Transformers revenge of the fallen autobots ending relationship

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transformers revenge of the fallen autobots ending relationship

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a British-American science fiction action overall length, anti-climactic action sequences, abrupt ending and Optimus Prime's Most of the Autobots and NEST troops persue Demolisher while Skids, Mudflap, . When Sam states he's in a semi-relationship the glass is full again. As that war ended, Megatron made a pact with a traitorous Autobot named becomes the inflection point in Transformer-human relations as they exist in A prologue in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen shows early man. Transformers: Autobots; Transformers: Decepticons Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Decepticons (Nintendo DS); MechTech Weapons However, their battle ended with Barricade heavily damaged. .. By the time of Barricade's stewardship of the letters, relations had broken down.

The Goldbug change happens in many different continuities, but in the original animated series, it happens like this: His new body is much shinier, so a restored Optimus Prime dubs him Goldbug.

transformers revenge of the fallen autobots ending relationship

In the Shattered Glass continuity, he goes evil as Goldbug. And in the IDW comics, confusingly, Goldbug was never affiliated with Bumblebee, but is the leader of the Throttlebots.

It was evocative of his personality, always striving to go above and beyond what everyone perceived to be the limits of his size.

transformers revenge of the fallen autobots ending relationship

Herbie the Love Bug. But in between those two most well-known alternate modes, Bumblebee has had at least six others.

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Alternity Japanese toy line, he was a yellow Suzuki Swift Sport, which at least is still a small, quirky car. The Transformers crossover comic. Prime animated series he can take the form of the fictional Urbana muscle car. Chevrolet had actually stopped producing the Camaro inafter having it in their stable since In the movie, he starts out as a Camaro before modernizing himself.

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However, neither the University of Pennsylvania nor Princeton gave Bay permission to be named in the film because of a scene that both institutions felt "did not represent the school" in which Sam's mother ingests marijuana-laced brownies. The two locations were used for Qatar in Transformers and stood in for Egypt in this film. The shoot was highly secretive, but according to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventuraa crew of Americans and "several dozen local Egyptians" ensured a "remarkably smooth" shoot.

On this film, the final battle in Egypt was devised to make it easier to follow the action.

Barricade (Movie)

In his audio commentary for the film, Michael Bay said he wanted more close-ups of robots for the sequel. Hasbro became more involved in the designs of the robots than the company was for Transformers. Peter Cullen recalled, " Don Murphy mentioned to me, 'Only because of the tremendous expense to animate Optimus Prime, he'll be in just a certain amount of [Transformers]. Revenge of the Fallen — The Album and Transformers: Originally set to be a five-part series entitled Destiny, [80] it was split into two simultaneously published series, titled Alliance and Defiance.

Bumblebee rescues Sam and takes him to the extraction point, upon which Grindor attacks Bumblebee. Following Bumblebee's victory, Optimus decides to give the humans a Cybertronian weapon called the Axiom Gun to help combat the growing Decepticon threat. With intel from Simmons, Sam has Bumblebee take him to the museum to seek out a robot named Jetfire. While Sam looks for Jetfire, Bumblebee defends the museum from the Decepticon troops. He says the device destroys stars to harvest their power, converting it into energon.

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Optimus defeats them, but they escape after Megatron impales Jetfire. The Fallen reveals himself and the Sun Harvester, powering its systems up and begging the harvesting of the Earth's sun.

Elsewhere, Bumblebee ends up fighting and defeating Devastator. Optimus battles The Fallen, defeating him by impaling his face with his blade.

transformers revenge of the fallen autobots ending relationship

The Fallen falls into the Sun Harvester and destroys it. With the Ancient Transformers avenged, Ratchet informs Optimus that Megatron escaped on a ship to a distant galaxy. Optimus then salutes his troops for their good work in stopping the Decepticons. He learns of Autobots in the area and hunts and eliminates them. Ironhide emerges to fight Long Haul but is defeated, [17] and Starscream proclaims the victory as a warning to Optimus Prime.

Long Haul captures men who may know Mikaela's location, who are then interrogated by Starscream.

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