What was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

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what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

Originally Answered: What was the relationship between Alexander the of Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great's generals, who took over Egypt after his death. Given the treatment of other claimants or "half-claimants" to the throne by Alexander, Ptolemy's relationship with Alexander stands out as the. They were boyhood friends, but Ptolemy was a cautious person, whereas Alexander had more vision and passion.

Although he pursued a friendly policy toward Greece that secured his political influence there, he also succeeded in winning over the native Egyptian population. In Ptolemy, taking advantage of internal disturbances, acquired the African Hellenic towns of Cyrenaica. The coalition was victorious and Perdiccas died during the fighting. When the satrapies were redistributed at Triparadisus in northern Syria, Antipaterthe general of the European region, became regent of the Macedonian empire and Ptolemy was confirmed in possession of Egypt and Cyrene.

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He further strengthened his position by marrying Eurydice, the third daughter of Antipater. About he married Berenice Ithe granddaughter of Cassanderthe son of Antipater. In the coalition war of —, Ptolemy obtained possession of Cyprus. In this war he scored his most important victory in the battle near Gaza inin which the Egyptian contingents were decisive. But war broke out anew inand he lost Cyprus again in He temporarily lost Cyrene as well and was unable to hold the important Greek positions of Corinth and neighbouring Sicyon and Megarawhich he had captured in He ultimately suffered overwhelming defeat in in the naval battle near Salamis on Cyprus.

The victor in this battle, Antigonus I Monophthalmuswho was assisted by his son, Demetrius Poliorcetesassumed the title of king in In Ptolemy aided the inhabitants of Rhodes against Antigonus and was accorded the divine title Soter Saviourwhich he was commonly called from that time.

During this battle Antigonus was defeated by the other kings. Ptolemy decided that he wanted to receive Cyranaica.

what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

Philip III as pharaoh on a relief in Karnak. Public Domain It was a custom in Macedonia that kings asserted their right to the throne by burying the predecessor. Thus, it was very important who took part in the funerary ritual of Alexander the Great. That is why Perdiccas, the imperial regent, had to be stopped by Ptolemy. Perdiccas wanted to participate in the burial of Alexander, and it is possible that he hoped to bring the mummified king back to Macedonia.

Perdiccas suspected that Ptolemy would like to get the throne for himself, but he did not expect that Ptolemy would join the coalition against him and steal the body of Alexander.

The figure in the center is Perdiccas, receiving the ring from the speechless Alexander. Public Domain According to resources, Ptolemy took the mummified body into the made for order caravan and went from Babylon to Egypt.

He entered Alexandria calling himself the successor of Alexander and became the pharaoh of Egypt. It seems that Ptolemy could have been the one who wanted the death of Alexander the most. Two years later, in BC, Perdiccas tried to conquer Egypt. This led to fights between Ptolemy and great warriors like Antigonus, Cassander, Seleucus, etc.

After his death, two of his most powerful ministers had his wife, Arsinoe III, killed. Ptolemy V Epiphanes B. Ptolemy V Epiphanes was the fifth ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. He was passed from the control of one adviser to another. The Rosetta Stone gives the trilingual inscription of the ceremonies attending the coronation of Ptolemy V Epiphanes. He was married to Cleopatra I. He died at the age of twenty-eight while putting down the last of the insurgents in the Delta.

There were rumors that he had been poisoned. He left his wife, who was the daughter of Antiochus, as regent for their young son Ptolemy VI Philomentor. He was the son and successor of Ptolemy V Epiphanes, who died when Philometor was a very young boy. His mother died at approximately four years after Philometor took the throne and he was under the control of his guardians, Eulaeus and Lenaeus. He waited here until the authorities came to him.

Physcon ruled in his absence and it was becoming intolerable. The Alexandrians soon were begging for Philometor to return to Alexandria. In May ofthe two brothers agreed to split up the rule of Egypt. Physcon would rule the western province of Cyrenaica and Philometor was ruler of Egypt.

what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

He could not get Cleopatra out of the way, so he did the next best thing, he married her. Philopator was killed during the wedding feast. He ruled Egypt when Philometor fled Alexandria for Rome. His rule proved to be intolerable and the Alexandrians were begging for Philometor to return. When he did, the two brothers split up rule; Physcon ruling the western province of Cyrenaica and Philometor ruled Egypt. He returned to Memphis as Pharaoh and expulsed many of the Alexandrians who had sided against him.

She hated Lathyros, but doted on the younger son Alexander. The Alexandrians wanted Lathyros to be co-regent. He was then governor of Cyprus. Lathyros was brought back to Alexandria to co-rule and Alexander was sent to Cyprus to replace Lathyros. She failed to marry him and moved on to Syria where she used her army as a dowry and married Antiochus IX Cyzicenus who was son of Antiochus Sidetes and Cleopatra Thea. He left behind his wife and his two sons.

His brother returned from Cyprus and assumed the throne. Lathyros was in Cyprus during this time.

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After the death of Alexander in a naval battle, Lathyros, who was now in his mid-fifties, was brought back to Alexandria to try to put back together the Ptolemaic empire. He died at the age of 62 and left no legitimate heir to the throne, both of his sons by Cleopatra Selene appear to have died at a young age. His daughter Cleopatra Berenice ruled alone for a while after his death.

Alexander had been the governor of Cyprus, but after Lathyros had been ousted, he returned to Alexandria to rule with his mother. Not long after he came to rule, his mother soon grew tired of him as well and forced him to flee from Alexandria.

Inhe returned under the pretense of a reconciliation with his mother. He came back and had her assassinated. He willed his kingdom to Rome however, they could not claim their inheritance while he was still alive. It did allow him to gain favor with moneylenders in Rome.

what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

This did allow him to finance a fleet. He was killed in a naval battle off Cyprus Cleopatra Berenice B. After the death of Alexander, she ruled for about one year alone. She was forced to marry her much younger stepson or possible son.

Nineteen days after the marriage took place, Ptolemy XI murdered his new bride. Ptolemy XI was required to marry his step-mother, who was much older than he. The marriage took place and nineteen days later, Ptolemy XI killed his new bride. He was often referred to by his subjects as the Bastard or the Flute Player Auletes.

It is only in the history books that he is referred to as Ptolemy XII. In 59 BC, he raised enough money to bribe Caesar, who was now consul for Rome. However, he was driven out of Alexandria in 58 BC. This occurred partly because of his tameness when Rome absorbed Cyprus. Cleopatra Tryphaena died about a year later and Berenice IV ruled as sole regent.

She was made to marry Seleucus Kybiosaktes but after a short time, she had him strangled.

what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

Auletes returned to the throne in 55 BC and ruled until his death in 51 BC. On his death, he left his regency to his daughter Cleopatra VII.

Ptolemaic dynasty

Berenice IV B. Berenice ruled as sole regent and was expected to marry. The one selected was Seleucus Kybiosaktes. After a few days, she had her husband strangled. The second man she chose was Archelaus. Her father finally paid out enough money and was brought back to Egypt. One of his first acts was to have his daughter, Berenice, executed.

Cleopatra was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. During the two centuries that preceded Ptolemy Auletes death, the Ptolemies were allied with the Romans. City after city was falling to the Roman power and the Ptolemies could do nothing but create a pact with them.

During the later rule of the Ptolemies, the Romans gained more and more control over Egypt. Tributes had to be paid to the Romans to keep them away from Egypt.

When Ptolemy Auletes died, the fall of the Dynasty appeared to be even closer. According to Egyptian law, Cleopatra was forced to have a consort, who was either a brother or a son, no matter what age, throughout her reign.

She was married to her younger brother Ptolemy XIII when he was twelve, however she soon dropped his name from any official documents regardless of the Ptolemaic insistence that the male presence be first among co-rulers. When Cleopatra became co-regent, her world was crumbling down around her.

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Cyprus, Coele-Syria and Cyrenaica were gone. There was anarchy abroad and famine at home. Cleopatra was a strong-willed Macedonian queen who was brilliant and dreamed of a greater world empire. She almost achieved it. Whether her way of getting it was done for her own desires or for the pursuit of power will never be known for certain. However, like many Hellenistic queens, she was passionate but not promiscuous. As far as we know, she had no other lovers other than Caesar and Antony.

Many believe that she did what she felt was necessary to try to save Alexandria, whatever the price. By 48 BC, Cleopatra had alarmed the more powerful court officials of Alexandria by some of her actions. A group of men led by Theodotus, the eunuch Pothinus and a half-Greek general, Achillas, overthrew her in favor of her younger brother.

They believed him to be much easier to influence and they became his council of regency. Cleopatra is thought to have fled to Thebaid.

Between 51 and 49 BC, Egypt was suffering from bad harvests and famine because of a drought which stopped the much needed Nile flooding. It is thought that this was to deprive Cleopatra and her supporters who were not in Alexandria.

Regardless, she started an army from the Arab tribes which were east of Pelusium. During this time, she and her sister Arsinoe moved to Syria. Pompey did not realize how much his reputation had been destroyed by Pharsalus until it was too late.

what was the relationship of ptolemy to alexander

He was murdered as he stepped ashore on September 28, 48 BC. Four days later, Caesar arrived in Alexandria.