Varys and tyrion relationship quiz

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varys and tyrion relationship quiz

Her attack on Varys was justified in a way, but the way she swatted The cracks in Tyrion's relationship with his Queen don't stop there though. Tyrion Lannister reading a book with Varys. Life is unfair What if Bran had never found out about Cersei and Jaime's relationship? The fate of. Tyrion's relationship with Varys is an evolving one. Book Spoilers from Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords and A Dance with Dragons: When.

Question 7 True or False: Jon and Dany are actually brother and sister. Maybe it was because the revelation that they were related came late in the series. Or maybe it was simply because Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington are both very attractive. Lysa Olenna Brienne The whole first season of Game of Thrones is really just a set up for things to come, which ultimately start getting rolling as soon as Ned Stark is executed.

Though the head of House Stark may be dead, Ned left a number of strong-willed children, as well as his wife, behind. They take up arms against the Lannisters, especially his wife, who is just as headstrong and uncompromising as her husband was. So do you remember what her name was? Robert Baratheon Lancel Lannister Renly Baratheon Ever since she was a child, Cersei Lannister was told by a forest witch that she would outlive all of her children.

However, like everything else with the Lannisters, nothing is as it seems on the surface, and the legitimacy of these children has long been debated amongst the other noble houses. So who actually fathered Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen? Question 10 How many times was Margaery Tyrell married?

varys and tyrion relationship quiz

Nor was she unafraid to try and subtly manipulate her many husbands. So before Cersei exacted her revenge, how many times had Margaery been married? Question 11 Who was Lysa Arryn married to before her death? For whatever reason, too much time in the impregnable Eyrie made Lysa unwilling to trust anyone outside the bounds of the Vale.

Therefore, when her sister comes calling for help, Lysa still refuses to get involved with the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms. Though this one character is somehow able to weasel his way into her trust and gain her hand in marriage.

Question 12 True or false: Jaime Lannister has never been married. True False Aside from Tyrion, Jaime may be one of the few Lannisters with any real redeeming qualities. To save himself from falling into a pit of despair, he learns to use his brain for once instead of his brawn — which means he must learn to make people trust him for the first time in his life.

Question 13 Who was Tyrion forced to marry? In order to keep the influence that he needs over the Seven Kingdoms, Tywin knows that he needs to pick the marriage pacts of his children very carefully.

But unfortunately, Jaime is forbidden to marry, Cersei is growing older, and Tyrion is the bane of his existence — meaning he is willing to let his outcast son marry the daughter of a traitor. Question 14 Who is Jorah Mormont in love with? Missandei Lyanna Stark Doreah For a while there, Jorah Mormont seemed like he would join the list of many Game of Thrones characters who have met their demise.

Unlike in the novels, where Jon Connington has contracted greyscale, in the show, this deadly disease is carried by Jorah. Fortunately, thanks to Sam being in the Citadel, Jorah is back alive and well… for the time being at least. Lysa Melisandre Selyse Though many of the marriages in Game of Thrones are more political than romantic, the relationship between Stannis and his wife may be the least loving of them all.

And second, the only person Stannis is seen romantically involved with is with Melisandre — though this is only in hopes that their bond will win him the Iron Throne.

Question 16 How many times has Daenerys been engaged? But in the books, she is actually currently married to her second husband.

However, in both the series and the novels, the character has still been engaged the same amount of times.

varys and tyrion relationship quiz

Do you know how many that is? While a marriage to Jon Snow might seem inevitable, things are bound to grow more complicated when Dany discovers that Jon has a stronger claim to the throne than she does. Sam Mance Tormund Though both Gilly and Sam start off as more annoying than endearing, over time, they have become one of the most romantic couples in the series.

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Question 18 Who is Missandei in love with? She helped translate the conversation between Dany and Kraznys mo Nakloz — the owner of the Unsullied — despite Dany already being able to speak Low Valyrian.

varys and tyrion relationship quiz

Question 19 True or false: Arya Stark has never been married. True False Despite being the second youngest Stark child, Arya has had one of the longest and most interesting journeys before ultimately making it back to Winterfell alongside her brother and sister.

Because of her time spent in Braavos as the House of Black and White, Arya has become one of the most skilled assassins in all of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Question 20 How many times has Tyrion been married? Though his father detests him, he still realizes that his last name is enough to use as a marriage alliance with another noble house, and he can think of no one more fitting than the daughter of an accused traitor for his son to marry. But do you remember if the marriage actually occurred? Question 5 Oberyn Martell fought The Mountain to avenge the death of his first wife. True False First Tyrion got lucky when Bronn volunteered to fight in his stead, then Oberyn Martell strolled into the scene and also offered to serve as Tyrion's champion during another trial by combat.

But instead of money, the already rich Dornishman was interested in revenge again The Mountain, along with Tywin Lannister, who Oberyn believed have the Mountain permission to carry out a number of horrible atrocities. Unfortunately, Tyrion wouldn't be so lucky a second time, and Oberyn's lust for revenge would end up costing him his head -- and his life. True False Tywin Lannister was such an excellent military strategist and master manipulator that it's a wonder he never tried to secure the Iron Throne himself.

No doubt that he would have been able to hold it than most of the kings we've seen pop up on the show since the beginning of the series.

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Tywin was also an expert at securing alliances with other Great Houses, often at his childrens' expense, as he married Tyrion to House Stark and his grandson to House Tyrell. After all, the Khal's wife did spare Mirri and a number of her people from being brutalized by the Dothraki. However, it is later revealed that the sorceress is playing Dany for a fool and that she is still bitter over the massacre of her people. While it may be easy to call Mirri a traitor, we can't forget that the Dothraki are famous for pillaging town and raping the women without a moment's hesitation.

True False For his entire life, Jon Snow has always thought of himself as the bastard child of Lord Eddard Stark and some unspoken woman that he was with while off fighting during Robert's Rebellion. But as we've recently learned, Jon was actually born to Ned's sister, Lyanna Stark, after she was stolen away by Prince Rhaegar. However, it seems that only a few people actually known the truth behind Jon's birth, and it's still up in the air over whether he'll discover who he really is before the series ends.

Question 9 Arya Stark tried to feed Walder Frey his own wife that she baked into a pie. True False Arya's training at the House of Black and White has paid off massively, as in a recent episode she was able to hold her own while sparring with Brienne of Tarth, one of the most renowned sword fighters in the Seven Kingdoms. Arya also still has a few names left on her death list, and we don't doubt that she could assassinate every single one of them if she put her mind to it.

Though for the time being, she seems satisfied with the revenge she was able to enact on the Freys. Question 10 The Hound is afraid of fire because his brother burned his face when they were children.

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True False While most of the evil character on Game of Thrones go from bad to worse, the Hound is one of the few unsavory characters that have actually become more likable over time. Despite things never seeming to go his way after he departed Joffrey's side and King's Landing, the Hound has seemed to find his calling alongside the Brotherhood without Banners. True False Jaime Lannister has always been smug, but losing his hand has definitely been one of the best things that could have happened to this member of the Kingsgaurd.

Since the injury, Jaime has been forced to examine his worth beyond being one of the best sword fighters in the Seven Kingdoms. He knows that his legacy will probably not be made on the battlefield, and instead, Jaime has tried to right his past wrong and try to unearth what little honor he has left inside himself. Question 12 It was revealed that Lord Varys has been pretending to be a eunuch this entire time so people are more likely to trust him.

True False Much like Littlefinger, it was unclear who Lord Varys truly served at the start of the series. But after King's Robert death and the rule of Joffrey began to spin the Seven Kingdoms into chaos, it was revealed that Varys had chosen to support Daenerys Targaryen's claim to the throne, believing the Mother of Dragons to be the greatest hope of restoring peace. Although Varys is no longer the Master of Whispers serving on the Small Council, he certainly has no shortage of secrets still tucked up his sleeves.

True False Despite his young age and lack of inexperience on the battlefield, Robb Stark somehow managed to win every battle that he found himself squaring off against the Lannisters.

Unfortunately, the Young Wolf shot himself in the foot when he decided to break his word to the Freys and marry a woman of his own choosing instead of one of Walder's daughters as a marriage alliance. This would inevitably lead to Robb's downfall when he ventured to the Twins to apologize and lost far more than an ally. True False Once a brother of the Night's Watch, Mance Rayder defected to the other side of the Wall due to his love for women and wildling music.

However, when the cold winds of winter began to stir, Mance was tasked with uniting the various tribes of Free Folk to wage the greatest attack on the Night's Watch ever orchestrated in an attempt to get away from the White Walkers. But in an unexpected turn of events, another party swept in from the ocean and caught Mance totally unaware and ended up capturing the King-beyond-the-Wall. True False With the White Walkers currently on the doorstep of the Seven Kingdoms, it's hard to imagine that there was a time when King Joffrey was the biggest threat to Westeros.

But even if he was just a boy, Joffrey was relentlessly ruthless, and it was only a matter of time before someone was going to kick him off the Iron Throne. In an unexpected turn of events, Joffrey is poisoned during his own wedding feast. Though Tyrion is immediately blamed by Cersei, there were far more people in involved than she expected.

Question 16 Dany smothered her first husband to death. True False Though Dany certainly wasn't as dainty as Sansa Stark at the beginning of the series, the young Targaryen was far from the ruthless conqueror she is today. Dany had a fairly quick rise to power, which began once to she was wed to Khal Drogo and was finally able to see the world from outside the shadow of her sinister older brother Viserys. While she is rubbing many of the Great Houses in Westeros the wrong way, we don't doubt that she'll be able to at least secure a number of the Seven Kingdoms within the next few episodes.

True False There's still a lot we don't know about Jaquen H'ghar, like how he ever came to be imprisoned in the Black Cells of the Red Keep, or why he let Arya off so easily for killing the Waif.

But know that Arya has made her way back to Westeros, there's a good chance that most of these question will continue to be up for the audience to speculate on.

varys and tyrion relationship quiz

But one thing's for sure, and that's that Jaqen has played a huge role in making Arya the expert assassin that she is today. Question 18 Myrcella Baratheon accepted that Jaime was her father moments before her death.

True False Now that Cersei is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, she doesn't seem to care anymore if anyone knows about her relationship with her brother.

And while Jaime is flattered that his sister is no longer embarrassed, he's worried about what the kingdoms will think. When his children were alive, Jaime longed to be a father figure to them but was required to keep his distance to keep people's suspicions at bay. It's currently unknown if Cersei is really pregnant, or if she is just playing on Jaime's desires to father a child of his own with her. Question 19 While on his death bed, Ned Stark told King Robert that his children are actually not his at all.

True False King Robert Baratheon may not have wanted to be king, but no one can deny that the realm was relatively peaceful throughout his entire reign. Despite the Targaryens ruling the Seven Kingdoms for generations, the people quickly accepted Robert as their king because he was a competent warrior with a heavy dose of charisma, which is something we can't exactly say about his "children.

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But the Lightning Lord never returned to King's Landing, and he was said to have become the leader of a guerilla resistance against the Lannisters and their allies. Beric began serving the Lord of Light, and he joined up with the drunkard Red Priest Thoros of Myr to execute those who took advantage of the common folk. True False For someone who seemed so oblivious to the politics of the Seven Kingdoms, Grand Maester Pycelle actually lasted for a pretty long time in King's Landing before being killed off, luckily due to the fact that he was hardly a threat to anyone.

But when Cersei Lannister was finally free of the High Sparrows imprisonment, she wasn't shy about beginning to knock off anyone that was of no use to her, and Grand Maester Pycelle was easily near the top of her list.