turned on Thor.


However, the logic of the Asgardian hierarchy is never properly explained, or at least not to Loki. Loki convinces himself that this is the case, even when he was unaware that he was a Frost Giant and therefore ineligible.

Despite the bridge being the only way to travel between the two planets, we still see Thor and Loki on Earth in The Avengers. However, this begs the question: It is also never mentioned how Loki gets to Earth. There is a possibility that he manipulated Erik Selvig to open the Tesseract portal, but this is incredibly vague.

thor 2 sif and relationship advice

Let us know in the comments! Soon after meeting Sif again, Thor and Sif became lovers and companions, as well as allies in numerous battles.

thor 2 sif and relationship advice

Eventually, they decided to marry. However, Thor's attachment for Earth frequently came between them. Sif much preferred the world of the gods to the mundane world of mortals, and, after attempting to adjust to Earth life on more than one occasion, returned to Asgard to live without Thor.

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Once, when Thor's mortal paramour Jane Foster was dying, Sif lent her, life force to revive the woman, "merging" with her in the process. She did this apparently in an attempt to understand Thor's attraction for this mortal. Jane Foster was separated from Sif shortly thereafter, and sent to the limbo realm of the Runestaff of the Possessor.

Sif and Thor have since rescued Foster. Sif and Thor both aided the alien champion Beta Ray Bill in defending his people against the onslaught of the demon armies of Surtur. Sif and Beta Ray Bill found themselves increasingly drawn to each other emotionally.

Sif's relationship with Thor was greatly worsened when Thor, who was forced by enchantment to fall in love with the Asgardian Loreleistruck Sif in anger. Sif even decided to leave Asgard and accompany Beta Ray Bill back to his people. However, Sif came to realize how deeply sorry Thor, who had been freed of Lorelei's enchantment, was for having struck her.

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Moreover, Sif finally fully realized that Lorelei was really to blame for Thor's striking her and Sif was also greatly impressed by Thor's heroism in descending into the realm of the death goddess Hela to rescue the souls of Earth mortals. As a result, Sif finally accepted Thor's role as guardian of both Asgard and Earth, and decided to stay behind in Asgard while Beta Ray Bill returned to his people.

Sif and Thor once again linked by strong bonds of affection, but what path their relationship will next take remains to be seen. Sif possesses the normal strength of an Asgardian woman "goddess'' of her physical age, height, and build, who engages in intensive regular exercise.

thor 2 sif and relationship advice

Sif can lift press 30 tons. The average Asgardian woman can lift about 25 tons. Sif possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman "goddess". Like all Asgardian she is extremely long lived though not immortal like the Olympian godsaging at an extremely, slow rate upon reaching adulthood, superhumanly strong, immune to all Earthly diseases, and resistance to conventional injury.

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