Troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

Our Top 7 Favorite Things About the Pretty Little Liars Cast

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

claire underwood house of cards quotes ✵ duke law school logo ✵ rudolph the red Keegan Allen And Troian Bellisario Dating In Real Life. See more ideas about Pll quotes, Pll memes and Nice. If Hanna only knew 3 seasons later Spencer would be dating her ex. Leah . Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) & Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) - Pretty Little Liars. Leah. Quotes · Influencers · Relationships Troian Bellisario has followed Shay Mitchell's wanderlust footsteps by traveling the world. Keegan Allen comes from an acting family as his dad was also a big stage, film and television actor. It's a huge reason why their relationships on-screen are so believable.

Also, can we best friends with these two and the other actresses on the show?

Spoby from 'Pretty Little Liars' Are Relationship Goals

We think that we would all get along really well. It's a huge deal on this show, so it might be surprising to know that the actress who played Ali didn't like it. She said on The Talk that there are 13 copies of the shirt and she wants to take them all and burn them.

But, of course, that's not always the case, and sometimes people who are a bit older are cast.

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

They still look the part, though, and the majority of the time, fans and viewers might not even notice at all. She's 32 years old. How old are the other girls? Troian is also one year older than Ian Harding who is The Liars Did Their Own Stunts Pinterest Stunt coordinators and stunt doubles are a reality in Hollywood and it can be impossible to know if we're watching our favorite actor or actress do a crazy chase or action scene or if it's someone else.

Of course, that's the point, and these are supposed to look seamless. That's really cool and we love any scene where the girls are being strong and sticking up for themselves and for each other. The girls have been in some seriously nuts and mysterious situations throughout the seven seasons of the show. He's dreamy from the moment that we meet him in the pilot when he and Aria have a romantic moment at a bar, and even though we know that he's a teacher and things are more than a touch complicated, we don't care.

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

We know that they're perfect together and are willing to root for them. But you might be surprised to know that Ian Harding was born in Germany. Wet Paint counted this among several facts about the boy behind Ezra, and it's definitely interesting to know more about his background.

Watching the show always means getting treated to the beautifully crafted and produced opening credits. We see the girls, with perfect hair and outfits and, most of all, nails, going "shhhh" and putting a finger to their lips. We see coffins and it's all very mysterious.

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The show's theme song is "Secret" by The Pierces and it's just so good. Ashley Benson aka Hanna Marin was the one who knew that this should be the series' theme song.

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Troian was next door neighbors with the Olsen twins as a kid. Their films were so adorable and now we still love them because they're fashion superstars. This just goes to show that Hollywood really is a small world and that everyone seems to know everyone or at least has a really awesome story about another famous person.

Real Life Couples of Pretty Little Liars 2018

She hasn't starred in a huge blockbuster movie but she auditioned for a big movie that you might not have expected her to. They both pretty much think they know it all. This aspect of his character was introduced to us when Troian called him out on the fact that he was bragging about his knowledge on evolution, but it turned out that he misunderstood a basic fact about it.

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And, of course, Troian had to set him straight. Shay Mitchell, on the other hand, is probably the most different from her character. Shay definitely has an extroverted personality.

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

Toby is a very hands-on guy who has an affinity for building things and working in the field to save people from danger. Keegan, however, is about as artsy as Troian.

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

He has an eye for photography and loves theater as well. None of the cast members have ever shied away from doing interviews for their fans, which makes us love them more. They have no problem teasing each other about silly things that happen behind the scenes.

troian and keegan allen relationship quotes

The best thing about the Comic-Con events, though, is the fact that we get a platform to talk to them personally. Ashley recently made her move into the movie industry and she has thrived in her new platform. Keegan, as stated earlier, is a photographer with a keen eye for details. The cast is, in a way, more interesting than the characters they play. Do you have what it takes to work in digital media?