Tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 1 channel

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes Original Movie - video dailymotion

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 1 channel

Even odder still, 'Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes' also happens to be With a p VC-1 encode at , 'Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock instead presented in the front channel, so we see cats flying through the air. Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes is an action-packed adventure that stars the popular cat and mouse duo as they attempt to nab 26, views; 1 year ago. Codec: VC-1 Original aspect ratio: Audio Two-disc set (1 BD, 1 DVD) Buy Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 1 channel

As the team investigates the growing mystery, and its links to a beautiful lounge singer, Red, there seems to be a growing feeling that there's more behind the string of thefts than your ordinary jewelery thievery, as is evidenced by the theft of "The Star of Punjab," a huge, impossibly valuable diamond.

As the evil Professor Moriarty machinates one of his grandest schemes, it's up to the crack team to put the pieces together, defeat the villainous cat-burglar henchmen, and stop Moriarty in his tracks.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes Original Movie

Pardon my bluntness, but I'm not much a fan of cash grabs, or prolonging a series long past its expiration date. Tom and Jerry worked, truly worked back in their heyday, and they got away with murder, even if no one was actually murdered.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 1 channel

The cartoons, which have been scrubbed to conform to political correctness much like the Looney Tunes in recent years, were ahead of their time, purveyors of unadulterated domestic violence that can still be pretty brutal, with a borderline malicious sense of humor when the dopey sidekicks weren't involved to muck it up.

Apparently, those incarnations of Tom and Jerry simply cannot exist these days, and their more-family-friendly counterparts fall so far short of their predecessors that they may as well be renamed, if it weren't for that whole "brand recognition" thing.

I get that Holmes is a world famous character, and these iterations of the character are necessary to keep children interested, and more importantly, distracted for almost an hour, but the act can wear thin at times. Watson, and the excellent Malcolm McDowell as Moriarty taking leading roles, while established voice actors take the secondary roles including the absolutely wretched Tuffycreating a nice balance between classic animation voice sensibilities and modern recognition.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes 2016 DVD

York may be over the top, but I truly enjoyed McDowell, almost enough to forgive the horribly generic, unmemorable appearance of the character he played. Even then, it's still somewhat enjoyable, neutered as the characters may be.

There is far too low a looped background to chase sequence ratio for my tastes, a cop out ending that is far too reminiscent of the feature film it's more than obviously an allusionand some very predictable scenes almost the entire filmbut the use of some of the best classic animated gags, including the static frame chase sequence using numerous doors, as well as adding a nice modernized ending to said chase, are more than appreciated.

The material, as you could probably guess, is geared towards kids and aside from some of the goofy cartoon violence that the long running series is known for, there's no reason it shouldn't go over well as family viewing material. What older viewers will notice is that while much of the feature remains true to the vintage look that made us fall in love with these characters years and years ago, some computerized tweaking and digital animation techniques makes it very clear that this is a slightly more modern take on the characters.

Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes - Bombershoot

It's not so far removed from the older hand drawn material that you won't enjoy it, but the difference is there and it is noticeable. As far as the voice work goes, most of the bigger celebrity names attached to the project don't really get all that much screen time. Understandably, Tom and Jerry are the two stars of the show and so much of what happens on screen involves them much more so than even Sherlock Holmes himself. When they are given something to work with, however, both Michael York and Malcolm McDowell are great in their respective roles of hero and villain.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes DVD - video dailymotion

Rhys-Davies gets the short end of the stick, however, as he really only has a couple of lines of dialogue through the entire movie. Regardless, their involvement in the production adds some fun to the picture, especially for adult viewers who will be familiar with them from other, unrelated projects.

Some nods to older Sherlock Holmes adaptations will amuse those who catch them and an effective score helps to add to the action and mayhem quite nicely.

This might not be one you go back to time and time again, but it's certainly a fun time killer with enough entertainment value and decent enough productions values that it's definitely worth seeing for Tom and Jerry fans.

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Black levels are good and the image is free of any noticeable shimmer or aliasing problems. There aren't any compression artifacts of note and the image is consistently clean and clear looking. The primary audio track Is a Dolby Digital 5. Most of the activity comes from the front of the mix with a lot of good channel separation up front, but the rears kick in only sporadically so don't expect a particularly immersive audio experience.

That said, everything is well balanced, clean sounding and very clear and easy to follow.