Yusei and akiza relationship memes

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yusei and akiza relationship memes

See more. Akiza x Yusei Yugioh Collection, Yu Gi Oh 5d's, Fairy Tail Comics, Fantasy . Yusei and Akiza Life Lessons, Ships, Boats, Life Lesson Quotes. Explore Joshua's board "Yusei x Akiza" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Yu gi oh 5d's, Anime couples and Anime characters. After meeting Yusei, Akiza began to question the path she took of distancing with the former refers to her connection with plant and the latter to her loneliness.

As a response, Akiza used her psychic abilities to destroy her family's home and decided to continue living without them, believing that they never needed her or loved her as their only daughter. Her powers kept growing unchecked and hurt many on the battlefield.

She eventually decided she could not handle the guilt anymore and created the "Black Rose" persona to deal with the rejection and terrorize the Duelists. Akiza was eventually found by Sayerthe leader of the Arcadia Movementan organization of Psychic Duelists that claims to have psychic abilities similar to Akiza's.

Sayer hoped to use her to destroy Rex Goodwin and create an army of Psychic Duelists. Toby idolized Akiza and asked what he should do to be like her. She told him that he should listen to Sayer. Sayer, however, kills Toby while testing him and left his body at the Daimon Area in the dub he was sent to an unknown location. Unbeknownst to Akiza, people came to believe he had been killed by damage caused by the Black Rose's powers, while watching her Dueling. She expresses surprise to the fact that another individual also possesses such a mark, and after a brief confrontation, Akiza uses her mighty telepathic and telekinetic abilities to disappear in a powerful explosion and telling Yusei to leave her alone.

Iliaster arrange for her opponent, Gill Randsborg to expose her as a Signer and tell him that she is the Black Rose. Akiza proved her psychic powers as she cuts Randsborg on the cheek while Dueling. However Akiza defeats Randsborg with her dragon, inflicting serious injury. Iliaster was unable to confirm her to be a Signer, as Zigzix 's D-Sensor got no reading. Sayer assures her that any damage she inflicts is necessary for the Arcadia Movement 's success; consequently, he also takes the mask Akiza had been using to Duel as the "Black Rose", claiming that she no longer needs to hide her beautiful face from the world.

Akiza's next opponent in the Fortune Cup is the Duel Profiler, Commander Kodaa mysterious man who attempts to confuse and manipulate Akiza with tragic insights from her dark past. After being pushed to her psychological limits, Akiza loses control and becomes even more unstable than usual.

yusei and akiza relationship memes

Her birthmark activates as well, and Zigzix's D-Sensor finally gets a powerful reading. Ultimately, she claims victory and moves on to the tournament finals against Yusei. Several of the spectators closest to the Duel flee after Akiza's ferocious attack on Yusei becomes a reality. After her first crippling attack against Yusei, he angrily exclaims that Akiza enjoys inflicting pain on others. With a mildly insane smile, Akiza gasps for breath and realizes that this was the hidden emotion that had been lying dormant within her; she replies that she is the "Black Rose", a fearful lady who delights in inflicting pain.

However, she seems to accept this as her fate after the audience insults her again, screaming for her slaughter. However, Yusei isn't perturbed, and knows that the hidden emotion that he is looking for still remains locked deep inside of Akiza.

With the two Dragons pitted against each other, both Akiza and Yusei's dragon marks glow, along with those of Luna and Jack Atlas. After being pressured by Yusei, Akiza reveals that she created an entirely new personality - one that loved destruction - that of the "Black Rose". She continues to add that she no longer needs to think, and that Sayer will do all her thinking for her - all she needs to do is live and feel. Akiza's hair pin gets flung off which is said to hold her psychic powers in checkdawns her mask and resumes attacking Yusei with newfound intensity.

Ultimately, Yusei claims victory. Akiza's mask breaks in half and she begins to cry begging for his help. Before Yusei can say anything, Sayer intervenes and gently guides Akiza out of the arena, leaving the enraged spectators screaming their obscenities to Akiza in the dub, she is heard saying "thank you, Yusei".

When Jack and Yusei battle it out her mark glows and she is transported to a different dimension where she witnesses Satellite be destroyed by a spider geoglyph.

She realizes that this is related to the vision they witnessed during the Fortune Cup. After Yusei nearly loses, her mark stops glowing, causing her to worry for him. After the Duel ends with Sayer's victory, Akiza assures Luna that her brother isn't in danger as the Duel was just a test. She tells Luna that the Arcadia Movement will be her new home, as Akiza doesn't wish for Luna to become feared and abandoned by others because of her powers.

During the Duel, Misty accuses Akiza of being responsible for the death of her brother and reveals she is there seeking revenge and that she is a Dark Signer. Misty manages to Summon her " Earthbound Immortal ", who she says sent her to destroy the servant of " Black Rose Dragon".

Meanwhile Carly finishes her Duel with Sayer, sending him falling the entire length of the Arcadia Movement building with Akiza looking in horror. Misty postpones the Duel as the building collapses. A piece of debris hits Akiza, knocking her out. Akiza is left in a coma. Her parents visit her and feel guilty for how they treated her. Jack tells them that Yusei may be able to save their daughter. Yusei is able to wake her up, but with Sayer gone Akiza convinces herself that she doesn't have a "place".

She refuses Yusei's help and plans to rid everyone of their "place". Yusei Duels her, believing it to be the only way to reach out to her.

yusei and akiza relationship memes

As the Duel progresses, Akiza's powers go beyond her control. As Akiza's father stands in front of Yusei to protect him, Akiza manages to gain control of her powers and protect her father from getting hit. Akiza comes to forgive her parents and tells Yusei to end the Duel. She is shown by Mina Simington the Arcadia Movement acts involving kidnapped children and experimenting upon them.

Goodwin tells them that the Crimson Dragon influenced the events in the Signers lives so that they would all meet one day and if it weren't for her powers, she would have never met Yusei and the other Signers. He tells the Signers that they are people chosen by the Crimson Dragon and are the reincarnations of the original Signers.

In Satellite they meet up with Martha. Seeing Akiza there, Martha notices that Yusei was able to open her closed heart. Roman interrupts them during dinner, imposing a Duel. Akiza accompanies Yusei as he Duels Roman.

She notices some boys at the scene of the Duel and worries that they will be sacrificed to Summon an "Earthbound Immortal". She warns Martha and Trudge about this, prompting them to help save the boys.

The four Signers split up, each going to one of the four control units of the Original Ener-D Reactor. Knowing that Misty is the one she must defeat, Akiza travels to the Lizard tower by car accompanied by Mina.

Akiza and Mina arrive where the Tower is situated, in an old and abandoned carnival. As the two of them split up and go inside to look for the Dark Signer.

yusei and akiza relationship memes

Misty guides her into a House of Mirrors, where they commence their rematch. Akiza is unable to see Misty directly and faces her reflection as they Duel. Through the Duel, Misty, who believes Akiza was responsible for her brother Toby's death, tells Akiza what she believes to be the story of how her brother died and how the news of the event, caused Misty to be hospitalized, leading her to be reborn as a Dark Signer.

However, Sayer appears to save her from landing on a shard of shattered glass. He proceeds to deviously manipulate her into awakening her powers as the Black Rose once again. Now more confident and destructive, Akiza doesn't even flinch, as she takes damage from Misty's attacks. With all of the mirrors gone, the two of them now confront each other face-to-face. This causes Misty to have " Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua " devour Sayer, avenging her brother's death and relinquishing Sayer's influence from Akiza.

Before Misty could surrender, the Earthbound Immortal possesses her. While this occurs, Akiza who still appears to be in some kind of trance, finally snaps out of it, as she hears Yusei calling out for her.

In the end, Akiza emerges victorious, causing Misty to vanish, knowing she's at peace. One of his monsters, Infernity Death Gunman, also qualifies for this trope. Rua somewhat qualifies, considering he pretty much did most of the work in defeating the first Dark Signer before his sister took over using his deck. Unfortunately he loses his status as badass normal when he became a Signer. Mizoguchi counts as this too.

  • Akiza Izinski (manga)

The bar Yusei must go to in episode 11, and the bar Ramon is seen in 86 qualifies. Not as a whole, but there was one tiny bit in the 2nd version of the Dark Signer Arc opening, when it showed Jack and D-Carly facing off in a Ground Duel.

As anyone who actually saw the Duel will know, this wasn't the case. Despite being shown in silhouette alongside Wisel and Skiel in the third opening, Jose's Machine Emperor Grannel never shows up during the episodes it plays for.

It noticeably doesn't acknowledge Aki learning how to drive a D-Wheel and temporarily substituting for Crow on the team, and Bruno showing up and joining the pit crew along with Aki, Ruka, and Ruka. And best of all, none of the main characters even wear the outfits pictured! The fourth opening and ending songs depict Life Stream Dragon, Rua's Signer Dragon, along with the other Sgner Dragons although it wasn't entirely clear at the time. It doesn't appear at all during the fourth opening and ending songs' run, and only appears during the run of the fifth and final opening and ending songs, which actually switch back to showing Rua's Power Tool Dragon, the "armor" of Life Stream Dragon, so-to-speak, instead.

One of the many things known about the Bad Future is that Synchro Summoning is outlawed. It was too little, too late in stopping Momentum from going out of control. The yellow markers on a person's face, nicknamed Criminal Markers, indicate their arrest and incarceration by Security at some point. Noticeable feature of Carly's Dark Signer outfit, as well as Kiryu's. Beat Still, My Heart: When a Dark Signer summons their Jibakushin or Earthbound Goda disembodied heart materializes, and starts to beat as it absorbs souls from the Geoglyph.

Some of the Jibakushin support in the TCG features this heart as well. Carly without her glasses of course!! As seen by Crow, when all of the children get sacrificed by the Earthbound God thing. Slandering Jack's title of king, such as addressing him as "Former King", certainly counts as this. Beware the Nice Ones: Despite her mellowed attitude after making amends with her parents, Aki's subtle Yandere moments and the fact she can control her powers these days make for a terrifying prospect indeed.

Let's not forgot about Barbara. Although Yusei's protective of all his friends, it's the death of eleven-year-old Rally in Episode 46 that makes him snap and start howling for bloody revenge.

Slightly subverted in that they're not actually related. Still unrelated by blood, but they call him "Crow-niichan," or "Big brother Crow," so it's close enough for government work. In another odd example, Ruka actually asks for the protection of her twin brother Rua when they go to Satellite. Rua's distrust of Luciano when he gets close to his sister is the impetus of episode Just prior to Zero Reverse, Rudger orders Rex to safety, making Rex the only adult to survive the epicenter of the event.

At the conclusion of the Crashtown arc, Kiryu appears to have adopted a couple of kids after their father falls tragically to his death to save their lives.

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Same children also refer to him using the honorific used for older brothers. When a group of kids are about to be sacrificed to Rudger's Earthbound God and Yusei can't do anything about it, Jack comes barreling over a pile of debris to save them, belittling the Earthbound God all the while.

At the end of the Crashtown arc, just as the bad guys start saying Screw The Rules, I Have Hostages, Jack and Crow show up outta frickin' nowhere with the police in tow. The result is the temporary rebirth of Team Satisfaction.

Dark Glass in Episodesaving Yusei from the Diablo. The MC pulls this in episodestaying behind in New Domino City as the Arc Cradle is in the middle of falling on it in order to commentate on the Card Games on FLYING Motorcycles so the civillians who understandably wanted to watch could continue running for their lives while still knowing what's going on.

The scene in 39 after Carly defeats and kills Divine. Episode 46, when Martha is sacrificed, although she gets better and again when Rally sacrifices himself to save Yusei.

Ruka's pained scream is so heartbreaking. Crow gets one of these in his duel with Jaeger. And having just gotten her license in Episode 75, Aki counts, too. Carly counts, even if it was for only two episodes, she was the first female D-Wheeler. The World has been saved, and Team 5Ds goes their separate ways.

But Aki says they'll see each other again.

Akiza Izinski

All of the Dark Signers wear one. Kiryu donned one himself when he started to go psycho even before that. Aki, in her Black Rose Witch persona although she only wears it onscreen twice. Zone resides in one of these. Rex who claimed to be the ultimate god, with both the Signer and Dark Signer powers within him.

yusei and akiza relationship memes

The Signers, who can and do summon a powerful plot device that destroys everything. Aki's particular brand of suck, psychic materialization, actually comes in handy when she, Yusei and Sherry are in danger of being crushed by a falling truck, again when she's about to be run over by a marauding steamroller-cum-D-Wheel What else is there to do but dragon-smash it? Mikage's crush on Jack. Placido fusing with his D-Wheel in definitely qualifies.

Legs are not supposed to bend and fold like that! Not only that Junk Warrior was the monster that gave Yusei victory in his first and last duels of the show although the opponents were Ushio for the first and Jack in the last. At some point, after Yusei and Jack drive into the tunnel, when the path splits in two paths, the area looks a bit like the area Yusei and Ushio drove through during their first duel. Also, the end of that battle had the current Opening playing in the background.

Yusei having a long talk with Ushio also counts, as they previously exchanged ideologies in the first episode. Complete with a full view of it with head completely blown off. This gets deconstructed with the first half of Team Taiyou's strategy, which is to rely on a Stone Wall by using Holding Hands Majinn's high defense to stall, and using Speed World 2 to inflict effect damage to the opponent. This strategy worked in every match before Team 5D's, but when they face off in the quarter-finals, the audience starts booing them because the boring part outweighs the practical part.

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They only start to gain support from the crowd when the second half of their strategy gets revealed, which is to summon the Awesome, yet Impractical Zushin the Sleeping Giant.

Black Rose Dragon Bowdlerise: Dear God, the English Dub A weird one is that instead of being Tributed of Sacrificed, Monster cards are now 'Released', despite the aforementioned words being used without issue not only in the previous series, but also in the real game.

The sound of bullets being fired will often be changed to sound more like lasers. Sometimes bullets will be recolored as well.