Yesung and yoona relationship trust

Yesung Yoona Dating

yesung and yoona relationship trust

Was I the one being selfish? The one that is breaking up Yoona and Yesung's relationship. The one that is breaking Yoona and Donghae's relationship. Heechul is straight and Siwon is pretty gay but still trying to be a straight. has dated uee from AS and and Donghae has dated Yoona. They not real.. both of them just become “EunHae” because their close relationship, and FOR ME it's I do trust all the ideas you have introduced in your post. Maybe it's because she trusts the power of her big company, but she never . Lol this is old scandal because eunhyuk accidentally told the story while to a dinner together. and yoona -were- in a long time relationship with.

The names to some of these are all over Naver. Idol member 'A' has recently become addicted to sex salons. The industry didn't know it was coming because he's quite the popular figure among teens for his girlish looks and pretty smile. He's actually the sex fiend to the point of begging the girls at the salons to be his partner. Actress B and actor C were recently reported to have shared a room at a hotel overseas.

According to the people who went with them for an overseas filming schedule, the two were caught coming out of the same room several times. People thought that they were just practicing their script together until B came out one morning with wet hair and a blush on her face. Five minutes later, C came out, and it was obvious to everyone that the two were awkwardly acting like nothing had happened just before.

The person that sent in this tip said, "They had a lot of sexually charged glances towards each other.

Everyone around them is being extra careful in case a scandal really does break out. A two-faced idol is on the chopping block within the industry. Known for her killer eye smile and beautiful visuals, the real personality of H is actually said to be so horrible that nobody wants to deal with her.

Maybe it's because she trusts the power of her big company, but she never bows to her seniors and even swears at people when something doesn't go her way. She's recently picked up smoking from her company seniors.

He had stepped out to take an important call from Boa. If it were Teukkie or Donghae, or even Yesung, she would've expected it. Kyuhyun was a prankster. They'd often played tricks on each other before, so this could easily be a ploy or a joke.

He leaned closer to her, and whispered, "Even if it involves BBQ and beer?

yesung and yoona relationship trust

Kyuhyun learned several years ago that Yoona would sneak sips when her oppas brought drinks to the building or used the SM Building's karaoke room. Boa asked for you, Qian and I to come too. His best friend, Changmin, and Yoona used to be inseparable. There were times whenever you would see one, the other was soon to follow around the corner, or glued side by side. He won't even play games with me! We would always chat via webcam, or go online together when he was in Japan, but it's like he's shutting down now.

Yunho has become a machine. He won't get mad, he won't cry, he won't laugh. Everything he does now is mechanical Boa noona says they need to be able to let loose. She said if we are there for them, they'll get through this Everyone knew how netizen 'fans' attacked Changmin and Yunho for not joining them in the lawsuit.

It had divided up friendships, even within Super Junior there was discord when the topic came up. So most of the time, they avoided talking about it. Yoona looked back into the practice room and watched as Donghae finally saw her standing at the door and waved at her.

He broke into a smile that literally went from ear to ear. Tell him you're going to spend the night with me and not him? But, if he looks like he's going to kill me, you need to step in! Do you even remember what happened when he found out when a certain actor, who will remain nameless, asked you for your cellphone number after the drama ended?

Remember how he wanted to call the actor's agency because he was 6 years older? Anyways, it's a deal. I'll tell Donghae, and you come with me tonight.

yesung and yoona relationship trust

But once the three of them were together, it was like old times again! She giggled as she stretched her neck and snapped at the Pocky stick.

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He pushed his weight down on their clasped hands until they broke apart and simultaneously dangled the Pocky at her, grinning from ear to ear. The invitation was comically obvious and Yoong burst out laughing at his absurd teasing. Now who's acting like a kid! He then grabbed a handful of Pocky and placed one behind each ear, one is his mouth, one in an open button hole on his chest, and two into the waist of his pants just above his fly.

Both Yoona and Changmin burst out laughing. She threw her head back, and Changmin clapped his hands together at the sight of Kyuhyun! The words caught the others attention and Yunho pointed at Kyuhyun. What are you doing over there, you pervert! Boa called over, "Yoona if you don't get the rest, Changmin will eat up all those prizes! He barely speaks to them now. You know we changed rooms back in July. He refused to sleep in the same room as Junsu anymore. Not like it really matter since those three stopped sleeping in the dorm anyways.

It's been really hard on him. DBSK was hanging together by a thread.

yesung and yoona relationship trust

Although they still performed here and there in Japan, their relationship had become very strained since JYJ filed the lawsuit. Boa reached over and snapped one open and poured it into Yoona's empty glass, winking at her. Qian returned from the bathroom in time to witness the boys still wrestling and placed her hands on her hips as she came to stand above them.

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As Changmin wrapped his leg around her, imprisoning her, sandwiched between Kyuhyun and himself, he teased her saying, "They claim girls mature faster than boys, Yoong, but seriously, whoever said that doesn't know YOU. She was accustomed to only very small amounts of soju, so the beer had a completely different effect of her.

She felt an oncoming wave of nausea. As her hand clapped over her mouth, Kyu took immediate notice and quickly sat up, pulling her up with him. She attempted to swallow it back down, but it only made her gag harder.

Realizing she wasn't playing any longer, Changmin sat up on the opposite side of her and rubbed her back, "You should go to the bath He didn't wait another second before scooping her up into his arms, nearly stumbling as he stood and tried to sprint down the hall to the nearest restroom that Qian had just vacated moments ago. They had just crossed the threshold when the final wave of sick bursted from her throat and into her mouth, and although she had her mouth covered it spurted out between her fingers onto Changmin's chest.

The warm goo soaked through his shirt, pasting it to his skin. As she cradled her arms around the porcelain tank, he walked over to the door and closed it, locking the two of them inside. He knew she would not want to be seen by anyone. He knelt next to her and rubbed her back with one hand and twisted her hair softly around his fist with the other, preventing it from dangling.

She attempted to push him away, behind her, as the waves flushed out the sick from her stomach into the toilet bowl. She always tried to be stronger than she really was, even now, after all these years, he reflected. Yoona, two years his junior, was one of his best friends back in their training years. They both had entered the company inshe was eleven and he was thirteen.

yesung and yoona relationship trust

They were very active pre-adolescents, rambunctious, always laughing and playing during their breaks, constantly pranking each other as well as their sunbae. Her skin was darker back then, he recalled as he looked down at her thin arms holding on to the toilet for dear life.

They both played out in the sun a lot, so both were darker. The gagging and nausea began to subside as he continued rubbing her back.

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He stopped momentarily, so he could reach for the roll of toilet paper and offer it to her to wipe her mouth clean. Her face glistened with perspiration. Should I take you home? He reached for one of her hands and placed it in the palm of his own.

He spread her fingers apart aligning them with his own. Then he raised their hands high so she could see how much smaller her hand was compared to his own. Her palm couldn't even come close to covering his. But they are still so much smaller than mine. Typical Yoong, he thought. Always worried about someone else, never herself.

yesung and yoona relationship trust

He shook his head and pointed back to their hands. You were the tallest girl in the company.

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You were taller than your noonas. He realized she was probably uncomfortable, since it had been so long since he held hands with her.

Maybe it was because he had just watched her throw up, but he hesitated in letting her hand go. Her eyes were still just as clear and shiny as they'd ever been. He enclosed his fingers around hers and gave her hand a warm squeeze. When he was thirteen, he worried for because she didn't seem to know she was a girl. When he was sixteen he worried because because even though she acted like a tomboy, she was blossoming into a pretty young woman.