Xander and dawn relationship

Buffy: 15 Dark Secrets About Xander Harris Even Die-Hard Fans Don't Know

xander and dawn relationship

When Dawn first appeared on the scene during season 5, it was as the ultimate sacrifice – which causes a temporary rift in her relationship with Spike. Refusing to let her face it alone, Xander follows Dawn into the Hell. Shortly after, Xander Harris accidentally summoned the demon Sweet, who forced the . Buffy and Dawn's relationship had been strained and conflicted. Dawn Summers is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon and introduced by Marti Noxon . While she still remembers her relationship with Xander she does not feel love for him anymore and recently re-experienced her grief for her.

When the gang finds themselves in another apocalypse, they must figure out how to close and seal a dangerous portal.

xander and dawn relationship

Refusing to let her face it alone, Xander follows Dawn into the Hell dimension, where they will be stuck unless the others find a way to get them back. Most fans recall Riley as the commando-boyfriend in seasons 4 and 5 who had an inexplicable hold on Buffy, but then constantly pouted in the corner about her not loving him enough.

At first, Riley seems to be in league with Twilight, but is then revealed to have been recruited by Buffy to act as a double agent.

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Luckily, his role in the comics is relatively insignificant and he isn't around much. Well, an old character — Anya. Ghost Anya haunts Xander, who is struggling to make things work with Dawn since some wacky magic caused her to forget their romance.

xander and dawn relationship

Throughout the season, Xander falls deeper into a rut, even resorting to psychology in an attempt to rid himself of Anya. To kick off the Twilight story arc, penned by Brad Meltzer, Buffy finds herself with some unusual new abilities — she is suddenly super-fast, and can fly.

Willow speculates that the powers are being manifested by the dead Slayers, while Buffy and Xander have some fun testing her new limits. Television[ edit ] Dawn is first introduced as Buffy's Sarah Michelle Gellar younger sister at the end of Buffy season five premiere " Buffy vs. Dracula ", though Buffy had been previously established as an only child. Initially, the mystery of Dawn's sudden existence is not acknowledged in the series, with the other characters accepting her as a part of the status quo.

Four episodes later Buffy discovers Dawn is in fact a mystical object known as The Key; a group of monks transformed The Key into human form and sent it to the Slayer for protection from the villainous Glory Clare Kramer. The memories of Buffy and her associates were altered, along with relevant records, so that they believed her to have always existed as Buffy's sister.

She is shown to look up greatly to Willow and Tara and has a crush on Xander. She also is friendly with Spike, who is as protective of her as Buffy herself. When Dawn learns of her origin, she resorts to self-harm and runs away from home, until Buffy assures her they are real sisters no matter what, securing it with a blood oath.

Her relationship with Buffy, having been portrayed with a typical sister dynamic in the first half of the season, changes when she discovers what she is. The two become closer as Dawn becomes Buffy's sole focus once she drops out from college to protect her, going as far as to warn her friends she is prepared to kill anyone who attempts to go near Dawn in the finale.

Dawn suffers more pain when her mother Kristine Sutherland dies unexpectedly from a brain aneurysmwhich leads to Dawn resorting to black magic to try to bring her back from the grave, an action she immediately reverses upon realizing the consequences of her actions.

It is eventually revealed that Dawn's purpose as The Key is to open portals to alternate dimensions, a power the hell-god Glory wishes to exploit to return home.

When Glory successfully uses Dawn's blood to break down the dimensional barriers, Buffy sacrifices her own life, realizing that their blood is now the same, to end the apocalypse and save Dawn. Buffy's sacrifice also neutralizes the power of The Key, giving Dawn the opportunity of a normal life. The following season opening sees Dawn struggle with abandonment issuesas well as her escalating kleptomania.

Having been devastated by her sister's death, Dawn is overjoyed when Willow Alyson Hannigan casts a spell to bring her back to life.


However, with Buffy spiralling into a deep depression, Dawn feels highly neglected and is often seen alone and seeking attention from her sister as well as other members of the group. She later experiences her first kiss with a vampire named Justin, whom she is reluctantly forced to stake her first vampire kill when he tries to turn her. Dawn's isolation from the other characters reaches its apex when she inadvertently makes a wish to the vengeance demon Halfrek Kali Rocha which results in trapping everyone who enters the Summers house.

Halfrek herself is inadvertently trapped, and undoes the curse to free herself; meanwhile Dawn's kleptomania and feelings of neglect by her friends and family are exposed. Buffy vows to mend their relationship and starts spending more time with her sister, whilst still trying to shield her from her life as a Slayer — much to Dawn's disappointment as she is eager to help Buffy in her duties.

While helping Buffy battle demons in the season finale, Dawn proves herself to be capable in a fight, finally earning her sister's respect and a promise to train her. However, Xander pledges he will get Dawn to fall in love with him once again.

Video games[ edit ] Xander appears in video games based on Buffy. Brendon lent his voice for Xander in the Buffy game for Xbox and the multi-console video game Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleedsin which Xander is a playable character. In the game, Xander is not a playable character, but Buffy can acquire weapons from him over the course of the game.

Chaos Bleeds is set in season five of the television series; in Xander's levels, he is sent to an alternate universe. After the level at Sunnydale High, he has to do battle with an alternate universe Anyanka, the level's boss ; a magical tophat that releases rabbits evens their playing field slightly. Following the level at the zoo featured in " The Pack ", Buffy battles against an evil alternate reality version of Giles, styled "Ripper". Chaos Bleeds prompted prequel comic books published by Dark Horse and a novelisation, which treats it as a "lost" episode of season five.

Casting[ edit ] Kelly Donovan left would occasionally appear as a stunt double for Nicholas Brendon right Nicholas Brendon's twin brother Kelly Donovan would often stunt double for Xander in the series, most notably in the episode " The Replacement ", where dual Xanders appear on-screen at the same time.

They both use stage names; their surname is Shultz; as children, they were inseparable.

xander and dawn relationship

Before landing the role of Xander, Brendon had hit "rock bottom": After buying the wrong kind of Pop Tarts for his co-workers, his boss fired him and told him "You should be acting.

Brendon recognised that Xander was based on Joss Whedon when he had attended high school, accounting for why Xander "gets all the good lines". Brendon did not get much acting work after Buffy finished, and went into an alcoholism rehabilitation centre in It must be really hard when all your friends have, like, superpowers; Slayer, werewolf, witches, vampires; and you're, like, this little nothing. You must feel like Jimmy Olsen. I was just talking to Ooo, I struck a nerve. The boy that had no cool.

One academic analysis of the series finds that Xander has much in common with the Harry Potter character Ron Weasley. The writer cites his proximity to the main character, his comparative working class status to best friend Willow as with Weasley and Hermionehis status as an object of mockery in school.

For both Xander and Ron, their comparative lack of special gifts "accentuates the loyalty and bravery Cordelia's statement to Xander in the Zeppo, which compares him to Superman character Jimmy Olsenis noted as another example qualifying Xander's everyman status. Through the use of jump cuts between melodramatic scenes with Buffy, and for instance, informant Willy the Barkeeper Saverio Guerra to Xander and a gang of zombies in a drunken car journey, Xander is used as a vehicle to point out the ways in which Buffy ordinarily avoids being "over the top" by integrating Xander as the show's source of humour into the main narrative rather than separating the two.

His loss of his virginity to Faith, for example, is musically cued as an anti-romantic parallel to the swelling, symphonic romance scene that Xander oversees between Buffy and Angel; on his departure from the carnal bed, the music is re-cued. The episode depicts Xander single-handedly saving the school, and potentially the world given the Hellmouth beneath it from an explosion in simultaneity against glimpses of the other Scoobies' struggles with the hydra demon.

As the episode draws to a climax, the two settings begin to erode into one, as the demon breaks through walls in the basement and enters into the episode's Xander scenes. Stevenson notes that it is fitting for the character to have his most heroic moment in the school basement, given that in season four he will be reduced to living in his parents'; Xander's fears in "Restless" explore his feeling of being "trapped" in that basement. Wilcox argues that the basement is a representation of the subconscious, and that young carefree zombie Jack O'Toole Channon Roe represents Xander's idhis inner desires.

The episode brings to light how the basis for heroism rests in the subconscious, and also how as the two battles increasingly merge, his friends cannot hope to save the world and save others unless Xander's battle with the Self is also won. In his confrontation with Jack, just as in his confrontation with Dark Willow in season six's " Grave ", Xander saves the world through his words. As the "warrior of words", Wilcox feels that this makes Xander the character who most clearly represents series creator Joss Whedon.

Dawn Summers

Xander relates in " Amends " that he sleeps outside at Christmas to avoid the family quarrels. This leads him to seek a surrogate family in his friendships with Buffy, Willow and Giles. Xander lacks Giles's and Willow's academic intelligence, and Buffy's physical prowess.

Cordelia is initially ashamed to be Xander's girlfriend. Throughout the series, Xander struggles to contribute meaningfully to the group dynamic.

xander and dawn relationship

His dissatisfaction reaches a nadir in season four: Xander's physical dislocation from his college friends leads to a profound sense of being useless. In "Restless", his menial jobs and degrading habitat rise to the surface of his dream narrative. Before falling asleep, he begins to watch Apocalypse Now with Willow, Buffy and Giles, who comments, "Oh, I'm beginning to understand this now. It's all about the journey, isn't it.