Yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

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yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

BTOB Minhyuk: This kid ed up my brain so much that I couldn't He SAYS his feelings have changed from when he first met Yewon and then I quote. She shared a comfortable flirty relationship with Minhyuk and then. Ye Won obviously really like Minhyuk earlier on their date. .. Quote. Glanced at the written preview for Episode The remainder of the. Discover ideas about Black Woman White Man Couples Quotes, Interracial Love, Swirl Dating, Black Woman White Our civic history fuels the scrutiny of interracial relationships. . Yewon and minhyuk dating after divorce.

And his feelings usually come out more through his action which is sometime hard to be interpreted by girls and he simply not a sweet talker. So who does Minhyuk really like? Jiwon or Ye Won? As a guy myself.

yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

This is from men perspective, so it may not seems to be a signs of affection for women. From the earlier episode, Minhyuk really like to tease Ye Won. This sometimes done by a guy if he want her to be comfortable with him.

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He always show some concerns to Ye Won despite his preserve personality. He always looking out for her and asking if she's okay like when he helped her carrying groceries, and asking either she slept well before the necklace selection event. He was dancing randomly when he realize that Ye Won picks his necklace even though he said its for Ji Won. Its the same thing happened to a guy when he was watching a football and went out crazy after the team they love so much finally scored.

Yes, it's a different feelings but i'm actually emphasizing on this action as a sign of pure excitement and joy.

yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

In other words, Minhyuk was really happy to have a another date with YeWon. He try to have a lots of skinship. He may be abit shy earlier in the car, but later he someway did a lot of several small gestures which become a sign of a men affection toward a girl. Like randomly caressing Ye Won hair, and slowly sitting closer to Ye Won after he put on the necklace and holding Ye Won hand and shoulder while doing selca on the hill.

And the ultimate skinship which i believe make him and any guy heart explode is when they're doing the back hugging mission especially when Ye Won suddenly hug him, i can tell he's a bit shocked and but i can tell you he really want to enjoy that moment forever and kiss her.

He literally holding his real intention due to the camera man. He always doing Selca with her.

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There's only 1 possible reason. He wants her to always stay close with him and this selca thing is just an excuse. See other couple, and see the pattern of taking selca between couple who have affection to each other and couple who does not.

Btob minhyuk and yewon dating quotes

Seeing how Minhyuk trying to approach Ye Won after they arrived at the aquarium, but later cover up his real intention with random wit after been interrogated by Ye Won and JoongHoon. He took a long stare to Ye Won dancing to Joonghoon even though N was busily trying to make a selca with him. Its not like he don't want to be with Ye won during the tour.

But as Jiwon was left behind cuz she went to toilet maybe ,he had to accompany her doing the whole trip. So we never know the whole story. Now its a manner to turn one's stomach the guts pang and mote disress.

yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

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yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

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yewon and minhyuk relationship quotes

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