What is a ball and chain relationship

Marriage: Ball and Chain or Free to Be You?

what is a ball and chain relationship

Photo courtesy new wave rh. My guess is one of the major hurdles to designing the life and marriage you want is your spouse. At least that's what I continually. "As a female partner of a man, I was the 'ball-and-chain'. is quite bizarre, as few men are actually forced into relationships and marriages. Ball and chain definition, a heavy iron ball fastened by a chain to a prisoner's leg. See more.

Staying alive in the relationship is another key.

what is a ball and chain relationship

The ball and chain is, if not death, a living torture of never ending entropy. Staying alive is challenging in our demanding lifestyles with work and children and it is easy to feel like life is one chore after another with no time to give to the relationship.

Ball and chain Meaning

Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free For healthy couples, the relationship is a place of safety, renewal, and comfort. It is a place that nurtures and gives joy. It is not a perfect place, nor is it expected to be.

Ball & Chain – Barefoot, Love & Moonbeams

It has room to breathe as do the people in it. When there is safety and trust, the marriage grows with time and ripens into something succulent with vivid flavors. I have sympathy for those men that complain about their relationship. For these men, life as become weighty as they are burdened down with the ball and chain.

His own experience and those of his co-workers inform him that relationships are painful, dangerous, and end badly. How do I convince him that there is another narrative — one with a different ending?

He is taking responsibility and examining how he relates to women and where the breakdowns occur. He senses that there is a better way and knows he has to change in some ways. He is intelligent and articulate and full of anger. He is working on that too. In one sense he is lucky. He does not have the ball and chain holding him down. And as long as he does not focus on the ball and chain, but on what he wants — a healthy relationship — he has a chance. Men who are in healthy and happy relationships need to step up and share what and how they have either broken those chains or have never stepped into that trap.

what is a ball and chain relationship

Please, if you are one of these men, share below. SteveemasculationfamilyFreedomhopemanmarriagepersonal growthprejudicesrelationshipsafetySex and Relationshipssingle menspousetransformtrustunhappywives About Steven Lake Steven Lake is an author, speaker and relationship coach. His latest booktalk2ME: How to communicate with women, tune up your relationship, tone down the fights, dodge divorce, and have sex more than once a year, can be found on Amazon Amazon.

The irony of calling women balls-and-chains

For a short fun read Dr. Lake has an ebook, The Sex Formula: As a female partner of a man, I was the 'ball-and-chain'.

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The nag, the brandisher of rolling pins in stern defiance of the pleasures of men. Advertisement I was the obstacle that stood in the way of my boyfriend and the wonderful life that awaited him beyond the prison of my restrictive love.

Casual reminders of my 'burdensome' female existence are constant.

The irony of calling women balls-and-chains

As my boyfriend and I guide guests through our new apartment, they glance over at our shared study. The 'man-cave' has been popularised as a much-needed space for men to take refuge from the stresses of women and married life. Women are not assigned caves, as marriage is known to be her refuge; the entire house her domain.

what is a ball and chain relationship

Her husband, being neither tiresome nor shrill, is a welcome companion at all times. If he himself is eager, then he is joked to have fallen into a deadly trap against his better judgment.

Recently, a year-old man from Wales made headlines as he was thrown an elaborate surprise 'funeral' by 50 of his mates. Complete with a coffin, a hearse and a fake vicar, the boys mourned the 'loss' of their friend to his new girlfriend, with whom he was "spending too much time".

what is a ball and chain relationship

It is unknown how many whip-cracking sounds and jokes about lost gonads were made during the event. The concept of men viewing women as their captors is quite bizarre, as few men are actually forced into relationships and marriages.

Meanwhile, forced marriage is an issue that affects tens of millions of women each year, 14 million of whom are underage girls, some as young as 10 years old.