Thor 2 sif and relationship quizzes

Thor: The Dark World: 7 Things It Got Right And 8 It Got Wrong

thor 2 sif and relationship quizzes

With Ragnarok looking to be the best Thor movie yet, CBR takes a look back at 7 things Thor: The Dark World got right and 8 things it got wrong. "The Dark World" followed by bringing a whole new twist to their relationship, . for Thor's friends, the Warriors Three and the Lady Sif to actually see any sort of. 'Thor: The Dark World' will be darker, more action-packed, and will apparently feature a deeper look into Thor and Lady Sif's relationship. There are many things about the relationship between Thor and Loki that make absolutely no sense. The Dark World may be the worst offender out of all. Thor and the audience . Loki transforms into Thor, Lady Sif, and Captain America. As the .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. HotCars.


What we want to know here is just how many movies has Jane appeared in? And by that, we mean physically appeared - not just name-dropped or shown in a photograph. The Guardians of the Galaxy pictures are great for this, and so too was Thor: During the opening moments of Ragnarok, we saw Thor battle Surtur while just such a song blurted out - but which song exactly was it that played during this battle?

And while so many different characters go to interact, the Thunder God would end up introduced to the Guardians relatively early on in this epic spectacle of a movie. Of course, while Thor and Rocket would actually get on pretty well, the Son of Odin would keep referring to Rocket as a certain animal - that's not a raccoon. What animal does Thor mistake the furball for?

Grundroth Laufey Raze Way back in the very first Thor movie, we were introduced to the Frost Giants as the villains of the piece.

thor 2 sif and relationship quizzes

Well, if you discount Loki that is. Point being, the early moments of that picture introduced audiences to the Frost Giants and just why they should be held up as a major, major deal due to all of the previous chaos and carnage that they had caused for Asgard over the years.

What was the name of the Frost Giant's leader, though? The Destroyer The Jormungandr Ultron Sticking briefly with that very first Thor movie, and it was a picture that laid the foundations for what we all know and love about the cinematic Thunder God.

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That film was pivotal in establishing the key facets of Thor, his world, and his supporting players, and it was also an important factor in bringing some famed comic book villains to life to battle the Son of Odin. One such no-good sort was the being picture here - but what is it's name?

thor 2 sif and relationship quizzes

True False For most superheroes, there's often two sides to their persona. There's the actual hero side - for example, Spider-Man - and then there's the everyday, regular person - i. This was evidenced when we first saw another Dark Elf turn into Kurse in the opening prologue of the movie. In the comic books, there is only one Kurse and he is Algrim the Dark Elf, the strongest of his kind.

In "The Dark World" however, we saw Algrim, Malekith's lieutenant, willingly sacrifice himself to become the last Kurse. He infiltrated Asgard as a prisoner and, from the inside, he started an attack that decimated Asgard's defenses. At Malekith's side, we saw the cruel and terrifying Kurse we always wanted to see, one who's look even managed to outshine that of the comics. Darcy was a character who had just enough of a comic relief role in the first "Thor" to be endearing, but while she could have had the same small role in the sequel, she was now part of the action.

thor 2 sif and relationship quizzes

Plus, to make matters worse, she had her very own intern to try and bring in more laughs. That's right, the comic relief character now had its own comic relief character.

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The inclusion of this new intern was nowhere near necessary and it proved once again to be an excuse for more weak comedy. Instead of letting the characters we already knew shine even more, instead of bringing the focus back on the Asgardians and Malekith, we instead got to see Darcy and her intern crack jokes and inexplicably hold their own against the formidable ancient warriors that were the Dark Elves.

In fact, the time devoted to them could have been used to see more of some old friends, whom we'll address later on in this list. Once the attack was over and Malekith and the Dark Elves gone in retreat, Asgard took the time to mourn their dead.

It would have been easy to ignore such a quiet and emotional moment, yet it did wonders for the film, bringing its characters to a mourning stage and showing just how much Frigga's death was important.

The funeral was especially moving. First, the Viking tradition was honored by showing the Queen and the fallen soldiers' bodies let out onto the river, archers letting their flaming arrows loose. Then, Asgard's more space-influences showed each of its people holding Asgard's equivalent to paper lanterns in the form or magical orbs.

What in the The Dark World are you thinking, Thor? Alexander's Sif is one of the fiercest, sexiest, sultriest women we've seen portrayed in a comic book or superhero movie yet. She's a minor character — she doesn't even get one of the five facial close-ups on the poster!

See, she follows him everywhere: View photos Jaimie Alexander at the premiere of "Thor: The Dark World" More Of course it's not all about physical attributes. I think we can all admit Thorster has prettier hair than these two lovely ladies combined. And Natalie Portman is Hot. We've seen it before in superhero movies, and it could very well be a product of the writing leaving something to be desired.

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Maybe she'd be more intriguing if she were kept a nurse, like in many of the original comics. You get the sense that Jane's idea of a good time is lounging on the couch with a wine spritzer watching The Science Channel, whereas Sif exudes the impression she'd like to do it in every room … of all nine realms. One of the ways "The Dark World" succeeds is because it's a uniting of good universal forces — humans and aliens — against evil.