Tj and amal ending a relationship

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus! by IronSpike — Kickstarter

tj and amal ending a relationship

Most of the comic focuses on the developing relationship. The main story ended open to new possibilities, and I'm having fun exploring Three Thousand Miles Away: Amal and TJ have a long distance relationship. The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal is a webcomic by E.K. Weaver that follows the form of a typical Road Trip Plot. Arranged Marriage: Amal was in one of these. They end up trashing the kitchen while making breakfast.

Can be read here. Tropes that pop up in this webcomic: Also, TJ, when the mood is on him. They're both definitely equal parts adorkable, especially in conjunction.

Some highlights would definitely be most of their comedic banter, the "amazing escalation", and the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny example. Not to mention the Back to the Future quote-off. All There in the Manual: There's lots of information on the website about side characters who don't appear in the author's sketches and notes. So far the biggest source of information about, for one thing, TJ's past, has been the author's various Tumblr accounts.

Amal has a little bit of this going on. The gray streak is natural though.

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Amal was in one of these. Subverted from the usual in that he really liked his fiancee Kavita As a romantic partner, not so much. His parents were unhappy about this.

tj and amal ending a relationship

TJ, who doesn't label his sexuality indicating he is either bi or pansexual. Despite their feelings for each other, TJ leaves Amal during his reconciliation with his family and the two never see each other again. However, TJ is now free to start a new life in Providence and while Amal's parents are still grappling with Amal's homosexuality, they no longer disown him and his siblings are firmly on his side.

tj and amal ending a relationship

Played with where Amal is concerned. Yes, he's a med student and a bit of a geek.

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He's also such a well-rounded character of so many parts that it takes a while to get around to the fact that he's in med school. It's easy to think that things might be rushed here. The road trip lasts about a week I believe, so at the beginning I was looking out for that instalove or instalust or whatever. But no, what I found here was one of the most naturally-developing relationships I've ever seen in a book or comic.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Vol. 1: Poor Boys and Pilgrims

You'll obviously have to see it for yourself because I don't want to spoil anything, but the combination of insanely good and funny dialogue, the characters' chemistry, AND the amazing art really made me feel for these two.

Another great thing is that even though it has a few explicit scenes, they're never there just for the sake of it.

tj and amal ending a relationship

In fact, the most explicit stuff is not even shown, but what is shown is how these scenes affect the characters. You can see how they go from pure sex to sex with feelings and it's never about the sex alone. It's about the small things before and after, laughing and joking and just simply enjoying one another's company. I also loved the author's art. It's great at showing small changes in facial features, mood and tone.

I would have kept reading this comic if had been pages long and I wouldn't have gotten tired of it and its art style.