Ward and may relationship help

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ward and may relationship help

When Coulson tries helping Fitz, Ward and Coulson begin to fight. Ward entered a non-committed sexual relationship with May in "The Well", however, this. Ward and May continued their relationship, often training together when they Seeing the difficultly of their upcoming missions, Coulson recruited the help of. guardian to the ward?1 Certainly, it is a fiduciary relationship, .. ing that a guardian may expend funds of the ward's estate to support a.

This allows Hive to use Ward's body as a host.

Grant Ward

He is revealed to still be a double agent, now working for the Inhuman resistance, due to his recruitment by Victoria Hand. Brett Dalton Dalton was cast in November The Winter Soldier are] an infiltration based on betrayal on a massive scale, we wanted to have it on the small scale, and have it be a really personal dagger to the heart.

ward and may relationship help

I get to play two different characters in a way. You know, a by-the-book risk assessor". Although it was eventually revealed that Ward was a Hydra imposter, Dalton noted that that doesn't necessarily mean the relationships the character built with his S.

'Agents of SHIELD': Age doesn't matter in May and Ward's romance – Screener

He can do and make tough choices and he can sometimes do unpleasant things in the name of something that he feels he believes in. In some ways, we have the most healthy relationship out of all of the other dynamics on the show, which is saying something because Ward is not a lovey-dovey kind of guy. There was a shred of humanity in there, and always the possibility and the thought that he could be redeemed You see it in his eyes This whole thing of closure keeps coming up over and over again.

ward and may relationship help

There is so much closure out there in the world that needs to be achieved. Dalton was surprised that people "seem to be standing with Ward no matter what he does Hive comics Hive from Latin: Alveus is one of the first Inhumans, a parasite who can connect with and control the minds of other Inhumans and feed off of or possess humans. Created by the Kree from a Mayan hunter portrayed by Jason Glover to lead their Inhuman army against mankind, Hive ultimately incited a rebellion, uniting humans and Inhumans to drive the Kree from Earth.

Soon, a faction of Hive's followers who feared his power banished him through a portal to the planet Maveth, where he destroyed an entire civilization over centuries.

He eventually only survived on human sacrifices sent through the portal by followers, and their descendants, still loyal to him—Hydra. Hive escapes back through the portal in modern times by possessing the body of Grant Ward. He retains the memories of all the bodies he has inhabited, including now Hydra leader Gideon Malick's brother Nathaniel, and punishes Gideon for causing Nathaniel's sacrifice by murdering his daughter Stephanie, before taking control of Johnson, who Ward was in love with, and using her to kill Gideon.

Hive then takes steps to recreate the original Kree experiment that made him, planning to use a warhead to spread a pathogen around the world and transform all humans into Primitive Inhumans. He is destroyed when S. What's so great about [Ward] is, he started off as one of the good guys, as one of the original team. Here we are, coming full circle, with him being on the completely opposite side of that. He's not just one of the bad guys—he's the bad guy! I feel like I've gotten to do three characters.

She didn't pound on her chest and make sure everybody knew that she's powerful, she just was. I tried to change my voice in there, I tried to change even my level of expression in there because I was supposed to be channeling somebody else entirely coming through. Hive finds his purpose has to do with somehow connecting all of the Inhumans. What we see is Hive's attempt to fulfill what he thinks is his destiny This person has been around for way too long to think in anything other than global terms.

Hive is the opposite. He sees every move on the chess board. That's what we're seeing in terms of Hive's thinking. It is about a new world order of sorts.

'Agents of SHIELD': Age doesn't matter in May and Ward's romance

It's almost like seeing your kid. There are flashes of you in there Somehow the truth comes out. You're looking at the Earth, man.

It's so far away.

ward and may relationship help

And you'll get a perspective on things. For Hive, he was trying to change that entire thing and everyone who was on there I think there's a great deal of remorse [that he was not] able to achieve that connection and do all the things that [he] wanted to do.

When Ward asked why he should trust Garrett, Garrett responded by telling him to never to trust anyone, especially not him. Ward agreed, and Garrett's men broke him out of prison. Got some tools, tent, life got easier.

ward and may relationship help

Gonna build a cabin over there. Damn, son, you stepped up in a big way, I couldn't be prouder if you were my own. While Ward continued to ask questions about S.

Ward after being abandoned by John Garrett. Garrett promised to return within a couple of months, but he instead left Ward for six months. Although Ward suffered during the first few weeks due to the loneliness and heavy rain, he soon managed to raid nearby cabins, build his own camp and survive with ease.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD's Brett Dalton & Ming-Na Wen on Ward And May

By the time Garrett returned he was impressed by Ward's efforts and he claimed that he could not be prouder. Garrett then pulled a gun and aimed it at Ward, before firing it at nearby cans with incredible accuracy, promising to teach him Ward to shoot and that within a few months he would be able to shoot even better than he could. You don't owe me or anybody else a thing, you earned it by yourself.

It's gonna be hard when you get there. While eating in their campsite, Garrett told Ward the story of how he had gained his many cybernetic enhancements when he had been left to die. Garrett eventually revealed to Ward that he was not loyal to S. Ward undergoes some weapons training By this point Ward followed Garrett's many orders without question or hesitation, so he agreed without question to join HYDRA and continue serving with from within S. They continued Ward's weapons training as they went out to hunt deer at incredible range, sending Buddy out to collect the dead deer once Ward had killed it with his sniper rifle.

While Buddy ran out to collect the corpse ready to be cooked for their dinner, Ward jokingly commented that the body was so far out that it would take the dog a while to find it and bring it back to them.