Zed and shen relationship

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zed and shen relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Because it's been stated that Zed and Shen are in their mid 20's. If Zed's relationship with Shen didn't matter, then Kayn wouldn't express any. Akali and Zed's relationship: • Shen is the one who makes unbiased decisions— the centerpiece of the Kinkou, essentially, with Kennen and Akali on either side.

He meditated and studied throughout his childhood, and was considered exemplary by all his teachers. His closest friend, the only one who could match him in practice bouts, was the young acolyte Zed. They grew up as brothers, often confiding in each other their personal hopes and dreams.

zed and shen relationship

As their skills developed, Kusho brought them on dangerous missions, including a hunt for the Golden Demon plaguing the province of Zhyun. Their search took years, but Shen stayed committed even after uncovering countless gruesome murders.

Instead of execution, Great Master Kusho ordered the criminal imprisoned. But when Zed abandoned the Kinkou to join the fight, Shen stayed within the temple walls.

Many of the provinces were soon occupied by the enemy.

zed and shen relationship

So it was, when he was far from home, he felt a jolting imbalance within the Kinkou Order—rushing back, he came upon the survivors of a bloody coup. From them, he learned Zed had raised acolytes of his own, and seized the temple.

Repressing his anguish, he led the remnants of the Kinkou to safety in the mountains.

The Master of Shadows

His role was not to seek vengeance, but to rebuild the order. Following the core tenets, he began to recruit and train others, hoping to restore its strength.

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One acolyte in particular showed boundless potential. Kennen wants to bring Zed back to the path of keeping balance. Akali taps from the vein of the Shadow Arts, she uses Shadow arts and the same art as Shen himself. Kennen however, he is showy, he is bright, he is loud. Either way, the Kinkou will do what needs to be done. Did Zed find it painful having to kill his former master? I mean, almost all of his actions where to gain his approval, similar to what happens in a family when one brother overshadows the other, and thus, the other brother feels neglected and looks for a way to attract his parents attention.

He donned it after he killed his former master, however.


This leaves him feeling extremely vulnerable. By unbalancing Ionia, he believes its people will become more powerful, as all the restraints of said balance will be removed. He might believe that part of the reason Noxus was able to hurt Ionia so badly was because Ionia had become complacent and vulnerable in its state of balance. He likely joins the League to pursue Shen, Akali, and Kennen.

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He could also be seeking more hidden knowledge or clues to lead him to forbidden power. No power should be out of reach—no matter the consequences. Zed prefers to stand above his fellows—none shall be his equal.

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