KnowledgeSTUDIO provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle. Angoss Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the KnowledgeSTUDIO is a data mining and predictive analytics suite for the model development and deployment cycle. Its features include data. Angoss provides data mining software and services designed to aid in business decision-making. The company’s applicatins are used to track and manage data .

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The user may choose the value that the user would like charted. An expression editor described in more detail below is used to generate SQL code that will be applied as the calculations to nodes – in a strategy tree The strategy tree module also includes a code generation function.

These daatcan be static or they can be dynamic and change as the user navigates the strategy tree The method of aangoss 11 wherein the document further includes one or more of the conditional expression, the calculation expression, and the treatment expression. The fifth column displays the assigned treatment.

Node Rules The rules for the node in the decision tree ; Node ID By default this is not displayed and must be turned on in the Options command. For example, clicking on a row e. User defined metrics i.


Method and device for dividing a population of individuals in order to predict modalities minlng a given target attribute. With the strategy tree modulethe workflow for a marketer in solving this problem consists of a variety of easily executed steps: Discrete Distribution—shows a percentage or count within a node e.

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Decision management system which automatically searches for strategy components in a strategy. There are cases when the changes happen outside of the system. Analysts can alter the nametarget nodeactual expressionand other factors around the calculation The KPI calculations assist in determining which actions will be assigned for each node or segment of the user’s target group.

Automatic data perspective generation for a target variable. With respect to expression migration, the following anboss how calculated columns flow to partitions and models and ultimately end up available for scoring, in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. The various mininh can be used to compare various metrics e.

Strategy trees for data mining – ANGOSS SOFTWARE CORPORATION

After selecting the variable, the tree is adjusted to display the selected split. The first example relates to a marketing campaign. Journal of Visual Languages.

In the example shown in FIG. And eleventh, the invention can be implemented in a variety of different platforms and programming languages. The strategy tree module uses a familiar tree structure to help define, develop, deploy, and verify strategies.

Appending to an existing dataset is like a helper function that creates a calculated column with a SQL CASE statement for creating an embedded model if the results are incorporated in another model. In the second step i. Any previous child nodes are removed. The responses may be text messages. When a user is at the least significant split, it returns to the most significant. The embodiments of the invention described above are intended to be exemplary only.

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The model is the strategy tree that is being validated. Segments can be created using any available data and splits can be computed to optimize on a number zngoss different variables. As mentioned, the memory may include a variety of storage devices including internal memory and external mass storage typically arranged in a hierarchy of storage as understood to those skilled in the art. This is the verification dataset. Access data and mining views in a data repository or file that contains a combination of customer attributes, predictive scores, and customer segment information.

This invention relates to the field of data mining, and more specifically, to data mining using strategy trees. One or more treatmentscan be associated with a given terminal node daya of a strategy tree System and method for automatic analysis of data bases and for user-controlled dynamic querying.

According to one embodiment, at the bottom of the strategy node reportthere is a table that summarizes each of the treatments The first step also allows the user to specify an existing tree to copy. The user first imports a file and adds a calculated column. Eighth, by coupling a strategy design and presentation design, the API to generate decisions can directly return human readable multi-media presentations.